wimax research papers 21

wimax research papers 21

IEEE 802.16 WiMax Security(FREE DOWNLOAD)
Page 1. IEEE 802.16 WiMax Security  Authentication ? Date Key Exchange ? Data Privacy ? Conclusions IEEE 802.16 WiMAX ? Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) Standard, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) ? Last mile connectivity ? Range up to 50 km.

IEEE 802.16/WiMax Security(FREE DOWNLOAD)
IEEE 802.16, an emerging wireless technology for deploying broadband wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN), is one of, if not the most, promising wireless technology for the next-generation ubiquitous network. Not only does 802.16 provide network access

Performance Evaluation of Voice Over IP on WiMAX and Wi-Fi Based Networks(FREE DOWNLOAD)
1.Abstract In recent years, voice over IP (VoIP) has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional landline telephone service, allowing users to communicate worldwide with little added cost from their existing Internet connection. When combined

WiMAX Networking implications for IETF 16ng(FREE DOWNLOAD)
Network Access Provider (NAP)–A business entity that provides radio access infrastructure to one or more Network Service Providers.• Network Service Provider (NSP)–A business entity that provides IP connectivity and network services to subscribers compliant with the

Comparative Study of Scheduling Algorithms for WiMAX(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Broadband wireless access industry has seen very significant growth in present time due to its unique advantages compared to wired technology like rapid deployment and easy configuration, high scalability, lower maintenance cost, lower investment and also

What WiMAX Forum Certified™ products will bring to Wi-Fi™(FREE DOWNLOAD)
Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) has historically had limited success due to the lack of consensus on a common industry standard. This is now changing. The 802.16 standard, developed by the IEEE, in concert with the HIPERMAN standard developed by the

Baseband Sampling Clock Frequency Synchronization for WiMAX Systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT This paper presents an efficient low complexity algorithm of sampling clock offset estimation and compensation for WiMAX (IEEE 802.16-2004) OFDM mode. The effects caused by sampling clock offset are symbol window drift in time domain and subcarrier

Triple-band open L-slot antenna with a slit and a strip for WLAN/WiMAX applications(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT An open L-slot antenna with triple-band operation for WLAN and WiMAX applications has been designed and implemented with a slit and a strip, which can be used to generate two band-rejected characteristics. Both the strip and the slit play a very

Trends in lte/wimax systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
In Japan, the total number of mobile-phone and personal handy-phone system (PHS) users reached 111 million as of the end of February 2009 and the penetration rate of the third- generation mobile communications system (IMT-2000) exceeded 88%. These figures

WiMAX access using optical wireless technology with heterodyne detection in turbulent atmospheric channels(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT The overarching goal of this work is to assess optical wireless technology with heterodyne detection as a potential distributor of WiMAX traffic in metro/access networks. At the transmitter, we consider optical wireless communication via orthogonal frequency

QoS Provisioning and Radio Resource Allocation in OFDMA based WiMAX Systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Broadband Wireless Access based on the IEEE 802.16 suite of standards is quickly gaining importance as the basis for 4G technology, with the capability of providing high data rate QoS provisioned services for static as well as highly mobile users. Amongst

Dynamic polling access control for high density subscribers in wireless wimax networks(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT The IEEE 802.16 standard is proposed to support QoS-aware transmission of real-time service in WMANs. WiMAX adopts the polling access control for a Base Station (BS) to poll Subscriber Stations (SSs) in turn and it will increase polling delay when there

WiMAX integration in NGN network, architecture, protocols and services(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT With growing demands for fast provision of new and complex services, imposed by life and business dynamic in general, service providers are forced to adopt open technologies and advanced business models in their solutions. These enable a fast

WiMAX Extensions for Isolated Research Data Networks(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX, the new standard for wireless communications, is one of the main promising technologies for broadband access in a fixed and mobile environment. This paper describes the objectives and main challenges of the WEIRD project (WiMAX Extension to

Capacity Utilization and Admission Control in the downlink of mobile WiMAX(FREE DOWNLOAD)
Abstract WiMAX is a broadband wireless technology that uses base station like the present GSM. WiMAX offers services to different traffic classes with different quality of services requirements. Unlike GSM, five different traffics were identified in WiMAX in which all

Interworking Between WiMAX and UTMS to Provide Seamless Service(FREE DOWNLOAD)
This article represents an interworking architecture between Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and WiMAX where Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Mobile IPv4 are applied together to

DCLS: A Fair and efficient scheduling with bandwidth guarantee in WiMax mesh Networks(FREE DOWNLOAD)
Striking balance between throughput and fairness is a challenging issue in a wireless mesh network because of interference among links. This work proposed a Dynamic Clique-based Link Scheduling algorithm (DCLS) with minimal bandwidth guarantee for a WiMAX mesh

Adaptive Scheduling Method for WiMAX Basestations(FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT This paper presents an adaptive scheduling and call admission control model for the revenue maximization. IEEE 802.16 standard defines the wireless broadband access network technology called WiMAX. It introduces several interesting advantages, and one


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