wimax research papers 24

Hardware Link Level Emulator for System Level Simulations of WiMAX-like Systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
A Maltsev, A Khoryaev, A Lomayev ,Proc. ICT- , 2008 ,imperial.ac.uk
Abstract: This paper describes the hardware link level emulator (HLLE) developed for
hardware acceleration of the system level simulations of the WiMAX-like OFDM and OFDMA
systems. The proposed architecture of the HLLE including transmit pipeline, channel 

WiMAX: Untethering the Internet User(FREE DOWNLOAD)
B Gage ,Nortel Technical Journal, 2005 ,trcnetworks.com
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, or WiMAX, has the potential to provide a
significant improvement in cost and performance compared to existing wireless broadband
access systems. Nortel, in addition to playing a lead role in standards development and 

The use of traditional spectrum analyzers to measure the electromagnetic pollution generated byWiMAX devices(FREE DOWNLOAD)
G Betta, D Capriglione, G Miele ,Proceedings of XIX IMEKO , 2009 ,imeko2009.it.pt
Abstract-Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), based on the IEEE
802.16 standards, is a technology that offers mobile broadband access to multimedia and
internet applications at low cost for operators and end-users. Similarly to cellular phone or 

Link aware call admission and packet scheduling for best effort and UGS traffics in mobile WiMAX(FREE DOWNLOAD)
DS Shu’aibu ,International Journal of the , 2011 ,academicjournals.org
Call admission control and packet scheduling are two important issues that are considered
in ensuring quality of service (QoS) requirement in a wireless network. Due to robust
wireless channel and heterogeneous behavior of traffics, there is a need to consider QoS 

Mobile WiMAX Performance Improvement Using a Novel Algorithm with a New Form of Adaptive Modulation(FREE DOWNLOAD)
II Al-kebsi, M Ismail, K Jumari , International Journal of , 2009 ,paper.ijcsns.org
Summary Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is an emerging
broadband wireless technology that promises high-speed data services. Mobile WiMAX is a
broadband wireless solution that enables convergence of mobile and fixed broadband 

High rate LDPC codes using OFDM and equalisation techniques for WiMAX systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
MK Khan, RA Carrasco ,Proceedings of the 4th WSEAS , 2006 ,wseas.us
Abstract:-In areas lacking pre-existing physical cable or telephone networks, WiMAX could
allow broadband access that has previously been unavailable. However, the physical
limitations of wireless medium still present a fundamental technical challenge to reliable 

WiMAX Deployment, Planning and Optimization: Application to Different Scenarios(FREE DOWNLOAD)
B Rés , on Telecommunications (ConfTele 2009), Santa Maria , 2009 ,av.it.pt
Abstract—The planning of broadband access network topologies poses several challenges,
as different access technologies may have different bandwidth, robustness, and installation
cost requirements, which should be jointly considered in the conception of the overall 

Performance simulation study of a wimax based telecom architecture for train control systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
M Aguado, E Jacob, P Saiz, J Matias ,Proc. of WCRR , 2008 ,railway-research.org
Abstract: A great amount of the research being carried out in the transportation industry, and
motivated by public administrations, is focused on safety and sustainability issues. European
Union has encouraged the interoperability between the different European railway 

R Prasad ,2010 ,metro-natshar-31-71.brain.net.pk
Ramjee Prasad Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF) Aalborg University Inst. Electronic Systems
Niels Jernes Vej 12 9220 Aalborg Denmark prasad@ es. aau. dk Fernando J. Velez Universidade
da Beira Interior Instituto de Telecomunicaçoes Depto. Engenharia Electromecânica 

SWIM: A scheduler for Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS) in IEEE 802.16 e Mobile WiMAX networks(FREE DOWNLOAD)

Most of the IEEE 802.16 e Mobile WiMAX scheduling proposals for real-time traffic using
Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS) focus on the throughput and guaranteed latency. The delay
jitter and the effect of burst overhead have not yet been investigated. This paper 

WiMAX for rural SA: The experience of the Siyakhula Living Lab(FREE DOWNLOAD)
I Siebörger ,the proceedings of the Southern African , 2010 ,satnac.org.za
Abstract—Rural development is seen as a priority in South Africa; information and
knowledge are key strategic resources for social and economic development. Information
Communication Technologies (ICTs) are seen as important tools in rural development, 

A WiMAX Payload for High Altitude Platform Experimental Trials(FREE DOWNLOAD)
J Thornton, AD White ,EURASIP Journal on , 2008 ,downloads.hindawi.com
Wireless local and metropolitan area networks (WLANs/WMANs) continue to gain
acceptance and commercial rollout, enabled typically through the IEEE 802.11 and. 16
family of standards. While these are generally terrestriallybased networks and now 

Private synchronization technique for heterogeneous wireless network (WiFi and WiMAX)(FREE DOWNLOAD)
A Al-Sherbaz, C Adams ,Proc. SPIE, 2008 ,alisherbaz.co.uk
ABSTRACT Horizontal developments in communication systems have led to the emergence
of new wireless technologies like WiMAX, 3G and 4G. These expansions can provide new
opportunities for further advances and exciting applications in particular if we can 

WiMAX-Security–Assessment of the Security Mechanisms in IEEE 802.16 d/e(FREE DOWNLOAD)
E Eren ,Proceedings of 12th World Multi-Conference on , 2008 ,iiis.org
ABSTRACT The importance of IEEE-Standard 802.16 (WiMAX) is growing and will compete
with technologies such as UMTS. As security plays a significant role for market acceptance,
this article will deal with some of the basic security features of IEEE 802.16 d (Fixed 

Influence of technical improvements on the business case for a mobile WiMAX network(FREE DOWNLOAD)
B Lannoo, J Bruyne, W Joseph, J Ooteghem ,Access Networks, 2010 ,Springer
From a technical point of view, Mobile WiMAX may offer an appropriate solution for
delivering broadband wireless access. Two remaining questions, however, are whether the
rollout of a WiMAX network is economically feasible or not, and how technical 

A Journey on WiMAX and its Security Issues(FREE DOWNLOAD)
RK Jha ,IJCSIT) International Journal of Computer Science , 2010 ,ijcsit.com
Abstract—Security has become a primary concern in order to provide protected
communication in Wireless environment. We know the basic concept of communication is
sent the information from source node to destination node but in my view the 

On inter-cell interference and adaptive modulation in OFDMA WiMAX systems(FREE DOWNLOAD)
SE Elayoubi ,Proc. IEEE Globecom 2006, 2006 ,lenst.det.unifi.it
OFDMA WiMAX systems. We calculate the QoS indicators (eg blocking rates, download time
and bit error rates) taking into account the physical layer conditions (modulation and path
loss), the MAC layer techniques (radio resource management algorithms) and the traffic 

HVHBT Doherty and Envelope Tracking PAs for High Efficiency WCDMA and WiMAX Basestation Applications(FREE DOWNLOAD)
C Steinbeiser, T Landon, G Burgin, O Krutko ,IEEE Power Amplifier , 2009 ,tqs.com
Abstract—HVHBT GaAs technology has been shown to be suitable for use in two leading
power amplifier efficiency enhancement solutions:(1) Doherty and (2) Envelope Tracking.
Each solution demonstrates the unique high efficiency characteristic of HVHBT GaAs