wimax research papers 31

wimax research papers 31

Performance study of the WiMAX FDD mode (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless access technology based on the IEEE 802.16 standard. The scope of WiMAX is to provide last mile wireless broadband access for fixed and mobile users as an alternative to the wireline

Multihop relay extension for WiMAX networks-overview and benefits of IEEE 802.16 j standard (FREE DOWNLOAD)
This paper presents the theoretical benefits and performance evaluation of relaying technology used in WiMAX wireless systems, providing insight into the rationale behind the main features adopted by the Relay TG. We describe how four different types of RSs can

Performance evaluation of WiMax/IEEE 802.16 OFDM physical layer (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) is a promising technology which can offer high speed voice, video and data service up to the customer end. Due to the absence of any standard specification, earlier BWA systems were based on proprietary standard. IEEE

Security vulnerabilities and solutions in Mobile WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Summary: This article shows different security vulnerabilities found in IEEE 802.16 e and gives possible solutions to eliminate them. These vulnerabilities are the possibilities to forge key messages in Multi-and Broadcast operation, some unauthenticated messages which

Competitive potential of WiMAX in the broadband access market: a techno-economic analysis (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX radio networks have been proposed as an alternative technology to provide services for the fixed broadband access market, currently dominated by DSL and cable modem systems. In this paper, the economic feasibility of WiMAX network deployments is

Handovers in the Mobile WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT New data services are increasing demand on a data rate in access systems. The emerging technology, which allows high speed broadband wireless access, is WiMAX. This technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 family of standards. There exist several versions,

Use of cognitive radio techniques for OFDM ultrawideband coexistence with WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT This paper explores the issues in coexistence between Broadband Fixed Wireless Access, also know as WiMax or 802.16 e, and Ultrawideband (UWB), specifically the multiband OFDM form of UWB as promoted by the WiMedia trade group. A multiband

Implementation of handover delay timer into WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT1-The WiMAX networks are generally based on the 802.16 standards. There exist several versions of this standard which differs mainly in the mobility support. It can be realized by several different handover procedures. There can occur occasional problems

Dimensioning Cellular WiMAX Part I: Single Hop Networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Providing diverse broadband services economically to everyone is a major challenge for the telecommunication community. WiMAX or IEEE 802.16 is one of the most promising radio access technology to offer performances similar to wired xDSL systems,

Streaming video content over IEEE 802.16/WiMAX broadband access (FREE DOWNLOAD)
1Abstract WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) embodies the IEEE 802.16 family of standards which provision wireless broadband access to residential and commercial Internet subscribers. While WiMAX can also provide backhaul site-to-site

Financial Assessment of Citywide Wi-Fi/WiMAX Deployment (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT There are several ways by which a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) can deliver city wide wireless broadband services. However, it is necessary to determine a profitable business case and at the same time a cost-effective service model, which is

WiMAX, Worldwide Interoperability for Micro wave Access, is designed to deliver wireless broadband bitrates, with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees for different traffic classes, robust security, and mobility. This article provides an overview of mobile WiMAX, which is

? R5–consists of a set of control plane and bearer plane protocols for internetworking between CSNs operated by either the home or visited NSP.? R6–consists of a set of control and bearer plane protocols for communication between the BS and the ASN GW.? The


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