wimax research papers 34

wimax research papers 34

Standardization Activities for Mobile WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
The WirelessMAN standard developed by the IEEE 802.16 Working Group (WG) on Broadband Wireless Access Standards for wireless metropolitan area networks is commonly referred to as the specification for the Mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave

The benefits of relay selection in WiMAX networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT In this work, we study the viability and potential gains of using a cooperative scheme in WiMAX networks. In particular, an opportunistic relay selection strategy is analyzed in a realistic scenario where the available channel state information is in general

Integration of EPON and WiMAX networks: uplink scheduler design (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT The hybrid optical wireless network has gained research interest for future access networks. In order to guarantee quality of service (QoS), especially for multi-media services, resource management and scheduling mechanism become critical design

Migration to 4G-Ubiquitous Broadband-Economic modeling of Wi-Fi with WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT There are several ways by which a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) can deliver broadband service. However, the service offered should be affordable to all classes of the society. There are numerous broadband business models proposed. It is necessary

Lossless Handover with n-casting between WiFi-WiMAX on OpenRoads (FREE DOWNLOAD)
We envisioned a future mobile wireless Internet with many radios, and many networks (in POMI [3]). By that, we mean many radios will be found in a future mobile device. It is now common for a handheld to have WiFi, bluetooth, GSM and/or 3G radios, with WiMAX and

Experimental evaluation of multimedia services in WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX is a new technology that can provide long distance broadband wireless access based on IEEE 802.16 standards. After a short overview of IEEE 802.16 and the WiMAX network architecture, we center on the Quality of Service (QoS) support for

Partition–Based Bandwidth Managements for Mobile WiMAX IEEE802. 16e (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Abstract Due to robust wireless channel, bandwidth management has become an important issue in wireless broadband networks such as WiMAX. To ensure an efficient bandwidth management and quality of service achieved to subscriber station (ss) in WiMAX, an

WiMAX-A Study of Mobility and a MAC-layer Implementation in GloMoSim (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Future generation networks will be characterized by variable and high data rates, quality of services, seamless mobility both within a network and between networks of different technologies and service providers. An important aspect of components in a

Analysis of Handoff Performance in Mobile WiMAX Networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
The results showed that some of the parameters did not have an influence at all and some could be enhanced to achieve faster handoffs. The handoff times remained below the 50 ms limit up to 20 m/s (72 km/h). The promised higher speed handoffs are designed to use the

Extending WiMAX to new scenarios: key results on system architecture and test-beds of the WEIRD project (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16 standards are in the deployment phase in many countries. In fact, this technology can deliver high data rate while covering long distances, being a suitable candidate to solve the problem of digital

Security considerations for WiMAX-based converged network (FREE DOWNLOAD)
With WiMAX promising to solve the bandwidth bottleneck, many carriers are looking to networking OEMs to provide robust security solutions-particularly VPNs and firewalls-in their edge devices, allowing them to securely deliver feature-rich services to subscribers,

Competition between emerging wireless network technologies: case HSPA vs. WiMAX in Europe (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT The rapid evolution of wireless networking technologies has opened up new possibilities for wireless delivery of multimedia services and content. In addition to the standardization efforts of 3GPP and 3GPP2 on third generation mobile networks, new

Radio network dimensioning and planning for WiMAX networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
This paper is a high-level introduction to the complexities involved in dimension-ing and planning of Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) net-works, with specific emphasis on key WiMAX features and planning techniques that need to be

A performance evaluation study of WIMAX using Qualnet (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT?IEEE802. 16 is the standard defining the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). WiMAX has recently being considered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as an attractive alternative to leasing lines

Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 802.20–The Disruptive Potential of Wireless Broadband (FREE DOWNLOAD)
The rapid growth of Wi-Fi in the home, enterprise and public hotspot market has given users and service providers alike a new glimpse into what wireless connectivity can deliver, through a single interface, in multiple locations. Wi-Fi realizes the vision of untethered

The IEEE 802.16 Working Group is the IEEE group for wireless metropolitan area network. The IEEE 802.16 standard defines the Wireless MAN (metropolitan area network) air interface specification (officially known as the IEEE WirelessMAN* standard). This wireless broadband access

Characterization of Radio Path Loss in Seaport Environment for WiMAX Applications (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT Experimental results of radio path loss measured at 5.8 GHz in seaport are presented. Results show that within a range of more than 10km, the radio signal attenuates at a rate close to that of the free space and when higher base antenna is used, the

Performance analysis of a WiMax system under jamming (FREE DOWNLOAD)
The work should give a clear picture of how the studied WiMAX system performs as well under jamming as without the presence of jamming. The results show that some forms of interference degrade the performance of the system rapidly, thus the form of incoming


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