wimax research papers 32

wimax research papers 32

Comparative Assessments for Different WiMAX Scheduling Algorithms (FREE DOWNLOAD)
In this work, a detailed simulation study was carried out for some scheduling algorithms such as WFQ, Round Robin, WRR and Strict-Priority, analyzing and evaluating the performance of each scheduler to support the different QoS classes. The simulation is carried out via

WiMAX channel estimation: algorithms and implementations (FREE DOWNLOAD)
OFDMA has been considered to be the leading technology (modulation and multiple access method) for the upcoming 4G (fourth-generation) cellular infrastructure, and it has been used in WiMAX for wireless metropolitan area network (MAN) communications and

An efficient scheduling for diverse QoS requirements in WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX is one of the most important broadband wireless technologies and is anticipated to be a viable alternative to traditional wired broadband techniques due to its cost efficiency. Being an emerging technology, WiMAX supports multimedia applications

Dimensioning Cellular WiMAX-Part II: Multihop Networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMAX networks are foreseen to cover diverse geographic regions. On the one hand they can cover urban areas where a high density of buildings and indoor usage prevent Line-of-Sight (LOS) propagation conditions. On the other hand WiMAX networks

Downlink performance of WiMAX broadband from high altitude platform and terrestrial deployments sharing a common 3.5 GHz band (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT A downlink performance of deploying WiMAX (IEEE802. 16a) both from High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) and from terrestrial base stations sharing the 3.5 GHz band is presented. It is shown how these two wireless communication configurations can coexist

A direct-conversion transmitter for WiMAX and WiBro applications (FREE DOWNLOAD)
The use of high data rate OFDM modulation translates into challenging requirements for the transmitter in terms of spectral quality and EVM. This calls for low distortion, good signal balance and low phase error. This article will focus on the challenges and advantages

Implementation of a WiMAX simulator in Simulink (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT In the last few years, the telecommunication industries development has focused on an intensive use of broadband systems, which are characterized by high quality features. For this issue, new technologies with high transmission abilities have been designed. The

Comparison of IEEE802. 16 WiMax scenarios with fixed and mobile subscribers in tight reuse (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT WiMax broadband MAN based on the IEEE 802.16 d/e standard supports mobile as well as fixed wireless access services. Both types of subscriber data links are characterized by totally different radio conditions such as eg propagation, interference

Dimensioning and cost analysis of multihop relay-enabled WiMAX networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
WiMAX networks are intended to cover diverse clutter categories with a higher data range and throughput compared with 2G/3G networks. This paper explains an approach to the analytical dimensioning and possible planning techniques for a cellular network based on

Introduction to mobile WiMAX Radio Access Technology: PHY and MAC Architecture (FREE DOWNLOAD)
• High Data Rates: The use of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna techniques along with flexible sub-channelization schemes, adaptive modulation and coding enable the mobile WiMAX technology to support peak downlink (DL) data rates up to 128 Mbps per

Simulation study of fractional frequency reuse in WiMAX networks (FREE DOWNLOAD)
WiMAX is a metropolitan area network (MAN) wireless technology that provides high-quality broadband services to mobile users. For maximum usage of the available spectrum, each cell should operate on the whole available bandwidth. However, this leads to

Analysis of WiMAX data rate performance (FREE DOWNLOAD)
ABSTRACT In recent months, Mobile WiMAX has gained momentum as a top candidate to deliver the dream of full mobile wireless internet. In spite of this, the available data regarding the performance of Mobile WiMAX in real world scenarios is still scarce. In this paper, the

Comparison of handovers in UMTS and WiMAX (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Summary The WiMAX, or IEEE 802.16, is emerging broadband wireless technology. There are several versions of 802.16, which differ among other in the user mobility support. This paper analyzes the existing types of handover applied in the third generation mobile


wimax research papers 31

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