Wireless communication, or sometimes simply wireless, is the transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical

Competition: Adaptive Software Defined Scheduling of Low Power Wireless Networks
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We address the considerable and varied challenges of the EWSN 2019 dependability Competition through a software defined approach to synchronous flooding, whereby a Flexible synchronous flooding architecture can instantiate, tailor, and schedule multiple

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Autonomous Learning for Face Recognition in the Wild via Ambient Wireless Cues
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Facial recognition is a key enabling component for emerging Internet of Things (IoT) Iservices such as smart homes or responsive offices. Through the use of deep neural Networks, facial recognition has achieved excellent performance. However, this is only

too often, in Manhattan public schools. Our survey of wifi internet access in scores of Manhattan public schools shows that slow, erratic, and inadequate wireless
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Internet technology is omnipresent in our world except, all too

Link quality evaluation of a wireless sensor network in metal marine environments
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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are finding increasing use in all-metal marine Environments such as ships, oil and gas rigs, freight container terminals, and marine energy Platforms. However, wireless propagation in an all-metal environment with ducting andhere is a phenomenal burst of research activities in machine learning and wireless Isystems. Machine learning evolved from a collection of powerful techniques in AI areas and as been extensively used in data mining, which allows the system to learn the useful

Synchronous Transmissions Based Flooding over Bluetooth 5.0 for Industrial Wireless Applications
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the release of Bluetooth 5.0 and the Mesh standards has undoubtedly positioned Bluetooth Is a leading wireless technology for the Internet of Things. The doubling of the physical data ate of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from 1Mbps to 2Mbps and the support of multihop mesh

Wireless Access to Ultimate Virtual Reality 360-Degree Video
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Virtual reality 360-degree videos will become the first prosperous online VR application. In his paper, we focus on the ultimate VR 360 that satisfies human eye fidelity. The ultimate VR 60 requires downlink 1.5 Gbps for viewing and uplink 6.6 Gbps for live broadcasting, with

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the amount of data that we access presently has increased substantially. Coupled with the act that smart devices come with insufficient storage space, we are now faced with the Challenge of trying to find better techniques for storage and access of large amounts of data

Robust Scheduling for Wireless Charger Networks
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In this paper, we deal with the problem of Robust schedUling for wireLess charger nEtworks RULE), ie, given a number of rechargeable devices, each of which may drift within a certain Range, and a number of directional chargers with fixed positions and adjustable orientationshe impact of information technologies is creating a new world yet not fully understood. The xtent and speed of economic, life style and social changes already perceived in everyday ife is hard to estimate without understanding the technological driving forces behind it. This

JamLab-NG: Benchmarking Low-Power Wireless Protocols under Controlable and Repeatable Wi-Fi Interference
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valuating the performance of low-power wireless protocols in noisy environments in a Repeatable and fully automated way is still an open problem in our community. On the one and, there is a lack of tools enabling the controllable and repeatable generation of

Wireless Nanopore Electrode for Electron Transfer Imaging in Live Cells
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We present a molecular sensor that reports, using fluorescence, on the degree of Macromolecular crowding in different cellular compartments. The oligonucleotide-based Isensor is sensitive to changes in the volume fraction of macromolecules over a wide range

Wireless Sensor Networks
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the China Wireless Sensor Network Conference (CWSN) is an annual conferenceby the China Computer Federation (CCF). The 12th China Wireless Sensor Network Conference (CWSN2018) was cosponsored by the China Computer Federationn recent years positioning technology has become an important adjunct to modern life. In he past such technology was restricted to large professional applications such as the Navigation of ships and aircraft or land surveying, However, with the advent of modern

Designing and Modelling of a Low-Cost Wireless Telemetry System for Deep Brain Stimulation Studies
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Objectives: To design and develop a Wireless device for Deep Brain Stimulation studies in at Model. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In order to model the design, we have used ASIC Application Specified) and Off the Shelf Components that helps the device Cheap andhis book provides detailed information about the recent trends and advancements in Information and Communications Technologies. The Information and Communications Technology industry is experiencing profound changes across a broad range of research

Efficient Spectrum Usage for Wireless Communications
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Wireless technologies have reached an impressive popularity in the last years. However, the Radio spectrum is very limited, and therefore as wireless communications have become more And more widespread, problems related to spectrum scarcity have arisen. Radio spectrum, as

A Design of Sensing Data Collection Circuits for Wireless Sensor Networks Utilizing WiFi Technology
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) facilitate many applications in different fields. And, WiFi Technologies have been developed and used widely based on some advantages. Data Collection methods in WSNs for monitoring purposes are being exploited to be more