wireless communication research papers 2012-104

An Optimized Secure Communication Using VLR-GS-BU on Wireless Network
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M Saranya, P Dhivya ,Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
 Please take note of the following items when proofreading spelling and grammar: A. Creation
of a Wireless networks The wireless communication network is created by five steps they are
as follows Server, Base Station (Visiting Location Register-VLR), GSM Operation Center 

 Advanced Energy Efficient Communication Techniques for Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
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 part in order to maintain high battery autonomy. The energy saving problem in
wireless communication networks has attracted the interest of the researchers for
many years now. Many approaches on various OSI layers have 

 Communication Model for Simulating Large-Scale Cellular Wireless Sensor Network
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OA Al-Sonosy, MA Hashem, N Badr
 Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, Wireless communication, Cellular networks, Topology
control, Energy aware network. Abstract. Wireless sensor network is an ad hoc network in which
the nodes can sense, actuate, compute and communicate with each other. 

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MTP Rani, CJ Kumar
 Keywords- Security, Key management, Wireless Sensor Networks. I.INRODUCTION Sensors
are inexpensive, low-power devices which have limited resources [1]-[2]. They are small in size,
and have wireless Communication capability within short distances. 

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in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks (ESAS). [9] JN Al-Karaki &A. E. Kamal, (2004)
Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Sur- vey, IEEE Wireless
Communication, Vol. 11, pp6-28. [10] N. Gura, A. Patel, A. Wander 

 Inter Layer Communication in Wireless Sensor Network
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RM Badiger, SVN Murthy
 To exploit the time-varying characteristic, a kind of channel-state dependent scheduling, called
multiuser diversity, can be exploited to improve system performance .For a wireless communication
system with multiple MSs having independent time-varying fading channels, we 

 NLM-MAC: Lightweight Secure Data Communication Framework Using Authenticated Encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks
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P Kumar, HJ Lee ,cdn.intechopen.com
 Sensors’ sense the environmental data and transmit to the sink node using wireless
communication, as shown in figure 1. Thus the novelty of WSNs is providing inexpensive
yet effective solutions for monitoring unattended physical environments. 

 Isochronous and Anisochronous Modulation Schemes in Wireless Optical Communication Systems
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M Rouissat, AR Borsai, M Chikh-Bled ,International Journal of , 2012
 In this paper, we have compared the transmission capacity, the spectral and the power efficiencies
of two popular modulation schemes in optical wireless communication systems; PPM and DPIM
in order to give a wide view about two modulation families that are suitable for 

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