Wireless Industrial Controls

Increasingly, industry is adopting wireless protocols for monitoring and control of complex systems. These systems provide high reliability, low installation costs and rapid return on investment. Network protocols such as Zigbee and 802.15.4 provide ready-made solutions that can be quickly and effectively deployed to meet many applications.

FCE product developments include:

Asset tracking with wireless sensor networks
Lighting controls
Meter reading for utilities
Electrical power usage tracking
What is Zigbee?

The Zigbee Alliance and the research 802.15.4 Working Group have defined an international standard for a simple but powerful packet data protocol providing high reliability through message acknowledgement, error checking, prioritized communications, direct sequence spread spectrum, the ability to change frequencies to avoid interference and user-selectable security levels.

Zigbee Applications

Zigbee is optimized for applications that require low throughput, long battery life, low cost and thousands of nodes in a network.

Applications include:

Low data rate telemetry applications
Meter reading
Home automation
Industrial automation
Building automation

Key features include:

Data rates of 10 kbps to 115 kbps
Mesh topology
CSMA-CA channel access
Fully handshaked protocol for transfer reliability
Dual PHY (2.4GHz and 868/915 MHz)
Extremely low duty-cycle (<0.1%) Range: 10m nominal (1-100m based on settings) Low current requirements -