wireless solutions providers

Wireless connectivity technology from Semtech provides voice, data, command, location and other sensor information over short distances. This section lists third-party, design and engineering services providers who can help you integrate these high tech devices into your next generation products.

Located in San Diego CA, Boston MA and Guadalajara Mexico, A2e Technologies is an Electronic Design Services (EDS) firm providing custom application software, embedded design and product development services to Industry and Government. With a highly experienced senior staff and significant breadth of skills, A2e Technologies provides everything you need for all your custom technology development needs. From designing portions of a project in conjunction with your engineering teams to complete turn-key projects and specialty niche design services such as RF Coms Design, A2e Technologies has the ability to provide the right solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Axiometric offers complete ISM-band solutions for commercial and industrial telemetry-rate wireless mesh networks including hardware and software for data collection, analysis, and network management.

Axiometric products include long-range end-point and bridge devices based on license-free, FCC certified modules with Semtech radios. With MeshPlus wireless networking, every device is a repeater sending its own messages and relaying messages from other devices. MeshPlus is suitable for use in indoor/outdoor and extended battery life applications.

MeshPlus networks are fully automatic: devices download their operating software and configuration autonomously when installed; no routing tables or other configuration are required.

Indesign offers electronic product design services from concept through introduction into manufacturing. Our engineering disciplines consist of Electrical/Circuit design, Mechanical design, Software/Firmware design, RF design, Human Factors design, and Testing/Validation. We have developed complex electronic products for both national and international companies and for such diverse markets as consumer electronics, medical instruments, communication devices, computer peripherals and government equipment. Our involvement with such products ranges from full turnkey product development to complementing our clients’ in-house engineering resources by providing the particular skills that they are missing.

Navigation Corporation, founded in June 1993, provides consulting and design engineering services to the consumer and commercial satellite, telephone, MMDS and industrial control industries.

Navigation Corporation specializes in:
Data Encryption Systems
RF Communications and Data System Design
ASIC Design
Production Support
FCC Compliance Support

One RF Technology develops high performance ISM radio solutions for low-power wireless automation and control. Our RF engineers have over 10 years of experience in developing high quality RF solutions for a wide variety of markets. We develop radio modems and OEM RF modules that operate in the license free 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM band covering the whole globe. We also provide a first class wireless RF design service to develop custom RF solutions on behalf of our customers. Thanks to our powerful and flexible firmware our products can be easily adapted to a variety of applications.

Phyton has proven experience in designing and supplying high-performance development tools for embedded microcontrollers used by electronic engineers and programmers in the industrial control, communications, computer, consumer electronic industries. Phyton development tools support the Semtech XE8000 Series of products.

Radios, Inc. provide clients with cost-effective products that allow easy integration into a variety of wireless applications. Whether you are looking for modules or reference designs for use in new or existing applications, or are interested in a comprehensive development system, Radios, Inc’s product line should satisfy your needs.

Raisonance designs and sells a variety of Microprocessor Development Systems, including Compilers, Simulators, High Level Language Debuggers, and Integrated Development Environments for common market architectures including the Semtech XE8000 series.

Shockfish specializes in wireless device and application development. Our references range from stand-alone devices to complete Internet connected wireless communication systems (www.tinynode.com).
Shockfish’s “end-to-end know-how” includes HF integration, voice and data protocols, embedded software and multi-tier server architectures. A user oriented design approach guarantees outstanding value to the end customer.

Y-Lynx development tools support the Semtech’s XE1200 and Semtech’s XE8000 Series of products.

Y-Lynx provides embedded software for low-power wireless links. Y-Lynx’s software enables the implementation of a reliable link for your application in a short time.

Y-Lynx offers software competences in the following areas:

Project collaboration in client’s product development from technical specifications to completed product.
Implementation of various Medium Access Control methods, such as TDMA, FDMA, CSMA, and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).
Y-Lynx also offers a wireless development platform (YLXD) to customers as OEM Components including both optimized software libraries and different reference designs.