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Building low power into wireless sensor networks using ZigBee technology
J Adams ,Industrial embedded systems resource guide, , 2005  zigbee.org
Page 1. Building Low Power into Wireless Sensor Networks Using ZigBee Technology Jon Adams
Director, Radio Technology and Strategy 6 June 2005  Page 5. DRAFT Protocol Stack Features
•ZigBee Technology ? Provides network, security management, applications 

Wireless sensor technologies for automated tracking and monitoring of construction materials utilizing Zigbee networks
WS Jang ,Construction Research , 2007 ,e-construction.pm.umd.edu
ABSTRACT This paper introduces automated material tracking (AMTRACK) system
architecture. To overcome the limitations in previous RFID-and GPS-based technologies
observed in current construction practices, a new ZigBee-based localization technique 

ZigBee based home automation wireless sensor network
M Varchola ,Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica , 2007 ,kemt.fei.tuke.sk
SUMMARY Increased demands on implementation of wireless sensor networks in
automation praxis result in relatively new wireless standard–ZigBee. The new workplace
was established on the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications ( 

A ZigBee-based mobile tracking system through wireless sensor networks
TA Alhmiedat ,International Journal of Advanced , 2008 ,Inderscience
Wireless sensor networks have been deployed widely. Sensor networks involve sensor
nodes which are very small in size, low in cost and have a short battery-life. One of the
critical wireless sensor network applications is localisation and tracking mobile sensor 

Forest fire detection system based on a ZigBee wireless sensor network
J Zhang, W Li, N Han ,Frontiers of Forestry in China, 2008 ,Springer
Abstract Compared with the traditional techniques of Autonomous forest fire detection
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Forest fire detection is a very important issue in the pre-suppression process. Timely detection allows the suppression units to reach the fire in its initial stages and this will reduce the suppression costs considerably. The autonomous forest fire detection principle is

Forest Fire Modeling and Early Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Early detection of forest fires is the primary way of minimizing their damages. We present the design of a wireless sensor network for early detection of forest fires. We first present the key aspects in modeling forest fires according to the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System which is

Techniques for reducing false alarms in infrared forest fire automatic detection systems
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This paper presents techniques to reduce false alarms in forest fire detection systems based on infrared cameras. Several software components to implement these techniques are discussed. The components are based on thresholds, oscillation detection , matching of

Image processing based forest fire detection
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A novel approach for forest fire detection using image processing technique is proposed. A rule based color model for fire pixel classification is used. The proposed algorithm uses RGB and YCbCr color space. The advantage of using YCbCr color space is that it can separate

Wireless sensor networks and fusion information methods for forest fire detection
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Research in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has experienced a significant growth in recent years. One topic of special interest is the use of WSNs in the detection of forest fires. In this paper, we propose two algorithms for forest fire detection . The proposed algorithms

Integrated systems for early forest fire detection
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This paper presents a scheme of multi-sensorial integrated systems for early detection of forest fires. Several information and data sources have been used, including infrared images, visual images, data from sensors, maps and models. An implementation of an

Efficient forest fire detection system: a spatial data mining and image processing based approach
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The drastic ascent in the volume of spatial data owes its growth to the technical advancements in technologies that aid in spatial data acquisition, mass storage and network interconnection. Thus the necessity for automated detection of spatial knowledge from

An improved algorithm for forest fire detection using HJ data
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Using the characteristics of the environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting small satellite constellation (HJ), the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) forest fire detection contextual algorithm was improved to adapt the HJ-infrared sensor (HJ Forest fires can be the cause of serious environmental and economic damages. For this reason considerable effort has been directed toward forest protection and fire fighting. The means traditionally used for early fire detection mainly consist in human observers

Forest fire detection based on MODIS satellite imagery, and Comparison of NOAA satellite imagery with fire fighters Information
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Impacts of boreal forest fires have absorbed intensive attention because of huge fires in these years in Alaska as well as Siberia. To reduce impacts of forest fire in boreal forest area, the early fire detection is one of essential components in firefighting activity because of

Forest fires prevention in Portugal using GIS to help improving early fire detection effectiveness
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Forest fires and burnt area in Portugal have been increasing in the last decades, contrarily to other southern European countries, although more resources are being allocated to prevention, detection and fire fighting. To minimize the probability of wildfires occurrence, it

A method for forest fire detection using uav
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This software provide functions on processing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial image data according to the requirements of forestry area application on UAV platform. It gives a real-time and remote watch on fire in Greater Xingan Mountains, simultaneously the UAV is

An agent-based algorithm for forest fire detection
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For remote sensing image analysis, it is necessary to use spatial information surrounding pixels, in addition to spectral information of them. Several works have been done in this field. On the other hand, autonomous agents, a newly explored area of research in image

Forest fire detection through wireless sensor network using type-2 fuzzy system
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Fire detection is always been a crucial challenge for human, moreover detecting fire using automated sensors definitely requires efficient and accurate ways. Since fire depends on more than one physical/environmental condition simultaneously, so in this paper we have

Forest Fire Detection for Near Real Time Monitoring Using Geostationary Satellites
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Forest fires are an important component of the savanna, tundra and boreal forest ecosystems. The increasing rate of the occurrence of fires however has increased the concern over their impacts on climate change and fragile ecosystems. This requires efficient

Forest fire detection and monitoring by means of an integrated MODIS-MSG system
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This work presents the MSG-SEVIRI sensors capacity for the detection of forest fires and the subsequent fire monitoring. The Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Valladolid has a receiver system in real time as well as an operating fire detection system, also in real

An agent-based approach for regional forest fire detection using MODIS data
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In this study, we propose an agent-based approach for adaptive regional forest fire detection using MODIS data. It utilizes the tests used in MODIS version 4 contextual fire detection algorithm to determine agent behavioral responses. To do so, initially, a collection of

Multi-sensor based forest fire detection system
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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have become hot topic in field of research in recent days. In day to day life we come across many problems which left unresolved by humans, so at that time we think of collaborating human knowledge with technology to eradicate the

A comparative study of three algorithms for forest fire detection in Iran
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Fire as a natural disaster plays a major role in deforestation; is a major source of trace gases, aerosols and carbon fluxes. Approximately 7 percent of Iran area is covered by forests/and wooded lands. According to the ECE/FAO database on forest /other wooded land

Forest fire detection solution based on UAV aerial data
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This software provides functions on processing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial image data according to the requirements of forestry area application on UAV platform. It gives a real-time and remote watch on fire in Greater Xingan Mountains, simultaneously the UAV is
, a wireless sensor
network paradigm based on a ZigBee technique was proposed. The proposed technique is
in real time, given the exigencies of forest fires. The architecture of a wireless sensor 

Ubiquitous computing: object tracking and monitoring in construction processes utilizingZigBee networks
MJ Skibniewski ,Proceedings of International Symposium , 2006 ,eng.umd.edu
Abstract: A large-scale of civil infrastructure systems is associated with great amounts of
project resources and activities interoperated with various participants and organizations.
Well-defined methodology for information acquisition and communication became more 

The Zigbee experience
O Hyncica, P Kacz, P Fiedler, Z Bradac ,Proceedings of the , 2006 ,eurasip.org
Abstract—The ZigBee standard is out for more than one year and real-world applications
already exist. The deployment of applications based on ZigBee depends heavily on the
performance of the radio. It is not easy to determine the parameters for a certain location 

Fault-Tolerance Mechanisms for Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks
SB Attia, A Cunha, ,Work-in-Progress (WiP) , 2007 ,dl.comp.nus.edu.sg
Abstract. The IEEE 802.15. 4/Zigbee protocol stack has been considered as a promising
technology for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Fault-tolerance is one of the main issues
in WSNs since it becomes critical in real deployment environments where reliability and 

Implementing Zigbee wireless mesh networking
T Cutler ,RF DESIGN, 2005 ,preview.rfdesign.com
Alliance, an organization of manufacturers dedicated to developing a networking technology
for small, ISM-band radios that could welcome even the simplest industrial and home end
devices into wireless connectivity. The ZigBee specification was finalized in December 

ZigBee for wireless networking
J Lönn ,This report is the result of a Master Thesis work , 2005 ,systembus.com
The past several years have witnessed a rapid development in the wireless network area. So
far wireless networking has been focused on high-speed and long range applications.
However, there are many wireless monitoring and control applications for industrial and 

Wireless medical sensor network with ZigBee
C Hofmann, C Weigand ,WSEAS Transactions on , 2006 ,wseas.us
Abstract:-While Bluetooth is wide spread in wireless applications today a new radio
technology called ZigBee comes up to the market. Though ZigBee tends not the same
market segment like Bluetooth it competes with Bluetooth in several applications. The 

ZigBee over TinyOS: implementation and experimental challenges
A Cunha, R Severino, N Pereira , on Automatic Control ( , 2008 ,open-zb.net
Abstract: The IEEE 802.15. 4/Zigbee protocols are a promising technology for Wireless
Sensor Networks (WSNs). This paper shares our experience on the implementation and use
of these protocols and related technologies in WSNs. We present problems and 

Wireless sensors and control networks: enabling new opportunities with ZigBee
B Heile  ZigBee Alliance Tutorial, 2006 ,docs.zigbee.org
• Devices built on ZigBee do not necessarily interoperate• Wide spectrum of interoperability
choices• It’sa designer choice on level of vendor interoperability to support• No matter which
level you choose, you must be at least an Adopter class member to use ZigBee IP in a 

Localization estimation system using measurement of RSSI based on ZigBee standard
M Srbinovska, C Gavrovski ,Conference Proceedings of , 2008 ,ecad.tu-sofia.bg
The design of accurate localization algorithms in the realization of wireless sensor networks
is a challenging task. Localization in wireless sensor networks is becoming more important,
because many applications need to locate the source of incoming measurement as 

Creating value with ZigBee networks
C Herzog ,Industrial embedded system resource guide, , 2005 ,industrial-embedded.com
ZigBee supports other network topologies as well. Installations based primarily on a single,
well located router can configure themselves as a star network using direct, point-to-point
communication. Cluster topologies can support groups of devices while still permitting 

Improved tree routing (ImpTR) protocol for ZigBee network
M Al-Harbawi, M Rasid ,International Journal of , 2009 ,paper.ijcsns.org
Summary Many application scenarios in wireless sensor network (WSN) require connectivity
between nodes to transmit the collected data to a sink node. ZigBee is a standard for
wireless personal area network (WPAN) based on IEEE 802.15. 4. It has been developed 

Random basketball routing for ZigBee based sensor networks
DM Kim, YJ Hwang, SL Kim , of the 4th IEEE VTS Asia , 2007 ,ramo.yonsei.ac.kr
Abstract—Random basketball routing (BR)[1] is a simple protocol that integrates MAC and
multihop routing in a crosslayer optimized manner. Due to its lightness and performance, BR
would be quite suitable for sensor networks, where communication nodes are usually