zigbee research papers-21

Evaluation of the Impact of the Topology and Hidden Nodes in the Performance of a ZigBeeNetwork
H Fernández-López, P Macedo, JA Afonso ,Sensor Systems and , 2010 ,Springer
Low power and small footprint IEEE 802.15. 4/ZigBee based devices are a promising
alternative to 802.11 a/b/g and proprietary protocols for non-critical patient monitoring under
important scenarios such as post-op and emergency rooms. However, their use in a 

A hybrid ZigBee/Bluetooth approach to mobile semantic grids
  Systems Science and , 2010 ,sisinflab.poliba.it
Mobile semantic grids are characterized by high heterogeneity and volatility of their
component nodes. Hence, discovery procedures more flexible than the ones borrowed from
wired approaches are desirable. We present a hybrid ZigBee/Bluetooth grid infrastructure 

Microchip Stack for the ZigBee™ Protocol
N Rajbharti ,Microchip Technology Inc., Application Note , 2004 ,ww1.microchip.com
ZigBee™ is a wireless network protocol specifically designed for low rate sensor and control
networks. There are a number of applications that can benefit from the ZigBee protocol:
building automation networks, home security systems, industrial control networks, remote 

Bluetooth, zigbee, and wibree: A comparison of wpan technologies
J Kooker ,November 20th, 2008 ,johnkooker.com
Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) designs have been flourishing in recent years. The
pervasive success of Bluetooth has been a boon to all devices in the IEEE 802.15 working
group. As competing and complementary standards are formed within this working group, 

KillerBee: Practical ZigBee Exploitation Framework
J Wright ,2009 ,puc.state.tx.us
KillerBee Arsenal• zbid–List available devices supported• zbdump–” tcpdump-w” clone
(libpcap or commercial Daintree SNA savefile format)• zbconvert–convert capture file
formats• zbreplay–Replay attack• zdsniff–OTA crypto key sniffer• zbfind–GUI for ZigBee 

A 16 Bit Rootkit, and Second Generation Zigbee Chips
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T Goodspeed ,Blakc Hat, 2009 ,dl.goodnet.com
Page 1. A 16 Bit Rootkit, and Second Generation Zigbee Chips Travis Goodspeed
Black Hat USA, 2009 Las Vegas, NV  Second Gen Radios,
radio+µC Page 12. Part 1: Second Generation Zigbee Chips Travis Goodspeed Black Hat 09 

Design of remote automatic meter reading system based on ZigBee and GPRS
L Quan-Xi, L Gang ,Proceedings of Third International , 2010 ,academypublisher.com
Abstract—Because of the traditional way of metering error and low efficiency, we propose
household metering system design based on Zigbee and GPRS technologies, using
PIC18LF4620 as the core processor and CC2430 chip as close communication function, 

Security issues on zigbee
R Silva ,2005 ,rtcm.inescn.pt
2. ZigBee Security Problems ? Same Key on multiple ACL entries ? Power Failures ? No Support
for Group Keys ? Sequential Freshness vs. Single ACL entry ? Weak Integrity protection on
AES-CTR ? Fast Denail-of-service Attack on AES-CTR ? Acknowledges Forgery

A ZigBee-based wearable Cardio-Pulmonary Monitor for Mobile Health Care
J Han, Y Chen, D Xiong ,7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical , 2008 ,Springer
A ZigBee-based wearable cardio-pulmonary monitor for mobile health care is introduced in
the article. The monitor, which detects cardio-pulmonary parameters, exactly the heart rate,
R wave and respiration rate, makes the mobile medical care available in the wireless 

An Paper on ZigBee
A Vojvodic , and Distributed Systems, Chalmers University of , 2006 ,cse.chalmers.se
There are a multitude of standards that address mid to high data rates for voice, PC LANs,
video, etc. and until recently there has not been a wireless network standard that meets the
unique needs of devices such as sensors and control devices. Sensors and control 

Application of ZigBee sensor network to data acquisition and monitoring
M Terada ,Measurement Science Review, 2009 ,Versita
A ZigBee sensor network for data acquisition and monitoring is presented in this paper. It is
configured using a commercially available ZigBee solution. A ZigBee module is connected
via a USB interface to a Microsoft Windows PC, which works as a base station in the 

Basic characteristics of ZigBee and SimpliciTI modules to use in measurement systems
L Skrzypczak, D Grimaldi ,XIX IMEKO World Congress , 2009 ,imeko2009.it.pt
Abstract i The main goal of this paper is to experimental examine some of the properties of
two different wireless communication modules, ZigBee and SimpliciTI, which are employing
two different transmission standards. This paper is a part of wider research aimed to 

A Network Performance Improvement for One-to-One and Many-to-One Communication Environment in ZigBee
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DW Seo, DS Yun ,Internet Magazine ElectroScop, 2007 ,ewc.hanyang.ac.kr
Abstract: The increasing network traffic often causes various problems depending on
different communication requirements in ZigBee. In particular, in a one-to-one
communication environment, there exists a data loss problem as the network traffic 

Evaluation of ZigBee Networking in a Campus Environment
H Ramazanali, J Olsson, J Lönn ,Communications , 2008 ,isastorganization.org
Abstract—By using our own-developed ZigBee modules, evaluations of ZigBee networking
in an outdoor environment and in an indoor campus environment have been performed. It is
shown that the outdoor radio link between two ZigBee modules can reach 144 m with a 

Position Location Monitoring Using IEEE® 802.15. 4/ZigBee® technology
O Hernandez, V Jain, S Chakravarty , Connectivity Operation in ,freescale.com
In this article you will learn how Freescale and ZigBee technology can help you implement a
low-cost, low-power location monitoring system for indoor environments where other
positioning systems have typically performed poorly. This article is a useful tool to help