360 degree image converter

 An Augmented Reality system for the treatment of acrophobia
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MC Juan, D Pérez, D Tomás, B Rey ,Proc. The 8 th Annual , 2005 ,temple.edu
 1. To take a 180-degree photograph 2. To retouch the photograph 3. To create a 360-degree
photograph 4. To assign a transparency to the 180-degree white image 1. Taking a 180-degree
photograph We used the digital colour camera and the fisheye converter mentioned in 

 N-ocular stereo for real-time human tracking
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 hand, an omni-directional vision sensor (ODVS) provides a wide range of view, which can take
a 360 degree image at a  consists of four ODVSs, and omni-directional images taken with the
sensors are merged into one image with the quad-to-one video converter, then sent 

 Orientation-Aware handhelds for panorama-based museum guiding system
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LW Chan, YY Hsu, YP Hung ,UbiComp 2005 Workshop: , 2005 ,ivlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw
 Constructing a full 360-degree panoramic image usually requires stitching ten to fifteen shots. 
implementation, from fisheye images captured by Nikon coolpix 5000 plus FC-E8 Fisheye
Converter lens. We then use Panoweaver to stitch panoramic image from the fisheye images 

 Test of Russian K004M image converter camera when recording natural lightning in Florida
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VB Lebedev, GG Feldman, BN Gorin, VA Rakov ,Proc. of SPIE , 2007 ,bifocompany.com
 4 I .III..II :11 411 :ii’O 360 400 4404805205606006  strongly over illuminated (half0tones are almost
not seen although initial image brightness and a degree of its  speed record both of trigger lightning
and particularly natural lightning with the aid of image converter cameras is 

 Filamentation of Light Emission in an Infrared-Visible Image Converter with a Semiconductor Photodetector
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HY Kurt, HS KIYMAZ, B SALAMOV ,Turkish Journal of , 2002 ,journals.tubitak.gov.tr
 It is for this reason there is a high degree of uniformity of the current density and of the discharge
light emission  U = 352 V U = 360 V U = 364 V U = 368 V U = 372 V U = 376 V U = 380 V  To build
an image of the current in such a system, one must then inevitably to deal with a 3D 

 Virtual reality learning resources in building pathology
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M Smith, I Dickinson, RCT Ellis, J Head, M Smith ,heacademy.ac.uk
 Page 4. FIGURE 1: Kaidan 360 One VR Optic  inflates the costs for low-end users and precluded
its use on this project. In order to overcome the twin problems of low image resolution and
restricted fields  fisheye images of opposing ie 180 degree, views (see Fig. 

 Shape of cutting chip monitoring system based on LabVIEW
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Y Zhao, P Wang, G Zhang, X Liu ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2005 ,sutlib2.sut.ac.th
 Image Co., inserted in PC computer’s slot to complete the image signal’s A/D converter.  SubVI
by structure of WIRING tool and sequence etc., we can accomplish image processing and  detection
and geometry build module method, and allow matched object 0-360 degree of the 

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J Karas ,PUBLICATIO LII/I, 2012 ,
 Figure 1 Difference maximum and minimum force during the 360-degree turn pedal cycle
averaged  revolutions per minute for cyclists and non-cyclists Fluctuation forces during image
rotation cranks  In the past several manufacturers of crank and converter tried to make crank 

 ACDSee image manager (ACD Systems)
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A Organizer, CS Adobe Photoshop ,media.wiley.com
 35mm equivalent focal length, 68 352 ball head (Manfrotto), 58 360-degree view, 131 488RC2 
Reader (Adobe), 194–195 adjustment layers (Elements) applying to part of image, 151 for  Adobe
Acrobat, 194–195 Adobe Acrobat Reader, 194–195 Adobe Camera RAW converter. 

 Using Light Curves to Characterize Size and Shape of Pseudo-Debris
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H Rodriguez, KJ Abercromby, KS Jarvis ,2006 AMOS Technical , 2006 ,amostech.com
 The second light curve, marked with red ‘x’ points, shows the plot of the image once the  is seen
at different rotation angles due to the orientation of each piece at zero degree rotation and the 
Object D4 has a maximum initially, which is a continuation of the 360 degree maximum. 

 The History of Driving Simulator for Road Safety Study
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JM Kim, KS Noh, JH Jeong ,reaaa.vms.my
 A power train model, consisting of a static torque converter and an automatic transmission with
a  The visual system was designed with an 8 channel cylindrical screen of 360 degree field-of  The
front 3 channels have high-grade graphic cards for image generation and the other