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Using plant epidemiological methods to track computer network worms
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R Pande ,2004 ,
Abstract: Network worms that scan random computers have caused billions of dollars in
damage to enterprises across the Internet. Earlier research has concentrated on using
epidemiological models to predict the number of computers a worm will infect and how 

 An Introduction to Computer Network Monitoring and Performance
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AC Davenhall ,National e-science centre, 2005 ,
A very important concession has been made to the Smithsonian Institution by the Directors
of the Associated Transatlantic Cable Companies, who have agreed to transmit gratuitously
between Europe and the United States, a limited number of short messages on 

 Wired High Rise A Community-Based Computer Network
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D Meredyth, J Thomas, S Ewing ,Swinburne Institute for Social , 2006 ,
The aim is of the initiative has been variously stated, but it has been expected to increase
access to information and communication technologies for low income people, to contribute
to neighbourhood renewal and to build the social and economic participation of residents 

Network Behavior Analysis Based on a Computer Network Model
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W Han, D Shuai ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
This paper applies a new traffic model, iterated function systems (IFS) for network traffic
modelling, to explore computer network behaviour and analyse network performance. IFS
model can generate various self-similar data flows according to a certain character. In the 

 Autonomous software agents for computer network management
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ASM De Franceschi, JM Barreto ,1999 ,
This work presents an alternative for the centralized approach of computer network
management [1][2]. In the network management platforms, we usually find passive
managers and the agents who just have the function to collect data samples composing 

 The performance optimization for date redistributing system in computer network
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G Moldovan ,International Journal of Computer, , 1841 ,
Abstract: The paper treats of a problem related to the redistribution of distributed databases
in a computer network. The minimal cost of the redistribution is established in the case of a
distributed application. Keywords: distributed database, redistribution

 The Hahn-Meitner-Institut Computer Network
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W Lehmann-Bauerfeld ,WORKSHOP ON DATn ,
The Hahn-Meitner-Institut uses a large (3 20) number of process-control computers from
different manufacturers for its research in nuclear physics and radiation chemistry. In
addition, a Siemens 4004/151 is operated as the central computing facility.

 In Search of Building-blocks for Successful Computer Network-based Learning Projects
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IS Lee ,1996 ,
1. Participants KEDI has supported eight schools for computer network-based learning, with
the collaboration of I* EARN (the International Education and Resources Network) since the
beginning of 1995. Two private elementary, two public 2 of 9 00-07-21 3: 22

 A Comparative Reliability Study of Computer Network Configurations for Large-Scale Accelerator Systems
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EW Kamen ,Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta ,
Abstract A comparative study is given on the reliability of different possible network
configurations for computer communications in large-scale accelerator systems, with the
focus on bus, double ring, and switching hub networks. The measure of reliability is based 

 Multimode SCM-based PON architecture for computer network applications using a low-cost polymer 1×8 splitter/combiner
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N Bamiedakis, JY Ha, F Yang, A Wonfor ,CLEO , 2007 ,
Abstract: A low-cost PON architecture based on sub-carrier multiplexing and an 8-way low
loss multimode polymer splitter/combiner is presented operating at 850nm. Two-channel
error-free operation with a Q-factor greater than 8 is observed.© 2007 Optical Society of 

 Development of the Community Mental Health Care Support System Using Computer Network
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S Manabe, T Takemura, N Ashida ,J. Korean Soc. Med. Info ,
Abstract Recently, there is a problem of the mental health in Japan that how long-stay
inpatient’s social rehabilitation promotion should be realized so the inpatient who increased
in number rapidly in the 1960s can leave hospital. In order that we may solve the problem, 

 An Analysis on Frame Length of MAC Layer in Powerline Computer Network
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R HUANG, M ZHOU ,6th Int. Symp. on power-line , 2002 ,
ABSTRACT The length of data frame is an important parameter in MAC layer protocol. A
method of finding the optimal length of data frame when impulsive disturbance is involved in
Powerline Communications (PLC) is proposed. Having analyzed the characteristics of 

 Intelligent Agent Based Remote Tuning of Power System Stabilizer through Computer Network
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T Hiyama, K Hara , on Power Systems Transients in Montreal, , 2005 ,
Abstract In this paper, an intelligent agent based on-line remote tuning of PSS parameters
has been proposed to ensure the maximum stabilization effect through the excitation control
by PSS. A fuzzy logic PSS has been considered as the target PSS for the experimental 

 Using a Packet Sniffer to Analyze the Efficiency and Power of Encryption Techniques Used to Protect Data Over a Computer Network
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S Litvinov, D Guster, D Robinson ,Statistics Department/MCS ,
Abstract The problem of defending against security attacks on internet traffic has become
paramount in the last few years. One commonly used tool to combat hackers is encryption.
Therefore, educating future networking students about the power of encryption and the 

 Development and Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection inComputer Network
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S Saravanakumar, D Umamaheshwari ,IJCSNS, 2010 ,
Abstract The current network is complicated due to the high throughput and the multi-
uniformity of actions. An intrusion detection system is a critical component for secure
information management. Network Intrusion Detection Systems, which are part of the 

A Novel Intrusion Detection System for a Local Computer Network
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A Tokhtabayev, A Altaibek, V Skormin  Computer Network , 2007 ,Springer
Local computer networks at major universities are routinely plagued by self-replicating
malicious software. Due to the intensive exchange of data and information within the
network, when modern viruses, worms and malicious software are introduced they 

 Designing deception operations for computer network defense
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J Yuill, F Feer ,Proceedings of the DoD Cyber Crime , 2005 ,
Abstract: Deception is an appealing means for computer network defense (CND), as it pits
the defender’s strengths against the hacker’s weaknesses. Hackers rely heavily, if not
exclusively, on a single source of information—network data. The data is easily 

 A Comparative Analysis of Two Approaches of Computer Network Intrusion Detection
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N Black ,cognita ,
With many different types of intrusion detection systems (IDSs) on the market, each with its
own approach to handling attacks on computer networks, the necessity to understand which
one provides the best defense for an organization becomes critical. Without a good 

 Literacy network: Using computer network technology to support deaf students’ meaning making in science
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B Moeller ,1994 ,
Deaf children often have extreme difficulty with written language. In fact, the acquisition of
written language may be the most difficult problem a deaf child faces (Strong, 1988). Studies
examining the reading and writing abilities of deaf students indicate that, on the average,