raspberry pi-2020

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries

Real-time and low-cost IoT based farming using raspberry Pi
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This paper reflects on the implementation of IoT enabled Farming, especially for the people needed a smart way of agriculture. This research focuses on real-time observation with efficient use of cheapest security system. The features of this research including i) Sensor

Technical and Economic Efficiency of Irrigation Water Use for the Farms of Blueberry and Raspberry in the Loukkos Area in Morocco
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Water scarcity is a major constraint at national level, under the combined effects of irregular rainfall, the countrys growing needs to respond to demographic pressure and the call of competing economic sectors (agriculture, industry, drinking water, tourism, etc.). This

AgroWeeder: Self-Driving Power-Weeder based on Raspberry Pi
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AgroWeeder using the Raspberry -Pi. The pi-camera module along with an ultrasonic sensor is used to provide necessary data from the real world to the AgroWeeder which would then pass the data on to the raspberry -pi. The Agroweeder is capable of removing the weeds

Surveillance Robot with Face Recognition using Raspberry Pi
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International border security has become a very challenging task for any country. It is not always possible for border security forces to monitor long borders round the clock and in all seasons. Deployment of technology in the form a robot for intruder detection at the border

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In this project, we are presenting a proposed system for IoT Based Wireless multifunctional robot for military application with Raspberry pi 3 using MQTT protocol and it is done by integrating the help of various sensors, Cameras and actuators into web application using


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