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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY At the heart of a Motor Management Reliability Programme (MMRP) is the use of cost effective Condition Monitoring. This is the process of monitoring motors in order to detect conditions that may lead to a failure, and to predict when such a

Adaptive regenerative braking for electric vehicles with an electric motor at the front axle using the state dependent Riccati equation control technique
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Abstract:-In this paper a novel adaptive regenerative braking control concept for electric vehicles with an electric motor at the front axle is presented. It is well known that the phased type regenerative braking systems of category B maximize the amount of

Electric Multi-Motor Drives with Improved Induction Machine for Agricultural Wide-Span Implement Carrier (WSIC)
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Abstract. Agricultural wide-span implement carriers (WSIC) are machines specially adapted to the controlled-traffic farming field management system. The agricultural WSIC requires many main and auxiliary drives that can be controlled separately. Electric drives are highly

Electric Motor Thermal Management RD
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Page 1. NREL is a national laboratory of the US Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC. Electric Motor Thermal Management RD Kevin Bennion Organization: NREL

Optimization of 6S-14P E-Core Hybrid Excitation Flux Switching Motor for Hybrid ElectricVehicle
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Abstract. Research on hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combined battery based electric motor and conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) have been intensively increased since the last decade due to their promising solution that can reduce global warming.

Powertrain Matching and Optimization of Dual-Motor Hybrid Driving System for ElectricVehicle Based on Quantum Genetic Intelligent Algorithm
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In order to increase the driving range and improve the overall performance of all-electric vehicles, a new dual-motor hybrid driving system with two power sources was proposed. This system achieved torque-speed coupling between the two power sources and greatly
Electric motors are one of the most common electrical components. The design phase is the most important stage in which 'green'customised solutions can be ideated, evaluated and optimised. Different aspects have to be concurrently addressed to achieve a high quality

A New Sliding Mode Speed Observer of Electric Motor Drive Based on Fuzzy-Logic
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Abstract: In this paper, the speed of the induction machine is controlled by a variable structure controller. To eliminate speed sensor we use a sliding mode observer based on fuzzy logic FSMSO. The control algorithm and observation is emphasized by simulation

Design of Conventional Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor used in Electric Vehicle
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Abstract: Conventional permanent magnet synchronous motors are popularly used in electric vehicle application. This study addresses the theoretical design of a conventional permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) for electric vehicles. The study applies to

The Development of Induction Motor Characteristic by Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Learning Method for Electric Vehicle Application
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ABSTRACT There is a growing interest in electric vehicles due to environmental concerns. Recent efforts are directed toward developing an improved propulsion system for electric vehicles applications. This paper is aimed at developing the system modeling of induction

Design of an adaptive sliding mode controller for robust yaw stabilisation of in–wheel–motor–drivenelectric vehicles
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A robust yaw stability control system is designed to stabilise the vehicle yaw motion. Vehicles undergo changes in parameters and disturbances with respect to the wide range of driving conditions, eg, tyre–road conditions. Therefore, a robust control design technique

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This paper presents a novel chassis structure for advanced mobility platforms, using caster wheels with disturbance observers, and independent driving motors. The system consists of two independent driving wheels and two caster wheels. The proposed configuration

Investigation of the Electric Vehicle Motor Constant Power Characteristics
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1School of Automotive Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai,China,201620 (corresponding author),, Keywords: traction motor, permanent
We conducted a randomized, cross-over trial to investigate the feasibility, safety, and motor effects of brain stimulation with radio electric asymmetric conveyer (REAC) technique in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Neuropostural optimization (NPO) and sham
A rotor slot shape of induction motor for electric vehicle is optimized by FEM with the numerical techniques. To optimize the rotor slot shape, two objective function and 3 variables are defined, and the optimization algorithm is developed. To verify the program,

Coupled Electromagnetic, Thermal, and Air-flow Analysis of Electric Machines Using Maxwell and Motor-CAD
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Maxwell 2D by ANSYS–EM computational engine Motor-CAD by Motor Design Ltd.– Thermal and flow analysis (ANSYS and Motor Design announced their partnership http://powerelectronics. com/webinar/virtual-prototyping-electric-machines) Matlab–

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ABSTRACT Interfacing of power electronics is the key concept for clean electrical vehicle technology. In this paper a new integrated power electronics interface (IPEI) with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is proposed to improve the performance of vehicle, to manage the
Vehicle state parameters are essential for active safety stability control and very valuable in chassis design evaluation. In this paper, a method for vehicle state parameters estimation is developed for in–wheel motor (IWM) electric vehicle (EV). The observer is based on
A practical method to construct a high–frequency equivalent circuit model for AC motor of delta connection is present in this paper. The modelling is based on measured data of the motor–port impedance test and vector fitting technique. The procedure of the modelling is

Influence of driving cycles on traction motor design optimizations for electric vehicles
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Abstract This paper assesses the influence of the representative driving cycles, such as New European Drive cycle (NEDC), Artemis Urban Drive Cycle (Artemis), on the motor design optimizations for a distributed electric vehicle traction system. The optimization is carried

Trapezoidal control of a coiled synchronous motor optimizing electric vehicle consumption
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Abstract: In this paper, we present a systemic trapezoidal control methodology of a coiled rotor axial flux synchronous motor dedicated to electric traction, taking into account of several constraints such as the speed limit, the energy saving, the cost of the power chain

Design and optimization of axial flux brushless DC motor dedicated to electric traction
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Abstract: In this paper, we present an analytic model of the whole motor converter taking in account of several systemic and physical constraints. Being couple to a model of the losses of the power chain and to a model of the mass of the motor, this analytic model puts a

Systemic design and modelling of a coiled rotor synchronous motor dedicated to electrictraction
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Abstract: In this paper, we present a methodology of design and modeling of the controlling parameters of synchronous motor with wound rotor, based on the analytical method. This methodology ensures a wide operating speed range of electric vehicles. It takes into

Low Cost Design Study of Brushless DC Motor for Electric Water Pump Application
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Abstract–We studied about the rotor design change using a Ferrite ring magnet to reduce material cost in the condition of the same stator core design. However, this design direction has many weak points such as the decrease of BEMF, the low maximum output, the

Design of Switched Reluctance Motor For Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) System
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Abstract: In this paper, switched reluctance motors (SRM) are proposed as an alternative for electric power assisted steering (EPAS) applications. The new 42 V power voltage system is a very attractive design for a steering electric motor, both from a cost and size perspective.

Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Used in Electric Vehicle.
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Abstract For dynamic mathematical model of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) applied in electric vehicles, to reduce the ripple of the speed of electric vehicles in the driving process and to improve anti-interference and fast tracking ability, control strategy

Proposal of a Range Extension Control System with Arbitrary Steering for In-Wheel Motor Electric Vehicle with Four Wheel Steering
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Abstract:In this paper, a range extension control system with vehicle dynamics control is proposed. Front and rear active steering and torque difference between left and right in- wheel motors enable yaw rate and side-slip angle control with higher energy efficiency.

Design Optimization of Single-Phase Outer-Rotor 8S-8P Hybrid Excitation Flux SwitchingMotor for Electric Vehicle
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Abstract. Nowadays, in-wheel motors applied in pure electric vehicles (EVs) propulsion systems have attracted great attention in advance research and development. In-wheel direct drive provides quick torque response, higher efficiency, weight reduction, and

The Control of Switched Reluctance Motor in Electric Vehicle
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Abstract: The control of SRM was discussed: current chopping control, angle position control. This paper presents an inverter circuit and a fuzzy sliding mode control method to minimize the torque fluctuation and noise of the SRM. Based on the experimental results,

Study of Dynamic Simulation on Driving System and Modeling Motor for Electric Drive Application of Armored Vehicles
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Establish an IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor mathematic model based on saturated inductance parameters. This model aimed at the traction motor of electric drive system of a certain armored vehicle. Driving control system was established on SIMULINK platform,

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Abstract: This paper presents the progress from the field of integrated automation and safety systems that assure a well functioning of manufacturing equipments. Nowadays, many devices have sensors that monitor operational parameters. This advancement was made

Inertia Parameters Identification of Motor Assembly for Electric Vehicles Based on Modal Test Method
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Page 1. Inertia Parameters Identification of Motor Assembly for Electric Vehicles Based on Modal Test Method Inertia Parameters Identification of Motor Assembly for Electric Vehicles

Research on Torque Control of Brushless DC Motor for Electric Vehicle
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Investigation on the diagnosis of simple and combines mechanical faults in asynchronousmotor based electric drives
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ABSTRACT In this study, the problems of mechanical unbalance, parallel and angular misalignments and their combinations are analyzed experimentally. Such frequent defects in the drives mainly in the major powers are also responsible for the bearings degradation.

Analysis of Higher Harmonic Components Influence on the Electric Circuit at Induction MotorFunctioning Equipped with Adjustable-Frequency Electric Drive
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Comparison of the Effects of Propofol and Sevoflurane Combined With Remifentanil on Transcranial Electric Motor-evoked and Somatosensory-evoked Potential
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Background: We compared the effect of propofol and sevoflurane combined with remifentanil under comparable bispectral index (BIS) levels on transcranial electric motor- evoked potentials (TceMEPs) and somatosensory-evoked potentials (SSEPs) during

Reduced 48V AC Motor for Safe Electric Vehicle
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Abstract: This paper presents the implementation of a proposed reduced 48V AC motor for safe electric vehicle, avoiding the high voltage human risks, expensive and complex requirements of the higher voltage insulation and power electronic devices. A

Research and Development of Trial Instrumentation for Electric Propulsion Motor Drives
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World population already exceeds seven billion people and the number of vehicles in operation has surpassed one billion units. According to OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) statistics, more than 87 million vehicles were produced in

motor temperature change

Modelling of hybrid electric vehicles in Modelica for virtual prototyping
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In this case, the vehicle manages to follow the desired speed almost exactly. Figure 7 shows how State Of Charge (SOC) in the buffer and motor temperature change during the driving cycle. It can be seen that the SOC increases at braking and decreases at acceleration.

An Influence of Operating Medium Temperature Change on Characteristics of ElectricMotor for Borehole Investigating Devices
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A borehole investigating device is used for geophysical investigations of the Earth Crust or sea ground and prospecting works for oil, gas, ores, etc. The borehole depth reaches up to 10000 m or more and the induction motor is supplied through the long geophysical cable