free research papers-VLSI-ASIC

ASIC and FPGA implementations of H. 264 DCT and quantization blocks Impact of interconnect pattern density information on a 90nm technology ASIC design flow The coincidence matrix ASIC of the level-1 muon barrel trigger of the ATLAS experiment A flexible multi-channel high-resolution time-to-digital converter ASIC Leakage power estimation for deep submicron circuits in an ASIC design environment Architectures for ASIC implementations of low-density parity-check convolutional encoders and decoders ASIC implementation of a MIMO-OFDM transceiver for 192 Mbps WLANs Yield enhancement of programmable ASIC arrays by reconfiguration of circuit placements Receiver ASIC for timing, trigger and control distribution in LHC experiments Performance of a low noise front-end ASIC for Si/CdTe detectors in Compton gamma-ray telescope Secure contactless smartcard ASIC with DPA protection Selectively Patterned Masks: Structured ASIC with Asymptotically ASIC Performance AN ASIC IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TWO-DIMENSIONAL DISCRETE COSINE TRANSFORM Design and Implementation of a Parallel Turbo-Decoder ASIC for 3GPP-LTE Capacitor-couple ESD protection circuit for deep-submicron low-voltage CMOS ASIC

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