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3d-virtual-viewer-on mobile-device-for-wireless-sensor-network-based-rssi-indoor tracking-system

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secure-localization-using-elliptic-curve cryptography-in-wireless-sensor-networks

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building-intrusion-detection-with-a wireless-sensor-network

enhancing-the-security-of-wireless-sensor-network-based home-automation-systems

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wireless sensor networks soil monitoring

Application of wireless sensor networks with GIS on the soil moisture distribution mapping
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ABSTRACT The development of microelectronics began in 1948 and continued with the miniaturisation of sensors during the last ten years. Today, microsystems which are used in silicon micro technology are called micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS). 

Coupling Wireless Sensor Networks and Autonomous Software for Integrated Soil Moisture Monitoring
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Water shortage is a global problem that has severe implications on economic growth and societal well-being, even in the most developed countries. As more than two-thirds of freshwater consumed worldwide are used for irrigation, large quantities of freshwater can 

Wireless soil moisture sensor networks for precision irrigation scheduling
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Abstract Advanced nutrient management aims to optimise plant nutrient use and minimise deleterious environmental effects. Precision irrigation tools tackle this issue by controlling soil moisture status related to irrigation events, minimising drainage and run-off events, 

An Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks for Soil Property Monitoring
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ABSTRACT An advanced stand-alone wireless embedded network has been developed recently for monitoring of soil property at multiple depths and different soil water contents. Wireless Underground Sensor Networks (WUSN) consists of wireless devices that operate 

moisture sensor used in irrigation system

Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using a distributed wireless sensor network
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Innovative, automatic, low-cost reading of Watermark soil moisture sensors, in Proc  a wireless sensor-based irrigation system using an integrated wireless sensor network for  He has made major contributions to the areas of crop-specific water management 

Wireless sensors in agriculture and food industry-Recent development and future perspective
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Field tests showed 30–60% saving in water usage.  Heimerdingerdesigned a wireless probe system (WPS) to monitor moisture content of wood during the  Local wireless sensor networks can be overlaid with a wireless LAN to accomplish various farming operations in a 

A real-time wireless smart sensor array for scheduling irrigation
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 Our goal is to make irrigation dynamic and responsive to real-time plant water needs  The smart sensor array design allows for a high population of nodes within a field because  The cost of the node is primarily a function of the number of Watermarksoil moisture sensors used. 

An autonomous controller for site-specific management of fixed irrigation systems
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 Soil moisture determinations and irrigation decisions occur at fixed regular intervals set by the user.  was drilled at the bottom of each container for the collection of drainage water if over irrigation  in one of the containers at the same depth as the Watermark  sensor was used to 

A wireless application of drip irrigation automation supported by soil moisture sensors
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This application of sensor-based site- Specific irrigation has some advantages such as preventing moisture stress of trees, diminishing of excessive water usage, ensuring of rapid growing weeds and derogating salification. 

Wireless sensor network deployment for water use efficiency in irrigation
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The developed sensor pods are cost effective, easy to deploy and work in a harsh environment.  this project is to develop an ideal irrigation regime using real time soil moisture data feeding  This project is jointly funded by the CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and the 

A low-cost microcontroller-based system to monitor crop temperature and water status
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 This information collected using the microcontroller based system will help monitor water deficit stress  A measurement system was designed for monitoring soil moisture, and soil-, air-, and  Circuit boards and sensor assemblies were constructed and deployed to evaluate their 

Computer controlled irrigation and environment management system
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 in the water line cause by flow in the water line; d) device for sending a signal from the sensors to the  1 is a schematic drawing of the preferred embodiment of the Water Management Control system of the present invention.  2C is a view of the flow sensor in the venturi tube. 

request paper design of modified adaptive huffman data compression algorithm for wireless sensor network

Design of modified adaptive Huffman data compression algorithm for wireless sensor network
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Abstract: Problem statement: Efficient utilization of energy has been a core area of research in wireless sensor networks. Sensor nodes deployed in a network are battery operated. As batteries cannot be recharged frequently in the field setting, energy optimization becomes

Tree based clustering in wireless sensor network

A survey on clustering algorithms for wireless sensor networks
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cluster creation phase, keeping cluster information is crucial for clusters while maintaining BFS tree is unimportantreach to a node within a preset time interval t that is calculated based on the In the second stage, the process is extended to allow multi-level clustering, ie building

An efficient clustering-based heuristic for data gathering and aggregation in sensor networks
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are selected in each level of the hierarchy, naturally defines an aggregation tree, for eachin the schedule, ie the average of its depths in each of the aggregation trees in SWe also presented an efficient clustering–based heuristics to solve the maximum lifetime data aggregation

target tracking in wireless sensor networks
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comprehensively. Not until recently have two clustering-based approaches for target tracking been proposedproposed to target. As

Wireless sensor networks: a networking perspective
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TDMA Based Broadcast Multicasting MechanismsTree-Based Multicasting MechanismsMax–Min D-Clustering AlgorithmMobility-BasedClustering Algorithm Node Clustering Algorithms for WirelessSensorNetworks

Power efficient data gathering and aggregation in wireless sensor networks
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work, we present PEDAP and PEDAP-PA, two power efficient data gathering and aggregation protocols based on minimum spanning tree routing scheme.RG Gallager, PA Humblet, and PM Spira, A distributed algorithm for minimum-weight spanning trees, ACM Transactions

In-network aggregation techniques for wireless sensor networks: a survey
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Recently, tree-based schemes for real-time or time-constrained applications have also been proposed. Finally, a last approach based on aggregation trees relies on the construction of connected dominating sets.

Node clustering in wireless sensor networks: recent developments and deployment challenges
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A distributed protocol was also proposed in [10] for constructing the spanning tree.Currently, applications set this rotation frequency heuristically, based on some intuitive factors such as the expected battery lifetime and the Distributed Clustering Algorithm for

An adaptive energy-efficient and low-latency MAC for data gathering in wireless sensor networks
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active/sleep schedule of the nodes in the data gathering tree according to its depth in the tree. that DMAC achieves both energy savings and low latency when used with data gathering trees in wireless In our future work, we aim to implement this MAC on a Mote-based sensor We can allocate orthogonal resources to clusters reducing collision between clusters and reuse HEED: a hybrid, energy-efficient, distributed clustering approach forwe defined the various requirements, and finally proposed the cluster tree based multi-hop

Wireless sensor networks: a survey
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with each other to perform distributed sensing and overcome obstacles, such as trees and rocks the line of bearing of the vehicle is determined locally within the clusters and thenThe analog signals produced by the sensors based on the observed phenomenon are converted to

A survey on routing protocols for wireless sensor networks
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to do in-network data aggregation, which is modeled as a minimum Steiner tree problem [23]. Low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH)is one of the most popular hierarchical routingThe idea is to form clusters of the sensor nodes based on the received signal

A time division beacon scheduling mechanism for IEEE 802.15. 4/ZigBee cluster-tree wireless sensor networks
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several coordinators generating periodic beacon frames and organized in a cluster-tree topology, howIn Reference [10], the authors proposed LEACH, a clustering-based protocol using aFirst, concerning clustering in Zigbee networks, coordinators (or cluster-heads) are fixed works, we have developed LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), a clustering-based protocol thatthe communication between two physically close nodes (eg, a building, a tree, etc.) suchUsing a static clustering algorithm, as soon as the cluster-head node

An energy-efficient unequal clustering mechanism for wireless sensor networks
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sensor has data for the interest, it sends the data along the aggregation tree to theA node can compute the approximate distance to another node based on the received signalProposed clustering algorithms usually produce clusters of even size, thus the cluster heads tend to Abstract:Wireless sensor networks are widely used for gathering data in an autonomous fashion. Since sensors are power constrained devices, it is quite important for them to minimize the energy consumption. In this paper we propose a novel tree-based clustering

An unequal cluster-based routing protocol in wireless sensor networks
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distributed cluster head competitive algorithm, where the cluster head selection is primarily based on theA cluster head receives data packets from tree descendants and sends them with the cluster's It begins with a clustering phase when cluster heads are selected and the intra

Pda: Privacy-preserving data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
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The first scheme – Cluster-based Private Data Aggregation (CPDA)leverages clustering protocol andwe present two privacy-preserving data aggregation schemes called Cluster-based Private Dataeach cluster will be further aggregated (along an aggregation tree) on their Tracking protocols Tree-basedCluster- based Prediction- based Mobicast message-based Scheduling Query Aggregation Dynamic Clustering for targettarget Localization Based on Energy

Wireless sensor network: a review on data aggregation
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phase. Figure 3 Tree based data aggregation in wireless sensor network A schedule can be thought of as a collection of aggregation trees. In [4], they proposed heuristic-greedy clustering-based MLDA based on MLDA algorithm. In

Modeling and worst-case dimensioning of cluster-tree wireless sensor networks
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In [9], the authors have defined the concept of real-time capacity of wirelessnetworks as the3.1 Network Calculus Fundamentals Network Calculus is a mathematical tool based on min-plus andwhere maxDepth = 3, Nrouter = 2 and Nchild = 3. Note that a cluster-tree WSN may

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ABSTRACT Clustering of nodes in wireless sensor networks conserve energy by avoiding long distance communication of nodes. A cluster head is a node that performs a list of tasks and consumes much higher energy as compared to other nodes in the cluster. Rotating

Cluster-tree based data gathering in wireless sensor network
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Abstract:WSN consisting of a large number of small sensors with low-power transceivers can be an effective tool for gathering data in a variety of environments. As sensor nodes are deployed in sensing field, they can help people to monitor and aggregate data.

Time slot assignment scheme for cluster-tree based wireless sensor network
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Abstract Many efforts have been made to develop time division multiple access (TDMA) slots allocation in a multi-hop converge-cast wireless sensor network (WSN), however, most of them either use complex algorithm or concern frames only without simultaneous