fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 13

 Cascade Position Control of Linear Reluctance Motor Fed by SVPWM VSI with Fuzzy LogicController
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KMAH Rabee’Hashim, THA Hairik ,asian-transactions.org
(LRM) is presented in this paper. The cascade position control with fuzzy logic controller is
used to track the position of LRM fed by space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM)
inverter. The simulation results gained using Matlab/Simulink software show that the 

 Fuzzy Logic to Model the Free Convection Heat Transfer from Horizontal Isothermal Cylinders Arranged in Vertical and Inclined Arrays
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E Rezaei, A Karami, T Yousefi, M Aghakhani ,ijmo.org
Abstract—This paper highlights the application of fuzzy logic to predict the free convection
heat transfer from horizontal isothermal cylinders arranged in vertical and inclined arrays.
Experiments included cylinder spacing (center-to-center) varying from 2 to 5 times the 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Constant Power Control of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
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L FAN, Y LIU ,methods ,red.pe.org.pl
Abstract. Proton exchange membrane fuel cells have been receiving more and more
attention these recent years. Maintaining a fuel cell system in correct operating conditions
requires good system control. The mathematical model of proton exchange membrane 

 Optimum Fuzzy Logic Controller Apply to Induction Motor Control
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Abstract:-This work deals with the design of an optimized Fuzzy Logic Controller using
genetic algorithm for the speed of an induction controlled motor by a variable frequency
converter. For this reason a mathematically structured genetic-fuzzy algorithm was 

 Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System By Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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PP KUMAR, BK BABU ,ijmer.com
ABSTRACT This paper presents a method of maximum power point tracking, MPPT using
adaptive fuzzy logic control for grid connected photovoltaic system. The system composed of
photovoltaic module, boost converter and the fuzzy logic controller. The maximum power 

Fuzzy Logic Ranking for Personalized Geographic Information Retrieval
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This work describes a novel fuzzy logic system designed to meet the real world demand of
providing intelligent ranking to large repositories of documents previously encoded with non-
fuzzy (crisp) metadata. The fuzzy logic prototype was tested in practice to complement the 

 Control Application Using Fuzzy Logic: Design of a Fuzzy Temperature Controller
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RM Aguilar, V Muñoz, Y Callero ,cdn.intechopen.com
The reason for using fuzzy logic in control applications stems from the idea of modeling
uncertainties in the knowledge of a system’s behavior through fuzzy sets and rules that are
vaguely or ambiguously specified. By defining a system’s variables as linguistic variables 

 Efficient load Balancing in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic
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S Sethi, A Sahu, SK Jena
ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is an expanding area in research and industry today, which
involves virtualization, distributed computing, internet, software and web services. A cloud
consists of several elements such as clients, data centers and distributed servers, internet 

 Comments on Fuzzy Logic and Higher-Order Vagueness by Nicholas JJ Smith
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F PAOLI  logic.at
This interesting and well-written paper is an attempt to provide a solution to the longstanding
problem of higher-order vagueness, or artificial precision, which has so far undermined the
plausibility of the fuzzy perspective on vagueness. After reviewing other approaches to the 

 Multi Attribute Decisi ulti Attribute Decisi ulti Attribute Decision Making Based on Fuzzy on Making Based on Fuzzy Logic a Logic and Its Application in Supplier
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S Mukherjee, S Kar ,journal.oscm-forum.org
ABSTRACT It is a complex situation when a decision is to be made under uncertainty. The
uncertain information has been treated mathematically in the literature from different angles.
This paper presents a novel method towards this problem based on fuzzy sets. The 

 Minimizing the loss of energy in Transmission Systems with Capacitor Placement Using an Immune Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic
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P Arsalani, M Seddighizadeh ,hsiran.com
Abstract-One of the solution to optimal transmission of energy, is using the way that give
minimum of energy loss. In this paper, The deviation of bus voltage from its nominal value
together with loss of energy in a power system are to be minimized by injection of some 

 Efficacy of Different Rule Based Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Induction Motor Drive
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B Kumar, YK Chauhan, V Shrivastava ,ijmlc.org
Abstract—Performance of an electric drive is paramount for crucial motion applications and
greatly influenced by the controller capabilities. Vector control technique is normally applied
with the induction motor drive for high performance applications. For such applications 

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G Karthikeyan, S Ramya, S Chandrasekar ,system ,ijesat.com
Abstract The load-frequency control (LFC) is used to restore the balance between load and
generation in each control area by means of speed control. The objective of LFC is to
minimize the transient deviations and steady state error to zero in advance. This paper 

 Classification of Microarray Gene Expression Data by Gene Combinations using Fuzzy Logic(MGC-FL)
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VB Vanitha
Feature selection has attracted a huge amount of interest in both research and application
communities of data mining. Among the large amount of genes presented in gene
expression data, only a small fraction of them is effective for performing a certain 

 Optimization of Power In Cellular Networks using Fuzzy Logic
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P Lala, P Kaur ,ijitcs.com
Abstract: Power consumption at base stations in cellular networks has become an important
issue as the increasing emissions at the base station sites have an adverse effect on the
environment. In this regard dynamic deployment of cell sizes is believed to reduce the 

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R Prakash, R Anita ,ijicic.org
Abstract. The aim of this paper is to design a Fuzzy Logic Controller-based Model Reference
Adaptive Controller. It consists of Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) along with a conventional
Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) scheme. The idea is to control the plant by 

 Classification of epileptiform activity in the human electroencephalogram-based Wavelet Transforms and Fuzzy logic
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SJ Husain, KS Rao
Abstract—Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which is identified by successive
unexpected seizures. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is the electrical signal of brain which
contains valuable information about its normal or epileptic activity. In this work EEG and its 

 Scale Invariant Texture Classification using Fuzzy Logic
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SM Mukane, SR Gengaje, DS Bormane
Abstract-In this paper, scale invariant texture classification method based on Fuzzy logic is
developed. It is applied for the classification of texture images. Two types of texture features
are extracted one using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and other using Gray Level Co 

 Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme with Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Approach
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N Ramamurthy, S Varadarajan ,ijetae.com
Abstract—The copyright protection of digital content became a critical issue nowadays.
Digital image watermarking is one of the techniques used to protect digital content. In this
paper two novel approaches are compared to embed watermark into the host image using 

 Fuzzy Logic Controller for PMSM
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B Shikkewal, V Nandanwar
Abstract-Dual motor drives designs are attractive for high power application because of their
mechanical simplicity, traction and regenerative braking control on low friction surfaces.
However, such configurations normally require two power inverters with coordinated 

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R Shashi, L Neelam, C Nidhi, N Richa, P Ramesh ,euroasiapub.org
ABSTRACT In this paper, an approach for fault classification of transmission line faults using
fuzzy logic has been presented. This method is able to identify the single line to ground
faults that may occur in a transmission line under different fault resistances, inception 

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M ARIA ,TEKNIK ELEKTRO ,jurnal.unikom.ac.id
The elevator group control systems are the control systems that manage systematically two
or more elevators in order to efficiently transport the passengers. In the elevator group
control system, the area-weight which determines the load biases of elevators is a control 

 Fuzzy Logic Trajectory Tracking Controller for a Tanker
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DURM PATHAN, MALI UNAR, ZALI MEMON ,publications.muet.edu.pk
ABSTRACT This paper proposes a fuzzy logic controller for design of autopilot of a ship.
Triangular membership functions have been use for fuzzification and the centroid method for
defuzzification. A nonlinear mathematical model of an oil tanker has been considered 

 An Efficient Fuzzy Logic Based Edge Detection Algorithm for
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GS Image ,ijetae.com
Abstract—Various Edge detection algorithm has been proposed in the literature for
extracting the edges from the image. After emerging the fuzzy logic concept, a lot of
Researcher of image processing shifted their attention towards the fuzzy logic concept 

 Real Time Traffic Light Control System Using Morphological Edge Detection and Fuzzy Logic
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M Arora, VK Banga
Abstract-Traffic is the major problem which every country faces because of the increase in
number of vehicles throughout the world, particularly in large urban areas. Therefore the
need arises for simulating and optimizing traffic control algorithms to better accommodate 

 Retrieving approximately concrete image from the Blurred image using Fuzzy Logic
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S Garg, S Aggarwal, V Pahal ,estij.org
Abstract—Impulse noise is caused by errors in the data transmission generated in noisy
sensors or communication channels, or by errors during the data capture from digital
cameras. Noise is usually quantified by the percentage of pixels which are corrupted. 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Window Operation of DSTATCOM for an Autonomous Asynchronous Generator
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Abstract: Large inductive loads require larger rating of DSTATCOM to generate the required
reactive power of the load. Larger the rating of the DSTATCOM higher is the cost. Most
distribution system has a base reactive power requirement. The reactive power demand at 

 Estimating Trust Value for Cloud Service Providers using Fuzzy Logic
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GK Patra
ABSTRACT Cloud computing has garnered popular support in a relatively short span of
time. It is a new method of delivering the distributed resources over internet. It reduces
capital expenditure as well as operational expenditure. The number of cloud service