fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 2

 Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Lateral Dynamics Control of Aircraft by Considering the Cross-Coupling Effect of Yaw and Roll on Each Other
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VG Nair, MV Dileep ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper, we explore fuzzy logic approach for lateral control of aircrafts.
Here the effect of roll on yaw and that of yaw on roll is taken into account. The dynamic
modeling of lateral control system that controls the lateral dynamics of an aircraft. is 

 Classification of the severity of diabetic neuropathy: a new approach taking uncertainties into account using fuzzy logic
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AP Picon, NRS Ortega, R Watari, C Sartor, ICN Sacco ,Clinics, 2012 ,SciELO Brasil
METHODS: A rule-based fuzzy expert system was designed by four experts in diabetic
neuropathy. The model variables were used to classify neuropathy in diabetic patients, defining
it as mild, moderate, or severe. System performance was evaluated by means of the 

Fuzzy Logic Representation for Student Modelling
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G Goel, S Lallé, V Luengo ,Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2012 ,Springer
Our aim is to develop a Fuzzy Logic based student model which removes the arbitrary
specification of precise numbers and facilitates the modelling at a higher level of abstraction.
Fuzzy Logic involves the use of natural language in the form of If-Then statements to 

 Cluster Based Routing Algorithm Using Dual Staged Fuzzy Logic in Wireless Sensor Networks
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SS Kumara, MN Kumarb, VS Sheebac, KR Kashwand ,2012
Abstract The proposed Dual Fuzzy Logic Cluster Protocol (DFLCP) system has highlighted a
robust, effective routing method in wireless sensor network using fuzzy logic. Due to inherent
issue of power limitation in sensor nodes, enhancing the lifetime of the specified network 

 Fuzzy Logic Control for Web Service Selection
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S Wang, Q Sun, H Zou, F Yang ,Information Technology Journal, 2012
Abstract: This study proposes a fast service selection approach by using fuzzy logic control.
The approach adopts fuzzy logic control to support fast and dynamic service selection and
mixed integer programming to assist users in obtaining most suitable services. 

 Routing Protocol Based on Fuzzy Logic in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
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A Hanifi, T Kazimova ,Journal of American Science, 2012
Abstract: Taxonomic Ad hoc network usages have been investigated in military services,
conferences and transport and et al., environment, network performance is intensively
affected by routing protocols. A variety of routing algorithms has been suggested and their 

 Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Models
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B RieAan ,INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 2012 ,nashaucheba.ru
One of the most important results of mathematics in the 20th century is the Kolmogorov
model of probability and statistics. It gave many impulses for research and develop so in
theoretical area as well as in applications in a large scale of subjects.

 Effects of Type and Dosage of Pigment on the Concrete Compressive Strength and Its Prediction by the Fuzzy Logic
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M Naderi, O Qodousian, HM Dehshali ,JOURNAL OF COLOR SCIENCE AND , 2012
Concrete is one of the most frequently used construction material that is used in civil
engineering industry for two centuries. Production of colored concrete is also has become a
new research topic in recent decades. In the production of the colored concrete, the use of 

 Rule based fuzzy logic (FL) time series prediction
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YZ Jafri, L Kamal, A Waseem, SM Raza ,IJPS, 2012
The singleton and non-singleton type-1 back propagation (BP) designed sixteen rule fuzzy
logic system (FLS) on hourly averaged wind data for the years 1985 to 2004 are studied.
The BP designed 16 rule non-singleton-type-1 FLS was found relatively a better forecaster 

 Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Asthma Severity Using Fuzzy Logic
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Globally Asthma is major public health problem due to its incurable nature and
misdiagnosis. In this research paper our work is concerned with the intelligent diagnosis of
the severity of the Asthma disease. An automated system has been developed using a self 

 Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems Using Fuzzy Logic Control
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Abstract-The operation of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation (FCDG) systems in distribution
systems is introduced by modeling, controller design, and simulation study of a Solid Oxide
Fuel Cell (SOFC) distributed generation (DG) system. The physical model of the fuel cell 

 Unification of Randomized Anomaly in Deception Detection using Fuzzy Logic under Uncertainty
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S Rajkumar, V Narayani, SP Victor ,International Journal Of Research , 2012 ,ijorcs.org
Abstract: In the recent era of computer electronic communication we are currently facing the
critical impact of Deception which plays its vital role in the mode of affecting efficient
information sharing system. Identifying Deception in any mode of communication is a 

 An Approach for Accident Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic Rules: A Case Mining of Lift Truck Accident Forecasting in One of the Iranian Car Manufacturers
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SGRJ Naieni, A Makui, R Ghousi ,International Journal of Industrial , 2012
According to the nature of industrial processes in car manufacturing plants and also high
frequency of utilizing transport facilities, especially various kinds of lift trucks, a considerable
part of working accidents is caused by these vehicles. So, after necessary checks, 

Adaptive fuzzy logic control for time-delayed bilateral teleoperation
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J Zhu, W Gueaieb ,Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, 2012 ,Springer
In recent years, teleoperation has shown great potentials in different fields such as spatial,
mining, under-water, etc. When this technology is required to be bilateral, the time delay
induced by a potentially large physical distance prevents a good performance of the 

 Congestion management technique using fuzzy logic based on security and economy criteria
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G Yesuratnam, N Srilatha, PL Reddy ,Proceedings of the 11th WSEAS , 2012
Abstract:-This paper presents a simplified Fuzzy Logic technique for enhancement of
security of power system considering economics of generators. Alleviation of transmission
line overload is a critical problem in the present day power system operation; hence a 

 Modelling risk perception in ATIS context: a comparison of different Fuzzy Logic-based approaches
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Abstract In this paper travellers’ reactions to Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS)
are analysed. In particular two kinds of information (descriptive and prescriptive) and four
levels of reliability have been tested. A web-based tool has been adopted in order to carry 

 Final Report for DTC with Fuzzy Logic
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R Wendland, T Roberts, A Mackenzie, S Ali, MZ Hou ,2012 ,dtcfuzzy.webuda.com
The aim of this project is to design and implement all the hardware and software required for
a direct torque control (DTC) system on a three phase induction motor being controlled by
the AT32UC3C series microcontroller. On completion of this, the latest fuzzy logic 

 Wind speed modeling and prediction in wind farms using fuzzy logic
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S Javadi, Z Hojjatinia ,Proceedings of the 6th WSEAS international , 2012
Abstract: In this paper, the upcoming wind speed is forecasted using the stochastic
characteristics of wind speed of previous years. The wind speed is estimated in the fuzzy
inference system and simulated with the fuzzy logic. The simulation results illustrate the 

 Possibility Estimation of Generating Internal Waves in the Northwest Pacific Ocean Using theFuzzy Logic Technique
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JX Li, R Zhang, BG Jin, HZ Wang ,Journal of Marine Science and , 2012 ,jmst.ntou.edu.tw
ABSTRACT Possibility estimation of generating internal waves has been recognized as a
difficult problem because of the complex generation mechanisms and insufficient in situ
observation data of internal waves. In this study, a inference model based on the fuzzy

 Unbalanced and Double Line to Ground Fault Detection of Three Phase VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive using Fuzzy Logic Approach
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K Mohanraj, S Makkapati ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Online monitoring of induction motors is becoming increasingly important.
Knowledge based fuzzy logic approach helps in diagnosing the induction motor faults. The
current work presents an effective method for diagnosing the stator side faults such as 

 An Analysis of ECG for Determining Heartbeat Case by Using the Princi-pal Component Analysis and Fuzzy Logic
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YC Yeh ,International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 2012 ,ijfs.org.tw
This study proposes a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Fuzzy Logic to analyze
ECG signals for effective determining heartbeat case. It can accurately classify and
distinguish the difference between normal heartbeats (NORM) and abnormal heartbeats. 

 Evaluation of Using a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) In Closed Loop System to Regulate Blood Glucose for Type-1
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F Allam, Z Nossair, H Gomma, I Ibrahim , Journal of Intelligent , 2012
Abstract—Type-1 diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood-glucose level. Using a
fully automated closed loop control system improves the quality of life for type1 diabetic
patients. In this paper, a scalable closed loop blood glucose regulation system which is 

 Dynamic Fuzzy Logic Model for Risk Assessment of Marine Crude Oil Transportation
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Y Li, H Hu ,Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting, 2012 ,docs.trb.org
As a scarce strategic resource, crude oil is closely intertwined with national 2 strategies,
global policies, international relationships and national competence. 3 Unbalanced demand
and production of crude oil leads to the huge amounts of import 4 and export activities. 

 Fuzzy Logic based Risk model for SMS Threats in 3G Systems
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MM Islam, VK Verma ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Risk Analysis is a key component on the path to developing a risk model for a
system. Risk Analysis enables the user to balance security against cost by understanding
specific risks to the system as a whole from threats to the availability, integrity and 

 Analysis of Quality of the Design of the Object Oriented Software using Fuzzy Logic
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J Mago, P Kaur , on Recent Advances and Future Trends in , 2012
ABSTRACT Many of the software fail due to poor quality. Estimating software quality is an
important task in the software development. The development of large software system is a
time consuming and resource consuming activity. Software metrics are necessary to 

 Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking
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A Al Nabulsi, R Dhaouadi , on Renewable Energies and Power Quality. , 2012 ,icrepq.com
Abstract. This paper presents a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based technique to design an
adaptive perturb and observe (P&O) maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller. The
objective is to improve the efficiency of a standalone solar energy system consisting of a 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Water Bath Temperature Control System
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Abstract—Since last two decade a substantial amount of research has reported in the field of
control of non-linear dynamical system using fuzzy logic [1]. The work presents in this paper
water bath temperature control system which is most widely used process in the process