fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 3

An Energy Efficient Approach for Clustering in WSN using Fuzzy Logic
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AK Singh, N Purohit, S Goutele ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Lifetime augmentation has always been an interesting subject of vital
significance in wireless sensor networks. Excess extent of energy is dissipated during data
transmission to the base station (sink) from normal sensor nodes. Clustering is an 

 A Novel Security Framework Using Trust And Fuzzy Logic In Manet
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V Manoj, M Aaqib, N Raghavendiran, R Vijayan ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT Wireless communication is vital during natural calamities, disasters and military
operation. In the past few decades, security in the military operations is exposed to
vulnerabilities like sniffing the information and modifying the data causing havoc in military 

 Network Threat Ratings in Conventional DREAD Model Using Fuzzy Logic
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AA Singh, KS Singh ,2012
Abstract One of the most popular techniques to deal with ever growing risks associated with
security threats is DREAD model. It is used for rating risk of network threats identified in the
abuser stories. In this model network threats needs to be defined by sharp cutoffs. 

Modeling of the free convection heat transfer from an isothermal horizontal cylinder in a vertical channel via the fuzzy logic
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A Karami, T Yousefi, E Rezaei, A Amiri ,The International Journal of , 2012 ,Multi-Science
In this paper fuzzy logic has been used to model and predict the experimental results of free
convection heat transfer from an isothermal horizontal cylinder confined between two
adiabatic walls. Experiments included vertical position of the cylinder ranging from 0 to 5 

 A Proactive Anti-Phishing Tool Using Fuzzy Logic and RIPPER Data Mining Classification Algorithm
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RJ Ferolin, RTIKR Gait, SUSO Maps, CJG Aliac ,2012
Novel Examination scenarios for U Learning using CharacteristicDiagrams S. Madhavi,
Hye-jin Kim  Prof. Chin-Chen Chang Chair Professor, IEEE and IET Fellows Department of
Information Engineering and Computer Science Feng Chia University

 Predicting self-compacting concrete shrinkage based on a modified fuzzy logic model
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WRL da Silva, P Štemberk ,Engineering Mechanics, 2012 ,engmech.cz
Abstract: The occurrence of shrinkage in concrete leads to development of internal tension
stresses which can result in concrete cracking. The presence of cracks in concrete creates
pathways that ease the access of aggressive agents reducing concrete structure durability 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Intelligent Control of RGB Colour Classification System for Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
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MFA Hassan, Y Yusof, MA Azmi, MN Mazli ,Lecture Notes in Engineering , 2012
Abstract—Fuzzy logic is one of the topic traditionally taught in artificial intelligence course.
Teaching Artificial Intelligence to undergraduate engineering students can be a time
consuming and expensive task. Students receive the necessary mathematical and 

 Feature Extraction for Image Classification and Analysis with Ant Colony Optimization UsingFuzzy Logic Approach
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SR Katteda, CN Raju, ML Bai ,Signal, 2012
ABSTRACT The problem of structure extraction from the image which contains many
clustered objects is a challenging one for high level image analysis. When an image
contains many clustered objects overlapping of objects can cause for hiding the structure. 

 Temperature Prediction in Ambient Atmosphere using Fuzzy Logic for Inland Cities in India
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DA Patel, RA Christian ,International Journal of Engineering, 2012 ,irphouse.com
Abstract Weather prediction is a challenging task for researchers and has drawn lot of
interest in recent years. The prediction of temperature has essential applications in various
fields like climate monitoring, drought detection, severe weather prediction, agriculture, 

Trans-skull ultrasonic Doppler system aided by fuzzy logic
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Y Hata, M Nakamura, N Yagi ,Proceedings of , 2012 ,proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT This paper describes a trans-skull ultrasonic Doppler system for measuring the
blood flow direction in brain under skull. In this system, we use an ultrasonic array probe
with the center frequency of 1.0 MHz. The system determines the fuzzy degree of blood 

 Fuzzy logic predictive algorithm for wireless-LAN fast inter-cell handoff
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Abstract—Data transmission systems based on the IEEE 802.11 standard, universally
known as WiFi wireless communications, is strengthening its already dominant position as
the powerhorse of wireless Internet in homes and public hot spots due to the new IEEE 

 Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling
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SR Nikam, PJ Nikumbh ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012
ABSTRACT Fuzzy logic and fuzzy systems have recently been receiving a lot of attention,
both from the media and scientific community, yet the basic techniques were originally
developed in the mid-sixties. Fuzzy logic provides a formalism for implementing expert or 

 Fuzzy Logic based H-Bridge Nine Level Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems
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FT Josh, J Jerome, J Arulwilson ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract This paper demonstrates the potential of a Single phase Cascaded H-Bridge nine
level inverter governed by the new integrated fuzzy logic controller/modulator to improve the
power quality by reducing the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at the output voltage. 

 Election Results Prediction System based on Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT Election is very popular word in the universe. As per the definition, Election is a
process to select suitable from a group of candidates. But the process and properties may
vary for different sectors. It has different types. Like local election, legislative election, 

 An Application of Fuzzy Logic for Study of Intellectual Capital Role on Q Tobin of Pharmaceutical Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange
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F Niazi, M Ramezani, OI Khoshkhoo, J Ramezani ,2012
ABSTRACT In era of today’s knowledge-based economy, intangible assets of companies
and their intellectual capital are important factor for achieving them to sustainable
competitive advantage. Present study is aimed to determining effects of three variables of 

 Fuzzy logic controller for the maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic system
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G Balasubramanian ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT This paper presents afuzzy logic controller for maximum power point tracking
(MPPT) in photovoltaic system. An easy and accurate method of modeling photovoltaic
arrays is proposed. The model and fuzzy based control strategies are combined to form 

 Measuring and Evaluating Urban Textures Abrasion Amount by Using Fuzzy Logic, Index Overlay, AHP
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MA Shokouhi, P Roshani, A Hassani ,International Journal of , 2012 ,ijastnet.com
Abstract Urban textures abrade as a result of natural factors, human and time factor, and
time factor potentially revels in other factors (natural and humanistic). Combining these three
factors (natural-humanistic-time) in a way that all of them had measured by their especial 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control System Comparative Study
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AD Ghorapade, AD Jadhav ,International Journal of Engineering , 2012
Abstract—This paper presents a compact soft computing fuzzy logic control system for
induction motor scalar speed control. The speed control of induction motor is more important
to achieve maximum torque and efficiency. The control strategy consists of keeping 

 Fuzzy logic for structural system control
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Abstract This paper provides some information and numerical tests that aims to investigate
the use of a Fuzzy Controller applied to control systems. Some advantages are reported
regarding the use of this controller, such as the characteristic ease of implementation due 

 Multi-objective design of fuzzy logic controller in supply chain
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M Ghane, MJ Tarokh ,Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 2012 ,jiei-tsb.com
Abstract Unlike commonly used methods, in this paper, we have introduced a new approach
for designing fuzzy controllers. In this approach, we have simultaneously optimized both
objective functions of a supply chain over a two-dimensional space. Then, we have 

 Comparison of Some Classical PID and Fuzzy Logic Controllers
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EBM Tayeb, AT Ali ,in International Journal of Scientific and Engineering , 2012
Abstract—The proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is tuned to find its parameters
values. Generally most of the tuning methods depend mainly on the experimental approach
of open-loop unit step response. The controller parameters can be found if the system truly 

 An Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller Trained by Particle Swarm Optimization for Line of Sight Stabilization
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S Khatoon, R Singh ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT The design, operation and control of stabilization-tracking systems has been a
challenging task for the scientists and engineers with the present day requirements of
modern aged sophistication of these systems. The conventional control concepts have 

 Auto Pilot for Car using Fuzzy Logic and Laser Scanning Radar Sensor
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P Gaur, B Agrawal, PS Kumar ,IEEE Code of Ethics, 2012 ,ieeebeacon.com
Abstract This paper describes a fuzzy logic based approach to create an auto pilot software
for the car. The car gathers knowledge of its surrounding via the use of LIDAR sensors (Light
Detection and Ranging). The data is then fed to a decision making unit based on fuzzy 

 Combined fuzzy logic and unsymmetric trimmed median filter approach for the removal of high density impulse noise
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T Veerakumar, S Esakkirajan, I Vennila ,WSEAS Transactions on , 2012 ,wseas.org
Abstract:-In this paper, a combined fuzzy logic and unsymmetric trimmed median filter
approach is proposed to remove the high density salt and pepper noise in gray scale and
colour images. This algorithm is a combination of decision based unsymmetrical trimmed 

 A Novel Approach for Heart Disease Diagnosis using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic
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N Bhatla, K Jyoti ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe a variety of heart diseases,
illnesses, and events that impact the heart and circulatory system. A clinician uses several
sources of data and tests to make a diagnostic impression but it is not necessary that all 

 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Sociological Research: An Instance of Potential Payoff
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MF Uddin ,Bangladesh e Bangladesh e-Journal of , 2012 ,bangladeshsociology.org
Abstract: The function of science is to explain reality logically. Present article portrays an
enthusiastic initiative to exemplify sociological research of the ‘grey social world’by using
fuzzy logic. Taking the dilemma between qualitative and quantitative approaches into 

 Torque Ripples Minimization in DTC based Induction Motor Drive using Fuzzy Logic Technique
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S Allirani, V Jagannathan ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT This paper presents the application of fuzzy logic technique to reduce torque
ripples in an induction motor drive employing direct torque control (DTC). The DTC is
characterized by the absence of PI regulators, coordinate transformations, current