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Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive Noise Filter for Real Time Image Processing Applications
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ABSTRACT This paper represents Fuzzy logic based Adaptive Noise filter for real time image processing applications. Initially, the detection is performed usingscan and then taking a mean of four pixels further scanning is performed. Then histogram approach is applied

A Voltage Control Application in Distribution Network by Fuzzy Logic Controller Based AVC Relay
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ABSTRACT Voltage control is a basic requirement for electrical power system at any level whether it is generation, transmission or distribution. To achieve the voltage control OLTC transformer is best option which controls the voltage by AVC relay, which is mostly used in

Performance Comparison Of PID And Fuzzy Logic Controller Using Different Defuzzification Techniques For Positioning Control Of DC Motors
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ABSTRACT In this paper fuzzy logic and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers are compared for controlling the position of direct current (DC) motors. The PID controllers mostly used in industries due to their robust performance in a wide range of operating

On the fundamental differences between interval type-2 and type-1 fuzzy logic controllers
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ABSTRACT Interval type-2 fuzzy logic controllers (IT2 FLCs) have been attracting great research interests recently. Many reported results have shown that IT2 FLCs are better able to handle uncertainties than their type-1 (T1) counterparts. A challenging question is: What

Framework of Semantic Web Service Discovery Based on Fuzzy Logic and Multi-phase Matching?
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ABSTRACT Web service discovery has become increasingly more important as the prevailing use of web service. According to the inadequateness of current discovery methods to deal with the vague information of web service, a framework of semantic web service discovery

Development of an Optimal and Delay Based Routing Algorithm for MANETs using Intelligent Agent Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a delay based routing algorithm for ad hoc wireless networks. In an ad hoc environment there is no wired infrastructure and the mobile hosts work as a router to maintain the status about the connectivity. A mobile ad hoc network is

An Efficient Path loss Prediction mechanism in Wireless Communication Network Using Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT Fuzzy logic have been applied in many process and engineering applications to solve problems. In the case of control systems, where physical mechanisms are not well known due to high complexity and non-linearity, a fuzzy relational model may be useful.

Landslide Suceptibility Zonation using Fuzzy Logic for Kundahpallam Watershed, Nilgris
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ABSTRACT Landslide hazard zonation map has been prepared for the Kundahpallam watershed using fuzzy logic. This watershed is located within Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state and occupies an area of 4,839 hectares. Several landslides were reported earlier in

What is graded fuzzy logic?
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ABSTRACT The note presents a new definition of graded fuzzy logic, different from that of Behounek et al. Some few properties of graded fuzzy logic (in our new sense) are proven. Keywords: graded theories, mathematical fuzzy logic

Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Based Sliding Mode Control of Electronic Throttle
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ABSTRACT An electronic throttle control system regulates the throttle plate angle using a DC servo motor to adjust the inlet airflow rate of an internal combustion engine. In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy logic based sliding mode controller which is aimed to enhance the control

Fuzzy Logic Based Channel Estimation and Performance Analysis of WiMAX Systems
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ABSTRACT Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) provides wireless broadband to fixed and mobile terminals. In this paper, firstly performance evaluation of WiMAX system without channel estimation is carried out. Then a fuzzy logic based

Analysis of tea withering process through fuzzy logic approach
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Determination of the completion of withering process at the right instant bears great significance in black tea manufacturing in so far as the quality of the finished product and cost of production are concerned. Daily harvest of plucked tea leaf whether under or over

Elements of model theory in higher order fuzzy logic
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we turn our attention to model theory of higher-order fuzzy logic (fuzzy type theory). This theory generalizes model theory of predicate logic but has some interesting specificities. We will introduce few basic concepts related to homomorphism,

Belousov-Zhabotinsky Chemical Neuron as a Binary and Fuzzy Logic Processor
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We demonstrate experimentally that the well-known oscillatory Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction can be exploited to process both Boolean and fuzzy logic if the input variables are either the volumes or the phase of addition of pulse-injected solutions of inhibitor (bromide

Intelligent modeling of scheduling robotic flexible assembly cells using fuzzy logic
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ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with scheduling robotic flexible assembly cells (RFACs) using fuzzy logic (FL) technique. A new scheduling rule is developed and evaluated called fuzzy sequencing rule (FSR). A simulation program is used to examine the performance of

Digital Control of Magnetic Levitation System using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with the control aspects of magnetic levitation system using fuzzy logic controller (FLC). The magnetic levitation system is a mechatronic system already acknowledged and accepted by the field experts. For such a system it is desired to

New Environmental Prediction Model Using Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks
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ABSTRACT This work introduces a new prediction model. This prediction model is designed to accomplish its task by only one type of measurements while other prediction models need at least three types of measurements. This feature makes this model less expensive than

Chaotic Time series prediction and Mackey-Glass simulation with fuzzy logic
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The present study was performed with fuzzy logic (FL) time series prediction modeling on a fuzzy logic design was followed and hourly wind data for spring prediction were obtained (

Aircraft Yaw Control System using LQR and Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a comparative assessment of modern and intelligent controllers based on time response specification performance for a yaw control of an aircraft system. The dynamic modeling of yaw control system is performed and an autopilot that

Diagnosis, Modeling and Prognosis of Learning System using Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Decision Vectors
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ABSTRACT In this paper fuzzy Expert Systems are used that are based on fuzzy logic and intelligent decision vectors to handle the quantitative as well as qualitative aspects in measuring the performance of an Educational Institution. The Academic performance of

Efficiency Optimization Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT Because of the low maintenance and robustness induction motors have many applications in the industries. Most of these applications need fast and smart speed control system. This paper introduces a smart speed control system for induction motor using

Training Signalling Pathway Maps to Biochemical Data with Constrained Fuzzy Logic using CNORfuzzy
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This is aa Mathematical models are used to understand protein signalling networks so as to provide an integrative view of pharmacological and toxicological processes at molecular level. CellNOptR is an existing package (available on Bioconductor website) that

Antenna Array Synthesis by Implementing Non–Uniform Spacing Using Tsukamoto Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT The paper is based on the work of the Antenna Array Synthesis by Space Perturbation Using Tsukamoto Fuzzy Logic Controller. Using Tsukamoto fuzzy logic controller it has been tried to get the new antenna array radiation pattern. Here in

Pulmonary Lung Segmentation in Computed Tomography using Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a new segmentation algorithm in which computed tomography (CT) lung image has been considered. Existing segmentation algorithms have contributed new ideas in any one of the stages like elimination of blood vessels, tissues

A Framework for Selecting the Most Reliable Path in a Computer Network using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based on Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT Reliability is one of the most important factors for assessing the performance of the network. Packets should pass through the most reliable path. This paper presents a technique for selecting the most reliable path for communication between node pairs of a

Usability Evaluation of Object Oriented Software System using Fuzzy Logic Approach
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Abstract The growth in demand for interactive software system has increased greatly in recent years. But, most of the developed systems are failing due to not providing suitable interface. User interface is the only way by which user can interact with software system.

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