fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 5

 Fuzzy-Logic Based Probabilistic Broadcasting Technique for Mobile Adhoc Networks
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T Bano, J Singhai ,2012
Abstract Broadcasting also called as flooding is one of the earliest research interests in
mobile ad hoc networking. The main objective of broadcasting scheme is to avoid broadcast
storm problem, provide good network performance and scalability. Existing probabilistic 

 Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level Image Fusion Using Fuzzy Logic
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SR Dammavalam, S Maddala ,International , 2012
ABSTRACT Image fusion is to reduce uncertainty and minimize redundancy in the output
while maximizing relevant information from two or more images of a scene into a single
composite image that is more informative and is more suitable for visual perception or 

 Developing an Intelligent Inventory Control Model, Applying Fuzzy Logic and Association Rule Mining
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HR Rezaei ,Paul Bharath Bhushan Petlu Chaylasy Gnophanxay, 2012 ,worldairco.org
Abstract—The key issue of inventory management is the problem of safety stock control. The
existence of imprecise data makes this control complex. Fuzzy logic (FL) is widely used to
develop expert system, due to its ability in representing imprecise data. Therefore, in this 

How fuzzy is my fuzzy description logic?
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Fuzzy Description Logics (DLs) with t-norm semantics have been studied as a means for
representing and reasoning with vague knowledge. Recent work has shown that even fairly
inexpressive fuzzy DLs become undecidable for a wide variety of t-norms. We 

 Rotation Invariant Texture Classification using Fuzzy Logic
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DS Bormane, SM Mukane ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper, we develop a scale invariant texture classification method based
on Fuzzy logic. It is applied for the classification of texture images. Texture is a common
property of any surface having uncertainty. Two types of texture features are extracted one 

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E METROPOLITANA ,Dyna, 2012 ,scielo.org.co
RESUMEN: Las incertidumbres, las subjetividades y los grandes retos ingenieriles en los
problemas ambientales se trabajan cada vez más con el uso de métodos de cálculo
basados en la Inteligencia Artificial (IA), incluyendo herramientas computarizadas que 

 Fuzzy Logic Modeling Approach for Risk Area Assessment for Hazardous Materials Transportation
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S Namee, B Witchayangkoon, A Karoonsoontawong ,2012

 Application of fuzzy logic into process of decision making regarding selection of managers
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Z Sajfert, M Nikolic, D Djordjevic ,African Journal of , 2012
This paper exemplifies the possibility of applying fuzzy logic into the process of decision
making regarding the selection of executive managers. The decision making process related
to the selection of executive managers has been conceived in such a way that human 

 Digital Simulation of Reduced Rule Fuzzy Logic Power System Stabilizer for Analysis of Power System Stability Enhancement
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VK Tayal, JS Lather ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper a linearized Heffron-Philips model of a Single Machine Infinite Bus
power system with a Fuzzy Logic Power System Stablizer (PSS) is developed. The designed
fuzzy-based PSS adjusts two inputs by appropriately processing of the input angular 

 Interval-valued Fuzzy Description Logic IFALCN
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L HUO, J OUYANG, W SUN, D LIU ,Journal of Computational , 2012
Abstract Classical Description Logics are not suitable to represent interval-valued fuzzy
information which exists in many applications. To represent interval-valued fuzzy
information, this paper proposes an intervalvalued Fuzzy Description Logic, termed as 

 Design of a Simple Fuzzy Logic Control for Food Processing
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ARO Alghannam ,2012 ,cdn.intechopen.com
The main objectives of the food process control are to maintain food safety, quality
assurance, less processing time, and high production at minimum cost (Linko And Linko
(1998). In the food industry, end-products must achieve a compromise between several 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Gray Image Extraction and Segmentation
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Abstract: Image segmentation and subsequent extraction from a noise-affected background,
has all along remained a challenging task in the field of image processing. There are
various methods reported in the literature to this effect. These methods include various 

 Power Factor Correction Based On Fuzzy Logic Controller With Average Current-Mode For DC-DC Boost Converter
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K Periyasamy
ABSTRACT Power Factor Correction (PFC) provides well-known benefits to electric power
systems. These benefits include power factor correction, poor power factor penalty utility bill
reductions, voltage support, release of system capacity, and reduced system losses. The 

 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Aircraft Sensor Fault Diagnosis
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Abstract—Due to the possibility of unexpected situations, the authorities feel the necessity of
keeping certain sub systems or components of aircraft under continuous scrutiny.
Accordingly, sensors in flight control systems are considered as one of the crucial 

 FPGA Implementation of Three-Phase Induction Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic andLogic Based PWM
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RP Dhobale, DM Chandwadkar
Abstract—This paper presents the design and implementation of FPGA based three phase
induction motor speed controller using fuzzy logic and logic based PWM technique. Logic
based pulse width modulation (PWM) generation method is used to vary the speed of 

 Improvement of Handoff Decision in GSM-Railway Using Fuzzy Logic
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Abstract: In this paper, we present two algorithms, are based on fuzzy logic, Conventional
algorithm and Proposed algorithms. Both handoff algorithms are used average handoff
factor to decide when to handoff and when not in case of high speed mobile terminals. 

 Fuzzy logic controlled differential evolution to solve economic load dispatch problems
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AH Zade, SMA Mohammadi, AA Gharaveisi
Abstract In recent years, soft computing methods have generated a large research interest.
The synthesis of the fuzzy logic and the evolutionary algorithms is one of these methods. A
particular evolutionary algorithm (EA) is differential evolution (DE). As for any EA, DE 

 Modeling the Parametric Construction Project Cost Estimate using Fuzzy Logic
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NI El Sawalhi ,ijetae.com
Abstract—The research aims to model to predict the parametric cost estimation in
construction building projects in Gaza Strip using Fuzzy logic. The building factors which
effect the parametric cost estimation were surveyed. A questionnaire survey and relative 

 Study of the Hairiness of Polyester-Viscose Blended Yarns. Part IV-Predicting Yarn Hairiness Using Fuzzy Logic
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E Haghighat, MS Johari, SM Etrati ,FibresTextiles in Eastern Europe ,fibtex.lodz.pl
Abstract This paper is a continuation of studies on the hairiness of polyester-viscose
blended ring spun yarns. The aim of this study is to predict the hairiness of polyester-viscose
blended yarns using a fuzzy logic system. For this purpose, based on the ANOVA 

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M SRIDHAR ,2012 ,jctjournals.com
Abstract Most of the real world problems in engineering, medicine, industry, science and
business involves data classification task. Data classification takes labeled data samples
and generates a classifier model that classifies new data samples into different predefined 

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R Martínez Montoto ,centros.unileon.es
Abstract—This paper is about a comparison between two different types of control. The
process that we are going to control is the inverted pendulum and the two types of controls
are fuzzy logic and reinforcement learning. How to build the controls is argued, as well as 

 Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller for Energy Management in Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle
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S Elahian, A Abrishamifar, A Ale-Ahmad, W Hou ,cyberjournals.com
Abstract—Hybrid electric vehicles utilize an energy storage source in order to decrease the
size of main power source and increase system efficiency. Energy management in these
vehicles plays an important role because of its influence on fuel consumption and system 

 Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based PD, PI and PID Controllers
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ES Singh, EJ Singh
Abstract—Fuzzy logic control has emerged as one of the active area for research. It has
evolved as an alternative to the conventional control strategies in various engineering areas.
The way is applying fuzzy logic to the design of PID controllers is termed as Fuzzy PID 

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KB Ali, A Gosain
Abstract Data warehouse is a powerful tool which makes decision faster and reliable in
organizations where ‘information’is the main asset of primary concern. It is very necessary to
assure the information quality of the data warehouse. Information quality depends on 

 Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller to Enhance the Operation of Cricket Bowling Machine
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Abstract Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) can be used in a cricket bowling machine to increase
the variations of a throw with in a fuzzy range of parameters. Bowling machine controlled by
an FLC enables a coach to specify the range of parameters which replicate a particular 

 Edge Detection Based on Fuzzy Logic and Expert System
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S Sun, C Liu, S Chen ,cdn.intechopen.com
The process of detecting outlines of an object and boundaries between objects and the
background in the image is known as edge detection. It is an important tool used in many
applications: such as image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition [1].

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D Jose, RR Mudholkar ,ijmra.us
Abstract: Congestion occurs in the network when arrival rate to a router is greater than its
departure rate. In this paper, using fuzzy logic approach, we have proposed a modified TCP
delay-based congestion avoidance mechanism which is based on traditional TCP-Africa 

 PID Controller Based Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic
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AK Dewangan, D Sharma, S Mishra
ABSTRACT Tuning the parameters of a PID controller is very important in PID control.
Ziegler and Nichols proposed the well-known Ziegler-Nichols method to tune the coefficients
of a PID controller. This tuning method is very simple, but cannot guarantee to be always