fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 6

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KD DIMITROV ,eng.utt.ro
ABSTRACT: The present paper describes the development of quality optimization in
manufacturing systems via logistics modeling and fuzzy logic modules. Some complex
logistics and manufacturing models are developed in the actual study and respectively 

 A Fuzzy Logic MPPT Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications
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Abstract–This paper presents a three-phase gridconnected inverter designed for a 100kW
photovoltaic power plant that features a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) scheme
based on fuzzy logic. The whole system presented is simulated in Matlab. This fuzzy 

 Fuzzy logic based automation and control simulation of Sulfuric acid manufacturing process: A case study
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DS Rana
Abstract:-Control of Chemical Plant is important because it further comprises of small plants
ranging from water control up to the chemical composition control. Most of the chemical
processes are non linear and non stationary. Also the process dynamics of these 

 Probabilistic: A Fuzzy Logic-Based Distance Broadcasting Scheme For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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T Bano, J Singhai
Abstract—An on-demand route discovery method in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) uses
simple flooding method, whereas a mobile node blindly rebroadcasts received route request
(RREQ) packets until a route to a particular destination is established. Thus, this leads to 

 Using Fuzzy Logic for Data Aggregation in Vehicular Networks
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Abstract—Information provided in real-time via Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks is of great value
in any kind of traffic systems. Bandwidth issues arise in this type of networks due to the
potential large number of nodes. Data aggregation addresses these issues avoiding the 

 Dynamic Surface Control of Power System Stability using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Logic
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D Sabapathi, R Anita ,irphouse.com
Abstract In this paper, the power system with an excitation controller is represented as a
class of large-scale, uncertain, interconnected nonlinear continuous-time system in a strict-
feedback form. Power System Stabilizer (PSS) controller design is one of the methods of 

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G Vijayaraghavan, M Jayalakshmi
Fuzzy logic is a modeling method intended to formalize a mathematical approach to deal
with these complex or ill-defined systems and is, therefore, a relatively new mathematical
paradigm. Its basis is a consideration of overlapping sets and the definition of operators to 

 Fuzzy Logic Control of Traffic light with Countdown Ability
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R Hou, Q Wang, J Wang, Y Lu, J Wang, JU Kim ,onlinepresent.org
Abstract. Based on intelligent traffic system and fuzzy logic idea, a fuzzy control method of
the traffic light signal with full countdown ability is proposed which can effectively solve the
randomness problem in the dynamic system. The method overcomes limitation of 

 Performance Comparison of PI, Sliding Mode and Fuzzy Logic Controllers for DTC of Three Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor
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TV Kiran, J Amarnath ,irphouse.com
Abstract This paper presents direct torque control (DTC) of induction motor fed by a three
level inverter employing different speed controllers like PI, Sliding mode controller (SMC)
and fuzzy logic controller. Performance of all the three controllers is analyzed in terms of 

 Development of Predictive Model for Surface Roughness in End Milling of Al-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites using Fuzzy Logic
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M Chandrasekaran, D Devarasiddappa
Abstract—Metal matrix composites have been increasingly used as materials for
components in automotive and aerospace industries because of their improved properties
compared with non-reinforced alloys. During machining the selection of appropriate 

 Collocation Extraction Performance Ratings Using Fuzzy Logic
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M Thingujam, AA Singh ,cscjournals.org
Abstract The performance of Collocation extraction cannot quantified or properly express by
a single dimension. It is very imprecise to interpret collocation extraction metrics without
knowing what application (users) are involved. Most of the existing collocation extraction 

 Fuzzy Logic Based LTD Solar Thermal Stirling Engines for Power Generation
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MA Islam, WM Abdullah, DM Abdullah ,
Abstract—Stirling engine is an external combustion engine that can successively replace
conventional fuel by means of alternative fuel (low grade fuel or renewable energy such
solar thermal energy) for power generation. The proposed system improves the total 

 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Control of Electrical Machines
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AG Aissaoui, A Tahour ,cdn.intechweb.org
During the past decades, fuzzy logic control (FLC) has been one of the most active and
fruitful areas for research in the application of fuzzy set theory. It has has been an active
research topic in automation and control theory, since the work of Mamdani proposed in 

 Fuzzy logic model in landslide hazard zonation based on expert judgment
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R Sharifi, A Uromeihy, M Ghorashi ,fundamentaljournals.org
ABSTRACT In this research landslide, hazard zonation provided based on fuzzy logic
method and investigating of this model is efficiency. In the first provided the geology of slope
and aspect maps by using aerial photos topography maps and field operations in 

 Performance Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Controller with Different Types of Membership Function using Matlab Tools
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S Rao, L Mathew, R Gupta ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract-In this work a straightforward approach for designing a fuzzy logic based controller
is presented using Matlab/Simulink module. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the
effect of membership function in fuzzy logic controller. This work presents the performance 

 Fuzzy logic controller of the ventilation system
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Abstract. This paper considers the closed loop model of ventilation system with induction
motor drive. The Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy logic controller with PD created. Proposed fuzzy logic
controller was created using Matlab and function ANFIS (adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference 

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VK Soman, VP Vijayan ,ijmra.us
Abstract: The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in the deployment of 802.11
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). The proliferation of wireless users and the promise
of converged voice, data and video technology is expected to open new numerous 

 Implementation and Performance of Fuzzy Logic Controller on DC-DC Boost Converter
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SG Basha, P Kishore ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract: This paper describes the design of a fuzzy logic controller using voltage output as
feedback for significantly improving the dynamic performance of boost dc-dc converter by
using MATLAB@ Simulink software. The objective of this proposed methodology is to 

 A Fuzzy Logic Based Model to Predict the Fretting Fatigue Life of Aerospace Al7075-T6 Alloy
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Abstract Fretting fatigue is a phenomenon which occurs when two parts are contacted to
each other and one of those parts or both are subjected to cyclic load. Fretting decreases
fatigue life of materials drastically. Therefore Investigation of fretting fatigue life of 

 Advice Generation using Fuzzy Logic in OMR Pheonix
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A Gupta, N Singhal
ABSTRACT Optical Mark Recognition is the technique used to scan a marked paper to
detect the presence or absence of the mark in a predetermined position. Problem with the
OMR technique lies is that, it cannot process thin papers and low printing precision 

 Robust Control of DC Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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A Mahabubnagar ,ijsaa.org
Abstract-This study describes the development of Fuzzy Logic Controller to maintain
constant speed in a dc motor operating under various loading conditions. The fuzzy logic
controller is designed, applies the required control voltage based on the motor speed 

 Water Temperature Controller Using Microcontroller And Correction Using Fuzzy Logic
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A De ,ijetae.com
Abstract—Many people of our country is involve in fishery, but different fish live in different
temperature and pressure if the temperature vary the fish may be die, so the temperature
must maintain within certain range but it is very difficult for them to maintain the 

 Investigation on Fuzzy Logic and Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controllers Using GA for Multi Area Load Frequency Control with Frequency Controllable HVDC Links
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G Karthikeyan, S Chandrasekar ,irphouse.com
Abstract The load–frequency control (LFC) problem has been one of the major subjects in a
power system. In practice, LFC systems use proportional–integral (PI) controllers. However
since these controllers are designed using a linear model, the non-linearities of the 

 Improvement of Dynamic Stability of a SMIB using Fuzzy logic based Power System Stabilizer
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Abstract—In this paper a design of an optimal fuzzy Proportional Integral derivative (PID)
power system stabilizer for single machine infinite bus power system (SMIB) is presented.
The aim of the control is to enhance the stability and to improve the dynamic response of 

 A Fuzzy Logic based Robust Speed Controller for Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive
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R Singh, P Kumar, AK Jain ,IJCA Proceedings on National
ABSTRACT Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers are conventionally used in speed control
applications of dc drives. These controllers provide good steady state response but do not
provide better dynamic response during transient conditions. In this paper an effort is 

 Implementation of Magnified Edge Detection using Fuzzy-Canny Logic
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H Kapoor, P Singla ,International Journal of Computer Science ,ijcscn.com
ABSTRACT In this paper edge detection with fuzzy using canny is explained. Two basic
phases of edge detection ie Global contrast intensification and local fuzzy edge detection
are first explained and is then merged with Canny operator for better results specially for 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Evaluation of Performance of Students in Colleges
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MS Upadhya ,Journal of Computer Applications (JCA)
Abstract-Performance of students in colleges is difficult to assess before the final results are
declared. The performance depends on many factors such as student attendance, teaching
effectiveness, facilities etc. Generally, when one is interested in assessing these 

 Power Theft Prevention and Power Quality Improvement using Fuzzy Logic
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S Rengarajan, S Loganathan
Abstract-This paper deals with Fuzzy logic based power theft prevention and power quality
improvement. It involves comparison between the total load supplied by the distribution
transformer and the total load used by the consumer and the error signal is used to identify 

 Power Transformer Diagnosis Using Fuzzy Logic
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EN Sharma ,mnkjournals.com
Abstract—Power transformers are one of the most used and expensive equipments in many
substations of electric energy. This fact justifies the application of predictive techniques of
diagnosis, with the objective to minimize possible failures and to increase the