grid computing research papers 2012

 Reliability and Performance Models for Grid Computing
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Abstract Grid computing is a newly developed technology for complex systems with large-
scale resource sharing, wide-area communication, and multi-institutional collaboration. It is
hard to analyze and model the Grid reliability because of its largeness, complexity and 

 Wireless Grid Computing Wireless Grid Computing
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S Sangwan  Grid computing
Abstract Grid computing is an important and developing computing initiative that involves the
aggregation of network connected computers to form a large-scale, distributed system for
coordinated problem solving and resource sharing. Wireless Grid is a new computing 

 Dynamic Load Balancing Policy with Communication and Computation Elements in Grid Computing with Multi-Agent System Integration
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B Yahaya, R Latip, M Othman, A Abdullah ,International Journal of New , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The policy in dynamic load balancing, classification and function are variety
based on the focus study for each research. They are different but employing the same
strategy to obtain the load balancing. The communication processes between policies are 

 Distributed file systems and grid computing
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C Mertes  Grid Computing, 2012 ,
Page 1. Distributed file systems and grid computing Christian Mertes  Jun
2012 1 / 20 Page 2. Overview Introduction to grid computing What is a distributed file system ?
SambaNFS What is a grid engine ? Open Grid Scheduler 

 Optimal Parameter Identification in Ant Colony Optimization for Load Balancing in Grid Computing
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D Ramesh, A Krishnan ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a Swarm Intelligence technique which inspired
from the foraging behaviour of real ant colonies. The ants deposit pheromone on the ground
in order to mark the route for identification of their routes from the nest to food that should 

Performance comparison of hierarchical checkpoint protocols grid computing
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Grid infrastructure is a large set of nodes geographically distributed and connected by a
communication. In this context, fault tolerance is a necessity imposed by the distribution as
any node can fail at any moment and the average time between failures highly decreases. 

A Software Framework for Building Biomedical Machine Learning Classifiers through Grid Computing Resources
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Abstract This paper describes the BiomedTK software framework, created to perform
massive explorations of machine learning classifiers configurations for biomedical data
analysis over distributed Grid computing resources. BiomedTK integrates ROC analysis 

P2P and grid computing: opportunity for building next generation wireless multimedia digital library
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S Arulanandam, S Jaganathan, D Avula ,EURASIP Journal on Wireless , 2012 ,Springer
Abstract Nowadays digital libraries have become the source of information, sharing across
the globe in the fields of education, research and knowledge. The full usage of digital
libraries will be realized only when people can have access to the material from any 

 A Priority based Dynamic Load Balancing Approach in a Grid based Distributed ComputingNetwork
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S Kumar, N Singhal ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Load balancing in grid based distributed computing environment increases the
availability and scalability of entire system. Dynamic load balancing has the potential to
perform better than static load balancing, but they are inevitably more complex. The 

 Cross-Domain Role Mapping in Grid Computing Environment
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K Roy, A Bhowmick ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Lack of proper authorization techniques in grid computing technologies is a matter
of much concern. The concept of virtual organizations which is at the core of computational
grids further complicate the matter. Role-based access control (RBAC) is a security 

 A Proposed Robust Authentication Approach for Secure Data Transmission in Grid Computing Environment
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A Bhowmick, N Mukhopadhyay , Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Grid is an advanced wide area parallel distributed computing environment
where unused processor cycles and underutilized storage of numerous computers are
utilized efficiently which act as a supercomputer. Security is the most important concern in 

Supercomputing and grid computing on the verification of covering arrays
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Abstract The Covering Arrays (CAs) are mathematical objects with minimal coverage and
maximum cardinality that are a good tool for the design of experiments. A covering array is
an N× k matrix over an alphabet v st each N× k subset contains at least one time each 

 Distributing Graphic Rendering using Grid Computing with Load Balancing
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EMT El-kenawy, AI El-Desoky ,International , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Graphic rendering is expensive in terms of computation. We investigate
distributing it by applying the powerful computing technique called grid computing, and
showing how this technology has a great effectiveness and high performance.

 Next Generation Computing on the Internet (GRID)
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MVA Tathe, MDP Patil ,International Journal of Scientific and Research , 2012 ,
Abstract-Grid computing is increasingly being viewed as the next phase of distributed
computing. Built on pervasive Internet standards, grid computing enables organizations to
share computing and information resources across department and organizational 

 Cloud Computing and Grid Computing for the Smart and Green Information Systems
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S Sofi, S Bashir, I Ashraf ,2012
Abstract: The increased availability of high speed internet and corporate IP connections is
enabling the delivery of new network based services which include processing jobs, storage
and application based. Most of the services are still being used by procuring hardware at 

 Comparative Analysis of Job grouping based Scheduling Strategies in Grid Computing
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S Kaur, S Singh ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Grid computing is a form of distributed computing that provides a platform for
executing large-scale resource intensive applications on a number of heterogeneous
computing systems across multiple administrative domains. Therefore, Grid platforms 

 A Time-Minimization Dynamic Job Grouping-based Scheduling in Grid Computing
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MK Mishra, P Mohanty ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Grid computing is the novel framework that offers a flexible, secure and high
performance computing, on demand for solving high compute-intensive applications with
large number of independent jobs. However, user jobs developed for grid might be small 

 Process Resource Allocation in Grid Computing using Priority Scheduler
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MK Maheshwari, A Bansal ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Grid Computing has emerged as an important new field focusing on resource
sharing. One of the most challenging issues in Grid Computing is efficient scheduling of
tasks. Load Balancing is a technique to improve parallelism, utilization of resources