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A secure and undeniable billing protocol among charged parties for grid computing environments
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CT Li, CH Wei, CC Lee, YH Chin, LJ Wang ,International Journal of , 2010 ,
1Department of Information Management Tainan University of Technology 529 Jhong Jheng
National Tsing Hua University 101, Section 2, Kuang Fu Road, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan 

A grid computing framework for large scale molecular dynamics simulations
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WR Wang, GL Chen, HP Chen, S Yang ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
Molecular Dynamics (MD) is computational study through simulating in detail the interatomic
interactions in protein. Currently, there is no better simulating algorithm due to the demand
on accuracy. However, a ensemble/distributed dynamics method is developed to run the 

 Service oriented architectures for grid computing environments: Opportunities and challenges
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Abstract—Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) support the development of software
applications as loosely coupled discrete web services capable of running on multiple
software and hardware platforms. Grid computing has allowed for the virtualization of both 

 Job Scheduling Algorithm based on Dynamic Management of Resources Provided by Grid Computing Systems
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I Ungurean ,Electronics and Electrical Engineering.–Kaunas: , 2010 ,
The necessity of job scheduling or sharing has occurred within many real life situations [6].
The most common examples include: process scheduling on distributed computing systems,
product scheduling on manufacturing systems or scheduling the available resources to 

 Towards an agent framework for grid computing
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MA Khan, SK Vaithianathan ,Concurrent , 2003 ,
Abstract This paper presents an agent oriented approach for grid computing. As opposed to
existing approaches, agent technology promises a more flexible approach, easier
installation and management of the agent framework, and better ability to autonomously 

 A Survey of Job Scheduling and Resource Management in Grid Computing
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R Sharma, VK Soni, MK Mishra, P Bhuyan ,World Academy of Science, , 2010
Abstract—Grid computing is a form of distributed computing that involves coordinating and
sharing computational power, data storage and network resources across dynamic and
geographically dispersed organizations. Scheduling onto the Grid is NP-complete, so 

 EUFORIA: Grid and High Performance Computing at the service of fusion modelling
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F Castejón, M Cárdenas-Montes ,2nd Iberian Grid , 2008 ,
 ITER partners. In this paper the main goals and features of the EUFORIA, a grid
and high performance computing project in fusion modelling, are presented.
Keywords: Fusion, HPC, Grid Computing, ITER. 1 Introduction The 

 A grid computing-based architecture for on demand movie rendering
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Y Carpegna, M Pissardo, B Montrucchio ,Proc. of the 7th World , 2003 ,
Abstract High performance distributed computing systems, also referred as computational
grids, are becoming more and more important for time consuming applications. Distributed
data analysis, as well as data mining and complex numerical simulations, take advantage 

 Multi-site virtual cluster: A user-oriented, distributed deployment and management mechanism for grid computing environments
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T Hirofuchi, T Yokoi, T Ebara ,Proceedings of the , 2008 ,
Abstract. Grid computing is a promising technology for utilizing distributed computing
resources seamlessly. However, it is still difficult for end-users to deploy and manage their
own computing environments into large number of distributed locations easily and rapidly. 

 Curriculum development on grid computing
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M Li, M Hadjinicolaou ,International Journal of Education and Information , 2008
Abstract—The computational grid is rapidly evolving into a large-scale computing
infrastructure that facilitates scientists and engineers to solve data and computationally
intensive problems by utilizing various resources over the Internet. This paper presents 

 Application of GRID computing for optimization of grillages
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D Šešok, A Belevicius, J Kaceniauskas, J Mockus ,Mechanika, 2010 ,
Some engineering optimal design problems despite of significant advance in optimization
methods in recent years still require an unacceptably long computation time or even can not
be solved to the very end. A good example for this is one specific class of optimization 

 Deploying pnfs across the wan: First steps in hpc grid computing
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Abstract. Global file systems promise great advantages in convenience, performance, and
ubiquitous access over more traditional data movement mechanisms for HPC grids.
Unfortunately, their widespread acceptance is limited due to licensing issues and lack of 

 Political Multi-Agent Simulation with Grid Computing
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T Murata, H Kitano, Y Kadooka, Y Ukai ,2004 ,
Abstract: In this paper, we implement our multi-agent model on the Grid computing. Using
the multi-agent model, we try to solve a day care center allocation problem, where a policy to
establish day care centers is developed in order to increase the labor participation rate of 

 Grid computing in High Energy Physics using LCG: the BaBar experience
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JC Werner ,UK e-Science All Hands Conference, 2006
Abstract This paper presents accounts of several real case applications using grid farms with
data-and functional-parallelism. For data parallelism a job submission system (EasyGrid)
provided an intermediate layer between grid and user software. Performance results 

 Exploiting Heterogeneity in Grid Computing for Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation
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Abstract—The growing computing demand from industry and academia has lead to
excessive power consumption which not only impacting long term sustainability of Grids like
infrastructures in terms of energy cost but also from environmental perspective. The 

 Grid Eigen Trust a Framework for Computing Reputation in Grids
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Peer-to-Peer Networks . . . .  tion Services. Chapter 9 concludes
the document and provides information of how Grid Eigen Trust System may be worked into
a future system for Grid computing research. Page 16. 7 CHAPTER 2 

Grid Computing with Sun
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W Gentzsch ,Sun Microsystems, Oct, 2001 ,
Page 1. 1 October 9, 2001 Sun in ScientificEngineering Computing Grid Computing with Sun
Wolfgang Gentzsch Director Grid Computing  Page 2. 2 October 9, 2001 Summary: Sun’s Grid
Computing Offerings ? Sun’s existing scalable Grid Computing software stack 

 The system for evolutionary computing on the computational grid
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Y Tanimura, T Hiroyasu, M Miki, K Aoi ,environment, 2002 ,
 KEY WORDS Grid Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Optimization 1 Introduction  This
paper examines the Grid computing model of the PSA/GAc using the EVOLVE/G. Here,
we develop two models; the basic model and hybrid model. 

Implementing distributed simulations in grid computing environments
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T Song, C Wang, J Xiong, Y Liu , and Applications to , 2004 ,
ABSTRACT Grid Infrastructure and popular Grid computing toolkit Globus Toolkit 3.0 (GT3)
and SUN Grid Engine are introduced in this paper. A prototype of advanced distributed
simulation system based on Grid computing is developed, working mechanism and