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A grid computing infrastructure for monte carlo applications
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ABSTRACT Monte Carlo applications are widely perceived as computationally intensive but naturally parallel. Therefore, they can be effectively executed on the grid using the dynamic bag-of-work model. We improve the efficiency of the subtask-scheduling scheme by using

Quattor-a framework for managing grid-enabled large-scale computing fabrics
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 Our experience gathering requirements, developing and deploying the Quattor frame- work in the DataGrid testbed and the CERN Computing Centre shows that there is a real need to be able to install, configure and manage grid computing clusters correctly, automatically and

A Desktop Grid Computing Approach for Scientific Computing and Visualization
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ABSTRACT Scientific Computing is the collection of tools, techniques, and theories required to solve on a computer, mathematical models of problems from science and engineering, and its main goal is to gain insight in such problems. Generally, it is difficult to understand or

Solving large scale optimization problems via Grid and Cluster Computing
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 82. [14] Y. Tanaka, H. Nakada, S. Sekiguchi, T. Suzumura and S. Matsuoka: Ninf-G : a reference implementation of RPC-based programming middleware for grid computing. Journal of Grid Computing, 1 (2003), 41-51. [15] M

Certificate-Driven grid workflow paradigm based on service computing
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 In this section, a certificate-driven and organization-across workflow system will be explored as a case study, with service computing perspective based on the security mechanism deployed in grid computing. Grid computing

Adapting grid services for urgent computing environments
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urgent computing applications and work- flows. This environment provides on-demand access to shared Grid computing resources with a token- based authorization framework. By utilizing shared resources, SPRUCE allows

Magi-mobile access to grid infrastructure: Bringing the gifts of grid to mobile computing
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Keywords: Grid, mobile computing, middleware architecture, distrubuted computing 1 Introduction Computational entities connected via various kinds of networks can dynamically share their resources and perform computation-extensive tasks by using Grid computing [FKT01].

Using parallel computing and grid systems for genetic mapping of quantitative traits
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 Keywords: QTL analysis, grid computing. 1 Genetic Mapping of Quantitative Traits  Grid computing has been a buzz word in the computing community for some years, and numerous research projects involving grid systems and grid com- putations have been initiated.

A Grid Computing Environment for Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
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. A Grid Computing environment for Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments Yann Richet1, David Ginsbourger2, Olivier Roustant3, Yves Deville4  Real world example Summary Page 18. PROMETHEE Grid Computing environment Software overview

An Integrated System of ABM and GIS With GRID Computing
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ABSTRACT In order to integrate efficiently multi-agent based model and GIS and to promote the performance of computing, this paper put forward a framework of GRID ABGIS (Figure 1). Firstly, we link the repast and ARCGIS by a middleware, in which information are

Network-enabled Solvers: A Step Toward Grid-based Computing
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With these conditions in mind, researchers have directed considerable attention in recent years to the area of grid computing. The ultimate goal is the ability to plug any and all of our resources into a computational grid, analogous to the electric power grid, drawing from these

Joint development project applies grid computing technology to financial risk management
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This paper briefly describes an ongoing joint research project by NLI Research Institute and IBM to apply grid computing technology in financial risk management. Grid computing has advanced rapidly in the past few years years. However, applications have generally been

On Demand Replication of WSRD-based Grid Services via Cloud Computing
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Future Generation Computer Systems (International Journal of Grid Computing), 24(4):317–328, 2008. • Multi-user support accesible via the Internet.  Future Generation Computer Systems

The commissioning of CMS Computing Centres in the WLCG Grid
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Readiness Challenge(s) ,CCRC 08, contribution N29-2, session Grid Computing. Experiments on the Grid, contribution N29-4, session Grid Computing.

Achieving better performance through true best effort in scavenging grid computing
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Achieving Better Performance Through True Best Effort in Scavenging Grid Computing Raphael de Aquino Gomes Fbio Moreira Costa Fouad Joseph Georges Institute

Application of YAIM tool in Grid computing
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ABSTRACT YAIM is widely used grid services configuration software tool for gLite based middleware which is developed by CERN as part of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). The aim of the YAIM tool is to make the installation and configuration of grid

GridBR: The challenge of grid computing
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The use of grid computing technology is being boosted in last years by the growing demand of low cost computing resources and idle computing capacity in collaborative research and development environments. GridBR is a PETROBRAS project done with the collaboration

Grid Computing–An opportunity for Biomedical and Statistical Computing
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During the last years compute and storage demands in the life science domain have grown exponentially. The reasons are manifold: along with a significant increase of data from high- throughput techniques we observe a flood of publications; adding to the overall amount of

Cyberinfrastructure and Grid Computing in New York State
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For biologists, meteorologists, computational scientists, and others, a cyber-layer between their problem space and the way they traditionally engaged in science and may provide new sources of data, new ways of visualizing the data, new tools for extracting meaning from

Practical Experience of Grid-enabled Health Computing with the GEMSS Grid
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 3. IT Innovation Centre, 2 Venture Road, Chilworth Science Park, Southampton, UKAbstract GEMSS (Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services) is an EU funded project (IST- 2001-37153) designed to evaluate the viability of Grid computing in the health sector.

Improving Performance in Load Balancing Problem on the Grid Computing System
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ABSTRACT Load Balancing is a technique to improve resources, utilizing parallelism, exploiting throughput managing and to reduce response time through proper distribution of the application. Load balancing strategies is always used for the emergence of Distributed


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