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 Grid Computing and the Enterprise: Myth or Reality
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FF Kowalkowski, C Laakso ,The Data Administration Newsletter, 2003 ,
Grid computing is getting a lot of press today as the ‘next big thing’that will impact the
enterprise. It is true that grid computing exists today in several variations such as the Seti
project, but making the concept useful, practical and a ‘value add’for the enterprise 

 New perspectives for computational electromagnetics with grid computing
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A Esposito, L Tarricone, L Catarinucci, B Di Chiara ,Proc. of, 2004 ,
Abstract The demand for computing power in computational electromagnetics (CEM) is
continuously increasing. Meanwhile, cooperative engineering is becoming more and more
present in daily research and development workflows. Projects are often developed by 

 Benefit from Parallelization in Grid-Computing
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S Werder, A Krger ,2009 ,
Parallelization in a Grid-Computing environment raises two questions. The first one is how to
divide a given task into several subtasks which then can be executed concurrently. In most
cases the solution to this problem depends only on the algorithms and processes of the 

 Overview of gridrpc: A remote procedure call API for grid computing
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SMJDC Lee, K Seymour, H Nakada  Grid Computing-GRID , 2002 ,
Abstract. This paper discusses preliminary work on standardizing and implementing a
remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism for grid computing. The GridRPC API is designed
to address the lack of a standardized, portable, and simple programming interface. Our 

 Proxy Certificate Trust List for Grid Computing
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L Xin, M Ogawa ,Konpyuta Sofutowea, 2005
Abstract. This paper proposes Proxy Certificate Trust List (PCTL) to efficiently record trusted
delegation trace for grid computing. Our solution based on PCTL provides functions as
follows:(1) On-demand inquiry service for real time delegation information of grid 

 A Web Services Based Deployment Framework in Grid Computing Environment
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Z Luo, S Chen, S Kumaran, LJ Zhang ,Proceedings , 2002 ,
ABSTRACT Grid computing offers great opportunities for companies to tap new streams of
revenues by taking advantages of the wired computing powers based on the grid service
architectures. Resource allocation is one of the key concerns in such a computing 

 Grid computing for detailed hemodynamics-simulation-based planning of endovascular interventions
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K BERONOV, O DZHIMOVA ,Studies in health , 2009 ,
Page 1. Grid computing for detailed hemodynamics-simulation-based planning of endovascular
interventions Healthgrid 2009, Berlin 30.06.2009  Grids Page 34. page 34 Medical Grids demand
special requirements with respect to mere computing Grids High security and safety 

 GRID computing and a role of photonic networks
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T Kudoh ,Proc. SPIE Asia Pacific Optical Communications ( , 2008
ABSTRACT Grid is a resource management technology which provides infrastructures to
execute applications. Grid manages resources and provides an infrastructure composed of
computing, storage and other resources. While Grid assumes existence of network which 

 Large-Scale High-Resolution Groundwater Modelling using Grid Computing
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WL Berendrecht, A Lourens, J Snepvangers ,2009 ,
In 2005 the ‘Development of a Methodology for Interactive Planning for WAter
management'(MIPWA) project has been started. In this project seventeen water
management organisations in the north of the Netherlands (four provinces, three drinking 

 InteGrade: a Tool for Executing Parallel Applications on a Grid for Opportunistic Computing
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Abstract. Grid computing allows the usage of distributed resources possibly belonging to different
institutions in a transparent way. This paper presents In- teGrade, an object-oriented Grid tool
that focuses on leveraging the idle com- puting power of shared desktop machines. 

 Coordinated Checkpointing using Vector Timestamp in Grid Computing
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T Jinno, T Kamiya, M Nagata ,Proceedings of the International , 2006 ,
Abstract In grid computing, system recovery is carried out using checkpoints recorded at
each nodes. The resource manager must recover system with keeping global consistency to
prevent Domino effect. Currently, coordinated checkpointing is widely used in which all 

Anomaly detection in grid computing based on vector quantization
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HW Sun, KY Lam, SL Chung, M Gu, JG Sun ,Grid and Cooperative , 2004 ,Springer
An efficient and effective intrusion detection model based the Vector Quantization (VQ)
technique is proposed. This model is suitable for security monitoring in the grid computing
environment. Experimental results based on this model have shown very promising 

 Pair-teaching a course on Grid computing from two campuses on NCREN
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CS Ferner, B Wilkinson ,The 2009 International Conference on , 2009 ,
Abstract-Since Fall 2004, we have been co-teaching a class on Grid computing to several
NC institutions using the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). In this
paper, we focus on a new teaching approach. In Fall 2008, we introduced a more 

Virtual ez grid: A volunteer computing infrastructure for scientific medical applications
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M Belgacem, N Abdennadher, M Niinimaki ,Advances in Grid and , 2010 ,Springer
 a medical image application MedGIFT utilises it. 1 Introduction Nowadays, volunteer
computing (VoC) and grid computing are a well-established paradigm of distributed
computing. The term volunteer computing is used for