moisture content in soil

 Measurement of moisture content and density of soil masses using radioactivity methods
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I Goldberg, LJ Trescony, JS Campbell Jr , National Conference on , 1954 ,
ABSTRACT This paper deals with the application of methods involving the scattering of
neutrons and gamma rays to the measurement of moisture content and density of granular
materials. The measurement of moisture content is based on the principle that when fast 

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A Tohari, M Nishigaki ,
ABSTRACT Two selected sites at a decomposed granite cut-slope were instrumented with a
rain gauge and a series of ThetaProbes installed at depths up to 90 cm from the slope
surface. The objective of this study was to evaluate the significance of antecedent soil 

 Use of remotely sensed soil moisture content as boundary conditions in soil-atmosphere water transport modeling. 2. Estimating soil water balance
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L Bruckler, H Witono ,Water Resour. Res, 1989
Extensive studies have been performed by several researchers using active microwave
sensors [Bernard et al., 1982; Bradley and Ulaby, 1981; Hirosawa et al., 1978; Jackson and
O’Neill, 1985; Le Toan et al., 1981; Pausader, 1982; Ulaby, 1974; Ulaby et al., 1978] and 

 Use of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Content as Boundary Conditions in Soil-Atmosphere Water Transport Modeling
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H Witono, L Bruckler ,Water Resources Research, 1989
A physically based heat and mass flow model is presented and compared with experimental
data measured on a bare soil (27.2% clay, 61.7% silt, 11.0% sand) under field conditions.
Both liquid and vapor phases were taken into account, and soil temperature and water 

 Effect of winter cover on soil moisture content in conventional and strip tillage cotton
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PJ Bauer, WJ Busscher , of the 1993 Southern Conservation Tillage , 1993 ,
Moisture stress frequently limits crop productivity on the coarse-textured soils of the
Southeastern Coastal Plain. Our objective was to determine the effect of winter cover and
tillage on soil moisture levels and cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) yield. Cotton was grown 

 Effect of moisture content in soil on its compaction caused by multiple running of agricultural vehicles
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Abstract: Effect of moisture content in soil on its compaction caused by multiple running of
agricultural vehicles. The paper presents results of 2-year investigations carried out on soil
compaction in winter rape cultivation at various methods of outfit movement in the field 

 Response of the ECH2O soil moisture probe to variation in water content, soil type, and solution electrical conductivity
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CS Campbell ,Report, Decagon Devices, , 2001 ,
Researchers familiar with commercial water content probes will often ask three questions
when approached with a newly developed dielectric sensor: what is the accuracy of the
instrument, how does it react to differing soil textures and electrical conductivity, and how 

 Soil moisture content and evapotranspiration rates of three types of golf green constructionin response to different rates of irrigation
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SUMMARY Weighing lysimeters were installed in close-mown turf and the water balance of
the rootzone was monitored over a growing season. The turf was grown on three types of
golf green construction and treated with different rates of irrigation and nitrogen fertiliser. 

 The performance of cricket pitches in relation to soil type and moisture content
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SW Baker, DJ Binns, A Cook ,Int. Turfgrass Soc. Res. , 2001 ,
ABSTRACT The effects of seven different soil types were examined for 300 mm deep soil
profiles over a gravel base. The clay contents of the soils ranged from 24% to 32% and the
initial organic matter contents from 2.5% to 7.8%. The surfaces were prepared by methods 

 The comparison of soil moisture content changes in the moorsh layer under shrubs and grass vegetation
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R Oleszczuk, T Brandyk, T Gnatowski ,Agronomy , 2008 ,
Abstract. The objective of the research was to compare the soil moisture content changes in
the top moorsh layer (0–25 cm) covered by shrubs and grass vegetation under the same
groundwater level and climatic conditions. The measurements of soil moisture content 

 GPR surveys across a prototype surface barrier to determine temporal and spatial variationsin soil moisture content
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WP Clement, AL Ward ,The handbook of agricultural , 2008 ,
Abstract We use GPR to measure the changes in soil moisture content across a prototype
surface barrier. The upper 2.5 m of the prototype surface barrier consists of layers of silt
loam, sand, and gravel. We conducted wide-offset reflection surveys using an optimum 

Estimation of soil moisture content from L-and P-band AirSAR data: A case study in Jeju, Korea
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EY Kwon, SE Park, WM Moon, KK Lee ,Geosciences Journal, 2002 ,Springer
Abstract One of the important applications of polarimetric SAR in the geohydrology and
agriculture is the estimation of surface soil moisture from the polarimetric SAR data. During
the PacRim AirSAR campaign in Korea, the ground truth data about soil moisture content 

 Effect of penetration resistance, bulk density and moisture content of soil on selected yield components of winter triticale in relation to method of cultivation
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R Weber, A Biskupski ,International agrophysics, 2008 ,
A bstrac t. The influence of penetration resistance, bulk density and moisture content of soil
on winter triticale crop yield was investigated. The crops were grown on land that had not
been cultivated for several years, and two methods of cultivation were used: direct sowing