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 Action-grid: International Networking in Grid Computing and Biomedical Informatics
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VM Legre, SIB en Buenos, A Aires, F HEALTHGRID ,2008 ,
The main objective of the ACTION-Grid, Project funded by the European Commission under
the 7th framework, is to establish a collaborative environment between the European Union,
Latin America, the Western Balkan countries and North Africa in the Grid and Biomedical 

Large-scale biological sequence assembly and alignment by using computing grid
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W Shi, W Zhou ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
 Grid computing provides a computing platform with huge computing capacity which potentially
can be much more powerful than any current parallel computing system.  Load balancing is a
big problem for parallel computing, and grid computing is not an exception. 

 Bateman Conjecture’s Exploration on Grid Computing
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M Cárdenas-Montes, MA Vega-Rodriguez ,2008 ,
Abstract. The Bateman’s Conjecture proposes how many coincidences of sum of powers of
prime numbers are. Until now only one coincidence has been found. No previous survey of
the Conjecture has been published in the scientific literature, nor analytic demonstration 

 „Dienste und Standards für das Grid-Computing 
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A Reinefeld, F Schintke ,J. von Knop, W. Haferkamp (Hrsg.), 2004 ,
Abstract: In der noch jungen Geschichte des Grid Computing wurden bereits mehrere
Standards für serviceorientierte Grids vorgeschlagen und diskutiert: OGSA, OGSI und
WSRF, sowie Grid-spezifische Erweiterungen der Web Services. Sie alle haben das Ziel, 

 Synergies between SOA and Grid Computing
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Z Mahmood ,Communications of the IBIMA, 2009 ,
Abstract Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style for developing and
integrating enterprise applications to enable an enterprise to deliver self-describing and
platform independent business functionality. Grid Computing (GC) is a framework that 

 Enhancing the collaborative use of Grid Computing Applications with a User-Oriented Portal Dashboard
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T Choong, CS Sheong ,Proc. of International Conference on Scientific, 2004 ,
Abstract: Grid computing is a promising new technology that is growing in importance and
applications that use the grid to federate scarce or expensive computing resources are
increasingly being developed by academic and commercial organizations. However, one 

 Job-Scheduling with Resource Availability Prediction for Volunteer-Based Grid Computing
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J Zhang, C Phillips ,London Communications Symposium, LCS, 2009 ,
Abstract: In a volunteer-based grid computing environment, one big challenge for effective
job allocation is resource availability. As resources in this environment are volatile and may
become frequently unavailable, matching guest jobs to suitable resources is very 

 Designing Virtual Reality on Grid Computing Platform: Case Study of Preserving an Old Javanese Manuscript as Virtual Books
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P Pabeda, M Wijaya, RF Sari ,2006 ,
Abstract–Aging had been a serious problem to centuries old artifacts where they become
very vulnerable from damage caused by intensive interaction during studies and research.
As the growth of technology in computing, virtual reality concepts were being sought to be 

 Confidential data access using grid computing: an outline of the issues and possible solutions
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M Elliot, K Purdam, D Smith , of the First International Conference on e- , 2005 ,
Abstract. This paper discuses some of the issues arising from the use of grid computing and
in particular the impact of grid computing on confidentiality and disclosure. The list of
research questions needing attention is quite long. Notably however, some concern how 

 Mobility-Aware Grid Computing
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Grid computing has emerged as a paradigm for coordinated resource sharing and problem
solving in dynamic, multiinstitutional virtual organizations (Foster, 2001). A grid computing
system is essentially a large-scale distributed system designed to aggregate resources 

 Performance Evaluation of Grid Computing with Parallel Routes Transmission
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H Miyagi, Y Okazaki, R Usui ,IEICE , 2008 ,
SUMMARY In a grid computing environment, the network characteristics such as bandwidth
and latency affect the task performance. The demands for bandwidth of wide-area networks
become large and it reaches more than 100 Gbps. In this article, we focus on parallel 

 A novel Task Replica based Resource Scheduling Algorithm in Grid computing
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N Kiran, V Maheswaran, M Shyam , Conference on High , 2007 ,
Abstract—Increased network bandwidth, more powerful computers and the Internet have
driven the on-going demand for new and better ways to compute. Grid computing allows one
to unite pools of servers, storage systems, and networks into a single large system so you 

 Scheduling in Grid Computing Systems
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P Sessini ,2005 ,
1 Abstract Grid computing involves employing multiple machines to solve complex
computing problems. For my project I have simulated a grid computing system based on a
cluster of machines located at the University of Calgary. Data was collected from this 

 Online dynamic security assessment based on grid computing architecture
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C Jing, P Zhang ,2006 ,
Abstract—On-line Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA) is a challenge computing problem. A
key problem in DSA is the analysis of a large number of dynamic stability contingencies
using on-line data. This paper presents a grid computing framework and application to 

 Parallel Numerical Integration on a P2P/Grid Computing Environment
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Abstract This paper presents a preliminary study of using MCMS-powered P2P technology
to conduct parallel integrations which has been widely used in applied mathematics,
sciences and engineering. In this study, we designed a system which allow migrate 

Resource demand prediction-based grid resource transaction network model in grid computingenvironment
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I Kim, J Lee ,Computational Science and Its Applications-ICCSA , 2006 ,Springer
This paper reviews existing grid resource transaction models in grid computing environment
and proposes an efficient market mechanism-based grid resource transaction model. This
model predicts a future grid resource demand of grid users and suggests a reasonable 

 A Grid Resource Broker with Dynamic Loading Prediction Scheduling Algorithm in Grid Computing Environment
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YL Pan, CH Wu, W Huang , Conference on Grid Computing , 2008
Abstract-In a Grid Computing environment, there are various important issues, including
information security, resource management, routing, fault tolerance, and so on. Among these
issues, the job scheduling is a major problem since it is a fundamental and crucial step in 

 Biomedical and Civil Engineering Experiences Using Grid Computing Technologies
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In the mid 90s, the Grid concept appeared as a new trend in distributed computing. Grid
Computing technology [6] emerged as the solution for some of the computational problems
of organisations, enabling the collaborative use of remote resources to execute 

 GRID-distributed computing power at home
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J Hlinovsky ,Residential and Virtual Home Environments-Seminar , 2002 ,
 Abstract Grid computing is a concept for large scale sharing of resources.  1 Introduction
Distributed computing is a subject that has been studied a lot in the past, but recently
a new field, Grid computing, has drawn attention back to the area. 

Reusable grid computing architecture based on code propagation method
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In this paper we examine the benefits and limitations of reusable grid computing structure.
The key feature of this structure is the ability to hold and manage multiple distributed projects
at the same time in the same physical network. We define essential requirements that a 

 Applying the Grid Computing Paradigm within a Liberal Arts Academic Environment
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SM Pulimood, TR Hagedorn , International Conference on Grid Computing , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT Until very recently analyses and computations on a large scale were feasible
only on supercomputers or clusters of high-end processors. Such computational
infrastructure requires massive investments that can be unrealistic in a liberal arts college