grid computing research papers 83

Disk I/O performance forecast using basic prediction techniques for grid computing
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DW Lee, R Ramakrishna ,Parallel Computing Technologies, 2003 ,Springer
From investigations on the impact of Disk I/O load on CPU load, we have found that the
immanent Disk I/O load could affect the resource scheduler’s decision on assigning an
appropriate storage resource to a job in which the Disk I/O operation is dominant. A 

A heuristic QoS measurement with domain-based network information model for grid computingenvironments
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CT Yang, CH Lin, MF Yang, WC Chiang ,International Journal of Ad , 2010 ,Inderscience
Recently, Grid computing is more and more widespread. Therefore, there exists a common
issue, ie, how to manage and monitor numerous resources of grid computing environments.
Mostly, we use Ganglia and Network Weather Service (NWS) to monitor machines’ status 

 Failure-aware Scheduling in Grid Computing Environments
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T Do, T Nguyen, DT Nguyen, HC Nguyen , on Grid Computing & , 2009 ,
Abstract—Application scheduling is crucial for high performance and distributed computing
systems, especially when the complexity of applications and underlying infrastructure has
grown sharply in recent years. It becomes more and more complicated when potential 

 Grid computing for hyperspectral data processing
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SA Robila, NA Senedzuk ,Society of Photo-Optical , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT We investigate the use of a flexible grid architecture for hyperspectral image
processing. Recording data in tens or hundreds of narrow contiguous spectral intervals,
hyperspectral data outperform multispectral imagery by allowing the detection of relatively 

 Grid-HPA: Predicting Resource Requirements of a Job in the Grid Computing Environment
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Abstract—For complete support of Quality of Service, it is better that environment itself
predicts resource requirements of a job by using special methods in the Grid computing. The
exact and correct prediction causes exact matching of required resources with available 

 Interactive Grid Computing: Adapting High Level Architecture-based Applications to the Grid
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Abstract: In this paper we present the design of a Grid HLA Management System (GHMS)
supporting execution of High Level Architecture-based interactive applications in a Grid
environment, while at the same time allowing for running HLA legacy codes to preserve 

 On supporting disconnected operation in grid computing
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P Konanki, AR Butt ,Poster in IEEE International Conference on , 2007 ,
Abstract In recent years, advancements in technology have made the use of mobile
computers ubiquitous. The increasing capabilities of mobile devices forebode their playing a
more involved role in computational grid environments. For example, they could assume 

 Creating a virtual computing facility: emulating grid services reference model
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C Clarke, L Marino, R Pachigolla ,Proc. 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic , 2002 ,
 For instance, Grid Computing Environments[3] that handle all resource availability within the
system, also control the communication subsystem, the way that resources are allocated, and
determine the correct type of platforms available to set up the execution of a job delivered 

Distributed BLAST in a grid computing context
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The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) is one of the best known sequence
comparison programs available in bioinformatics. It is used to compare query sequences to
a set of target sequences, with the intention of finding similar sequences in the target set. 

 Towards Novel And Efficient Security Architecture For Role-Based Access Control In Grid Computing
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M Nithya, RSDW Banu ,IJCSNS, 2009 ,
Summary Recently, there arose a necessity to distribute computing applications frequently
across grids. Ever more these applications depend on services like data transfer or data
portal services and submission of jobs. Owing to the fact that the distribution of services 

 Future data analysis techniques for atmospheric remote sensing measurements: First steps towards grid computing
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L Hoffmann, M Kaufmann, C Lehmann, R Spang ,Proc. Envisat , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT Within two projects it is studied how the rapid radiative transfer model
JURASSIC (Juelich Rapid Spectral Simulation Code) performs in cluster computing
environments. We do so, having data analysis of future atmospheric satellite experiments 

 Performance evaluation of self-organizing agents for grid computing
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J Cao ,Performance Evaluation of Parallel, Distributed and ,
Abstract A grid is a wide-area computing environment for cross-domain resource sharing
and service integration. Software agents are one of mainstream technologies for
management of geographically distributed grid resources. In this work, self-organization 

 Building ids log analysis system on novel grid computing architecture
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YTWWY Chen, WC Kuo, YT Wang ,
Abstract With the increasing of viruses and malicious attacks, the volume of alerts generated
by Intrusion Detection System (IDS) becomes very large. Using conventional methods to
analyze a lot of data would drag on system performance. In this paper, we propose an IDS 

Compact grid: a grid computing system using low resource compact computers
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T Demiya, T Yoshihisa, M Kanazawa ,International Journal of , 2008 ,Inderscience
Recently, grid computing has attracted great attention. In grid computing, using multiple
computers and executing processes in parallel, we can get great computational power. Grid
computing systems usually employ regular computers such as personal computers and 

 ARCO: moving digital library storage to Grid Computing
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Abstract: Storage has been extensively studied during the past few decades (Foster et al.,
However, the emerging trends on distributed computing bring
new solutions for existent problems. Grid computing proposes a distributed approach for 

 Developing Power Systems Reliability and Efficiency by Integrating Grid ComputingTechnology
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Abstract:-The need for reliable, redundant, and clean power generation in power systems is
becoming more importance. This need requires geographically-distributed power systems to
be integrated as a single entity where among the main features of this integration are 

 Overall Introduction to JiniSolve-a Jini Based Grid Computing Framework
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Q Wang, X An, X Wang, K Wang ,The proceedings of PDCAT2001, 2000 ,
Abstract People are now interested in sharing the computational capabilities of previously
exclusive high performance computer systems across the network. However, the difficulty in
cross platform computing and organization over the Internet has hampered such attempts 

 Towards SLA Based Software License Management in Grid Computing
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J Li, W Ziegler, O Wäldrich, D Mallmann ,2008 ,
Abstract Software protection and licensing are important topics for both the independent
software vendors and software users. In Grid environments, the use of license protected
applications is almost impossible and becomes a challenging task. The reasons are 

 Resources Configurations for providing Quality of Service in Grid Computing
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P Kokkinos, EA Varvarigos , on Grid Programming Model, Grid and , 2007 ,
Abstract Future Grid Networks should be able to provide Quality of Service (QoS)
guarantees to their users. In this work we examine the way Grid resources should be
configured so as to provide deterministic delay guarantees to Guaranteed Service (GS) 

 GridWeaver: automatic, adaptive, large-scale fabric configuration for Grid Computing
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G Beckett, K Kavoussanakis, G Mecheneau, P Toft ,This , 2003 ,
Abstract The Gridweaver project reviewed the management tools and techniques currently
available for Large Scale Configuration. We substantiated that these will not be able to
sustain the demands of the Grid services currently in production, unless there is a