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Integrating Computing Resources on Multiple Grid-enabled Job Scheduling Systems Through a Grid RPC System
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Y Nakajima, M Sato, Y Aida, T Boku , of Grid Computing, 2008 ,Springer
Abstract We present a framework for a parallel programming model by remote procedure
calls, which bridge large-scale computing resource pools managed by multiple Grid-
enabled job scheduling systems. With this system, the user can exploit not only remote 

 Multi-Agents System by Grid Computing for Real Time Traffic Synchronization
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L Weigang, MVP Dib, A Melo, CJP Alves ,Journal of the Brazilian Air , 2006 ,
Abstract This study presents a new solution for the Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)
problem. Its main objective is to improve computational efficiency for ATFM by combing grid
computing with multi-agent coordination techniques. ATFM in Grid Computing (ATFMGC) 

 Nets Within Nets Paradigm and Grid Computing
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M Mascheroni, F Farina ,Proc. of PNSE, 2010 ,
Abstract. Grid is one of the most effective new paradigms in large scale distributed
computing. Only recently Petri nets have been adopted as a formal modeling framework for
describing the specific aspects of the Grid. In this paper we describe a Grid tool for High 

 Grid Computing for Digital Mammography
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M Brady, D Gavaghan, R Highnam, S Lloyd ,All Hands 2003 , 2003 ,
Abstract A United Kingdom digital mammography national database would have major
benefits for the United Kingdom. For example, such an archive could: provide a huge
teaching and training resource; be able to aid in the evaluation of innovative software to 

 Load balancing of the direct linear multisplitting method in a grid computing environment
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CDRCF Jézéquel ,
Abstract: Many scientific applications need to solve very large sparse linear systems in order
to simulate phenomena close to reality. Grid computing is an answer to the growing demand
of computational power but communication times are significant and the bandwidth is 

 A Case For Grid Computing On Virtual Machines
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PA Dinda, JF Renato, BF Jose ´A ,2002 ,
Abstract We advocate a novel approach to grid computing that is based on a combination of

level virtual machines (VMs) and middleware mechanisms to
manage VMs in a distributed environment. The abstraction is that of dynamically 

A Software Framework for Building Biomedical Machine Learning Classifiers through Grid Computing Resources
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R Ramos-Pollán, MÁ Guevara-López ,Journal of Medical , 2011 ,Springer
Abstract This paper describes the BiomedTK software framework, created to perform
massive explorations of machine learning classifiers configurations for biomedical data
analysis over distributed Grid computing resources. BiomedTK integrates ROC analysis 

 Observation Based External Assessment for Grid Computing Environments
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T Hacker, BD Athey ,Rough Draft, GGF, 2001 ,
Comprehensive system accounting was identified early in the design of the Multics system
[14] as a means of enforcing the fair sharing of resources, providing a means for recovering
costs incurred by users on a per-use basis, and to provide mechanisms for hierarchical 

 The Grid as the Future Computing Infrastructure
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The Grid is the Future Computing Infrastructure that will provide the electronic underpinning
of the global society in business, government, research and just plain fun. The Grid builds on
networking, communications (email), information (The Web) as the computing platform of 

 Sequential Grid Computing: Models and Computational Experiments
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S Ransbotham, I Murthy, S Mitra ,INFORMS Journal on , 2011 ,
Through recent technical advances, multiple resources can be connected to provide a
computing grid for processing computationally intensive applications. We build on an
approach, termed sequential grid computing, that takes advantage of idle processing 

 Grid computing techniques for synthetic procedural planets
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As part of his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, the author has been
developing an image synthesis application with the purpose of rendering complex,
synthetically generated, planetary landscapes. The idea of modelling and rendering an 

 Artificial Embryogeny and Grid Computing
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S Cussat-Blanc, H Luga, Y Duthen ,2008 ,
Abstract In Artificial Life, the production of new artificial creatures always needs more and
more computation power. Whereas artificial morphogenesis methods construct complete
creatures using blocks, artificial embryogeny develops smaller creatures starting from a 

Supercomputing and grid computing on the verification of covering arrays
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Abstract The Covering Arrays (CAs) are mathematical objects with minimal coverage and
maximum cardinality that are a good tool for the design of experiments. A covering array is
an N× k matrix over an alphabet v st each N× k subset contains at least one time each 

A lightweight, high performance communication protocol for grid computing
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PM Dickens ,Cluster Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract This paper describes a lightweight, high-performance communication protocol for
the high-bandwidth, high-delay networks typical of computational Grids. One unique feature
of this protocol is that it incorporates an extremely accurate classification mechanism that 

 The AGATA Grid Computing Model for Data Management and Data Processing
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M Kaci, V Méndez ,2010 ,
The aim of the AGATA project [1] is to develop, build and employ an Advanced GAmma
Tracking Array spectrometer, for nuclear spectroscopy. AGATA is being realized within a
European collaboration and is intended to be employed in experimental campaigns at 

 Game theory based job allocation/load balancing in distributed systems with applications togrid computing
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SPA Chronopoulos, C Whaley, D Zhu ,The University of Texas , 2007 ,
A finite game can be characterized by three elements: the set of players i? I, I={1, 2,, I}; the
pure strategy space Si for each player i; and the objective functions pi: S1×× SI? R for
each player i? I. Let s=(s1, s2,, sI) be a strategy profile s? S, where S= S1× S2×× SI.

 Autonomic grid computing using malleability and migration: An actor-oriented software framework
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T Desell ,2007 ,
3.1 Reconfiguration time compared to application iteration time and runtime. The
applications were run on the all three clusters described in Section 1.1 with 300MB data,
and reconfiguration time was measured. The applications were also run on each cluster 

 A Grid Computing for Online Games
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RG Leiva, IH Rodríguez, DM Álvaro ,proceedings of Game , 2006 ,
ABSTRACT Andago Ingeniería SL has developed the Andago Games Platform [1], an open
source platform which provides the necessary technological base for provisioning online
game services based on service strategies like user loyalty, or based on business strategy 

 SmartGridRPC: A New RPC Model for High Performance Grid Computing and its Implementation in SmartGridSolve
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T Brady ,2009 ,
SmartGridRPC: A New RPC Model for High Performance Grid Computing and its Implementation
in SmartGridSolve  The idea of distributed computing has been around for years. What distinguishes
Grid computing from typical distributed computing or cluster computing is that 

 Preparing the worldwide lhc computing grid for mpi applications
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R De Jong, M Koot ,Preparing the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid , 2006 ,
 political aspects as well. The most prevalent vision on grid computing is that of
‘service-oriented computing’, ie considering computational resources to be like water
and electricity facilities [10, 11]. Exploitation of these means