mems-micro electro mechanical system research papers 2012 section 2

Integration of MEMS with Nanostructured Metal-oxide Materials for Improved Sensors for Volatile Organic Compounds
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S Chandra, H Pandya, A Vyas ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The primary aim of the present work is to lower the operating temperature of the
metal-oxide based sensors for detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without
compromising the sensitivity of the device. For this purpose, nanostructured oxides of ITO, 

 Investigation of RF MEMS Phase Shifter using Tapered Coplanar Waveguide
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B Nataraj, K Porkumaran ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract In this paper, the design of radio frequency (RF) microelectromechanical systems
(MEMS) phase shifter using step tapered coplanar waveguide (CPW) are analyzed. The
step tapered CPW are used as the transmission line instead of conventional CPW. The 

1.55 µm high-speed MEMS-tunable VCSEL
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K Zogal, T Gruendl, HA Davani, C Gierl ,Proceedings of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT We present a micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) tunable vertical-cavity
surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) emitting around 1.55 µm with single-mode output power of>
2.5 mW and high side-mode suppression-ratio (SMSR) of> 50dB over the entire tuning 

Realization of a hybrid-integrated MEMS scanning grating spectrometer
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T Pügner, J Knobbe, H Grüger ,Proc. of SPIE , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Spectrometers and Spectrographs based on scanning grating monochromators
are well-established tools for various applications. As new applications came into focus in
the last few years, there is a demand for more sophisticated and miniaturized systems. 

 Piezoelectric MEMS Power Generators for Vibration Energy Harvesting
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WJ Wu, BS Lee ,2012 ,
1.1. Background Over the past few years, the development of wireless sensor network
application has generated much interest. Research on the various ways to power wireless
sensor devices has gradually become important [1-3]. Unlike portable devices such as cell 

MEMS technology for miniaturized space systems: needs, status, and perspectives
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E Gill, J Guo ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Future applications of miniaturized space systems will have special needs on
MEMS components. This paper addresses the needs, status and perspectives of the MEMS
technology for miniaturized space system from the perspective of a spacecraft developer. 

Design aspects of electrostatically driven MEMS adaptive mirror
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S Kumar, A Gupta ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Adaptive mirrors are used in modern adaptive optics systems for direct
correction of aberration in a wave front. Silicon nitride membranes are widely used in the
fabrication of MEMS deformable mirror In this paper, we have studied the design and 

Optically interrogated MEMS pressure sensor array
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L Prochazka, AH Meier, A Viggiani, T Roesgen ,Experiments in fluids, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract A novel pressure measurement technique is presented for wireless recording of
time-averaged surface pressure distributions in wind tunnel surveys. An array of silicon
micro-plate resonators acts as pressure sensing element. The pressure is recorded by 

An easy to control all-metal in-line-series ohmic RF MEMS switch
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M Spasos, N Charalampidis, K Tsiakmakis , Integrated Circuits and , 2012 ,Springer
Abstract The analysis, design and simulation of a novel easy to control all-metal in-line-
series ohmic RF MEMS switch is presented, for applications where the operating frequency
ranges from DC to 4 GHz. The proposed switch, due to its unique shape and size, assures 

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M Shin ,2012
Abstract The design, fabrication, modeling and characterization of a capacitive
micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cMUT) based in-air Doppler velocity measurement
system using a 1 cm 2 planar array are described. Continuous wave operation in a 

Large MEMS-based programmable reflective slit mask for multi-object spectroscopy fabricated using multiple wafer-level bonding
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M Canonica, F Zamkotsian, P Lanzoni ,Proceedings of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Multi-object spectroscopy (MOS) allows measuring infrared spectra of faint
astronomical objects that provides information on the evolution of the Universe. MOS
requires a slit mask for object selection at the focal plane of the telescope. We are 

 Innovative MEMS Voltage-to-Frequency Converter using Cascaded Transducers
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AJ Majid ,International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Voltage-to-frequency (v/f) is often used in communication applications such as
tuning circuits and FM systems. With the wide range of Tx/Rx IC devices used in wireless
telemetry, as well as the shrinkage of their sizes; a MEMS v/f converter is proposed by 

 Mathematical analysis of nonlinear differential equation arising in MEMS
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R Zhang, N Li ,Bull. Korean Math. Soc, 2012 ,
Abstract. In this paper, we study nonlinear equation arising in MEMS modeling electrostatic
actuation. We will prove the local and global existence of solutions of the generalized
parabolic MEMS equation. We present that there exists a constant ?* such that the 

Millimeter-scale MEMS enabled autonomous systems: system feasibility and mobility
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JS Pulskamp ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Millimeter-scale robotic systems based on highly integrated microelectronics
and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) could offer unique benefits and attributes for
small-scale autonomous systems. This extreme scale for robotics will naturally constrain 

 User’s Guide for RM 8096 and 8097: The MEMS 5-in-1, 2012 Edition
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JM Cassard, J Geist, TV Vorburger, DT Read ,NIST Special , 2012 ,
The Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) 4 5-in-1 is a reference device sold as a NIST
Reference Material (RM) in the form of a test chip that contains test structures for five
standard test methods. The five standard test methods are for Young’s modulus [1], 

Tunable MEMS Diffraction Gratings
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VG Suresh, N DasGupta ,Proc. of SPIE , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Tunable gratings find applications in spectrometers, tunable cavity lasers and
projection displays. In this paper, we discuss the design, modeling, fabrication process and
optical characterization of a reflective type period tunable MEMS diffraction grating. The

 MEMS-based Recon?gurable CMOS LNAs for Wireless Applications
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F Eshghabadi, F Banitorfian, NM Noh, A Abd ,Trends in Applied , 2012
ABSTRACT This study investigated on the requirements of covering multiple standards in
portable wireless devices. A comparison in terms of system and circuit performance between
the wideband devices and narrow-band reconfigurable devices was presented. Also, 

 Performance Measurement of MEMS Elements for Information Security of G-Cloud Channels
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S Bobeva, R Ilieva ,Call for Papers, 2013 ,
Abstract. A thorough examination of MEMS components and their place in human daily life
has been done. To achieve adequacy and accuracy of MEMS performance measurement, a
virtual pressure sensor was designed and simulated in advance. CoventorWare2010 

 High Sensitive Piezoresistive Cantilever MEMS Based Sensor by Introducing Stress Concentration Region (SCR)
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SM Firdaus, H Omar, IA Azid ,2012 ,
Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) device has become a hallmark technology for the
21st century. Its capability to sense, analyse, compute and control all within a single chip
provide many new and powerful products. MEMS device is an emerging device in several