microprocessor research papers 14

Comparative evaluation of thermal interface materials for improving the thermal contact between an operating computer microprocessor and its heat sink
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TA Howe, CK Leong ,Journal of electronic materials, 2006 ,Springer
Abstract Testing of the relative effectiveness of various thermal interface materials for
improving the thermal contact between the well-aligned mating surfaces of an operating
computer microprocessor (with an integrated heat spreader) and its heat sink shows that 

 A microprocessor-based multifunction myoelectric control system
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Myoelectric prostheses are well accepted by below elbow amputees but less well by those
with higher level amputations. The primary limitation at present lies in the control system.
Although these systems have been successful for single device control (hand or elbow), 

 Microprocessor-based data acquisition and control software for plant growth chambers (Spar System)
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JE Parsons, JL Dunlap, JM McKinion ,Transactions of the , 1980 ,afrsweb.usda.gov
ABSTRACT COMPUTER software has been developed for a microprocessor-based data
acquisition and control system to measure 64 transducers and to maintain closed loop
environmental control for three sunlit Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Research (SPAR) units at 

 Microprocessor energy characterization and optimization through fast, accurate, and flexible simulation
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R Krashinsky ,2001 ,groups.csail.mit.edu
Abstract Energy dissipation is emerging as a key constraint for both high-performance and
embedded microprocessor designs, requiring computer architects to consider energy in
addition to performance when evaluating design decisions. A major limitation is the 

Algebraic models of superscalar microprocessor implementations: A case study
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A Fox ,Prospects for Hardware Foundations, 1998 ,Springer
We extend a set of algebraic tools for representing microprocessors to model superscalar
microprocessor implementations, and apply them to a case study. We develop existing
correctness models to accommodate the more advanced timing relationships of 

 Formal verification of the VAMP microprocessor (project status)
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C Berg, S Beyer, C Jacobi, D Kröning ,Symposium on the , 2002
Microprocessors are in use in many safety-critical environments, such as cars or planes. We
therefore consider the correctness of such components as a matter of vital importance.
Testing microprocessors is limited by the huge state space of modern microprocessors. 

 A 32-bit RISC Microprocessor with DSP Functionality: Rapid Prototyping
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BI Moon, DR Ryu, JW Hong, TY Lee ,IEICE Transactions on , 2001 ,soc.knu.ac.kr
SUMMARY We have designed a 32-bit RISC microprocessor with 16-/32-bit fixed-point DSP
functionality. This processor, called YD-RISC, combines both general-purpose
microprocessor and digital signal processor (DSP) functionality using the reduced 

 A second generation SIMD microprocessor architecture
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M Phillip ,The Proceedings of Hot Chips X Symposium, 1998
Page 1. Mike Phillip 8/17/98 1 A Second Generation SIMD Microprocessor Architecture Mike
SIMD ? • But isn’t that really old technology ? – Yes, architecturally speaking, but 

Instruction-level microprocessor modeling of scientific applications
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K Cameron, Y Luo ,High Performance Computing, 1999 ,Springer
Superscalar microprocessor efficiency is generally not as high as anticipated. In fact,
sustained utilization below thirty percent of peak is not uncommon, even for fully optimized,
cache-friendly codes. Where cycles are lost is the topic of much research. In this paper we 

 A cache line fill circuit for a micropipelined asynchronous microprocessor
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R Mehra ,TCCA Newsletter, 1995 ,cs.man.ac.uk
Abstract In microprocessor architectures featuring on-chip cache the majority of memory
read operations are satisfied without external access. There is, however, a significant
penalty associated with cache misses which require offchip accesses when the processor 

 Reliability of Microprocessor-Based Protective Devices Revisited
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The article is a continuation of a set of the author’s previous publications about the reliability
of the microprocessorbased protective devices. The statistical data introduced by the author
coincide with data of other authors and confirm higher reliability of electromechanical