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Evolution of microprocessor based control systems in upper extremity prosthetics
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The recent emergence of microprocessor based prosthetic control for the individual with upper limb deficiency has significantly expanded the spectrum of treatment options and inclusion criteria for this patient population. Microprocessors can accept a wide variety of

Using a Microprocessor to Configure Xilinx FPGAs via Slave Serial or SelectMAP Mode
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Summary With embedded systems becoming more popular, many designers want to reduce their component count and increase flexibility. To accomplish both of these goals, a microprocessor can be used to configure an FPGA. This application note provides a

Statistically rigorous regression modeling for the microprocessor design space
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ABSTRACT Regression models enhance existing techniques in detailed microarchitectural simulation by reducing the number of required simulations and using simulation data more efficiently to identify trends and trade-offs. We present a rigorous derivation of such

An embedded microprocessor for intelligent control
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The conventional approach for the implementation of the knowledge base of a planning agent, on an intelligent embedded system, is solely of software nature. It requires the existence of a compiler that transforms the initial declarative logic program, specifying the

AVDAS A microprocessor-based VLF signal acquisition, processing and spectral analysis facility for Antarctica
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ABSTRACT. ? microcomputer-based system is described for the spectral analysis of VLF (0-5- 20 kHz) radio waves received at Halley. Antarctica. The data are used for studying magnetospheric and ionospheric phenomena including whistler-mode propagation, wave

Using of microprocessor NM6403 for neural net emulation
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ABSTRACT This paper presents an approach of large neural net emulation by using new neuro processor NM6403, designed by RC Module. Model of neural net, hardware supported by neuro processor architecture, is discussed and some key features of

Overview and Status Update for the IEEE 1451.2: Transducer to MicroprocessorCommunications Protocols and Transducer Electronics Data Sheet (TEDS)
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Smart products have as much potential to change the world as the personal computer and the Internet have already changed lifestyles and work. We have smart consumer products, smart industrial products, smart medical products-smart everything!

Systems Trends and their Impact on Future Microprocessor Design
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Embedded Systems are specialized or dedicated computers used to control appliances, devices and machines Platforms that use embedded systems include consumer appliances, IT devices and industrial/commercial machines Consumer: PDAs, game consoles, set top Microprocessor-based systems are increasingly used to control safety-critical systems (eg, air and railway traffic control, nuclear plant control, aircraft and car control). In this case, fault tolerance mechanisms are introduced at the hardware and software level. Debugging and

Evaluation of a commercial microprocessor
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This chapter examines major decisions and factors influencing the design of the Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC microprocessor. First, it highlights the high-level technical and business requirements for commercial microprocessors in the mid-to-late 1990s. Because

Architectural trade-offs in a latency tolerant gallium arsenide microprocessor
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Many people, both at Michigan and elsewhere, were instrumental in the completion of this work. I would like to thank my co-chairs, Richard Brown and Trevor Mudge, first for attracting me to Michigan, and then for allowing our group the freedom to explore many different

Quantifying the impact of process variability on microprocessor behavior
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ABSTRACT Architects and chip makers are worried about the impact of increasing CMOS process variability. This variability can impact a processor s performance and, depending on how aggressively the design is pushed, its reliability. We perform the first quantitative

Trends and challenges in high-performance microprocessor design
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 Page 1 Trends and Challenges in High-Performance Microprocessor Design Stefan Rusu Senior Principal Engineer Intel Corporation  Page 3. ©2004 Intel Corp. Page 3 Microprocessor Evolution 1.7 GHz 108 kHz Frequency 432 mm2 12 mm2 Die size 0.13 um 10 um Process

Development of Digital s PCI Chip Sets and Evaluation Kit for the DECchip 21064Microprocessor
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The DECchip 21071 and the DECchip 21072 chip sets were designed to provide simple, competitive devices for building cost-focused or high-performance PCI-based systems using the DECchip 21064 family of Alpha AXP microprocessors. The chip sets include data

Microprocessor verification using efficient decision procedures for a logic of equality with uninterpreted functions
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Modern processors have relatively simple specifications based on their instruction set architectures. Their implementations, however, are very complex, especially with the advent of performance-enhancing techniques such as pipelining, superscalar operation, and

High performance microprocessor architectures.
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ABSTRACT Single chip processor performance has improved dramatically since the inception of the four-bit microprocessor in 1971. This is due in part to technological advances,(ie, faster devices and greater device density), but also because of the adoption of

free download The configurable microprocessor array for DSP applications is proposed, in which each cell is the microprocessor with RISC architecture, represented as a soft IP-core. This IP-core is generated automatically by the special soft-core generator, which is based on the

sayeh processor

Efficient system level design by optimizing systemc simulation time
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Our benchmark in this work was the VHDL code of SAYEHprocessor [7] converted into SystemC by ROSTA.We can see that applied optimizations result in %8 improvement in the simulation time of SAYEHprocessor SystemC design. SystemC #1 Before Optimization

Symbolic Simulation based on Integer Equations in Processor Verification
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In this section we study verification of a simple 16-bit processor. The processor is SAYEH (Simple Architecture, Yet Enough Hardware) which is designed for test and verification purposes. We will first give an overview of the functionality of the processor.4.1. SAYEHProcessor


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