minimize the delay in low power and area efficient carry select adder

An Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder Design by Sharing the Common Boolean Logic Term

carry-ripple adder is composed of many cascaded single-bit full-adders. The circuit architecture is simple and area-efficient. However, the computation speed is slow because each full-adder can only start operation till the previous carry-out signal is ready. In the carry select adder, N bits adder is divided into M parts. Each part of adder is composed two carry ripple adders with cin_0 and cin_1, respectively. Through the multiplexer, we can select the correct output result according to the logic state of carry-in signal. The carry-select adder can compute faster because the current adder stage does not need to wait the previous stage’s carry-out signal. The summation result is ready before the carry-in signal arrives; therefore, we can get the correct computation result by only waiting for one multiplexer delay in each single bit adder. In the carry select adder, the carry propagation delay can be reduced by M times as compared with the carry ripple adder. However, the duplicated adder in the carry select adder results in larger area and power consumption.

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