mosfet modelling research papers

mosfet research papers

 Two Dimensional Analytical Modeling for SOI and SON MOSFET and Their Performance Comparison
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S Ghosh, KJ Singh, S Deb, SK Sarkar ,Journal of Nano-and Electronic , 2011
During last few decade continuous device performance improvements have been achieved
through a combination of device scaling, new device structures and material property
improvement to its fundamental limits. Conventional silicon (bulk CMOS) technology can’t 

CMOS analog design using all-region MOSFET modeling
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MC Schneider, C Galup-Montoro ,2010 ,
Márcio Cherem Schneider and Carlos Galup-Montoro ?Compact MOSFET model  Page 2. page
COMPACT MOSFET MODEL ? For constant V G, it follows that ( ) I ox G FB s B 

 Terahertz imaging with Si MOSFET focal-plane arrays
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A Lisauskas, D Glaab, HG Roskos, E Öjefors ,Proc. SPIE, 2009
ABSTRACT We report on imaging at terahertz frequencies using a 3× 5 Si MOSFET focal-
plane array (FPA) processed by a 0.25-µm CMOS technology. Each pixel of the FPA
consists of a 645-GHz patch antenna coupled to a FET detector and a 43-dB voltage 

Fabrication and test of nano crossbar switches/MOSFET hybrid circuits by imprinting lithography
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Abstract An integrated circuit combining imprinted, nanoscale crossbar switches with metal-
oxide field effect transistors (MOSFET) was fabricated and tested. Construction of the circuits
began with fabrication of n-channel MOSFET devices on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) 

 Quantum mechanical direct leakage currents in a sub 10 nm mosfet: a rigorous modeling study
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A Chaudhry, JN Roy ,Int. J. Nanoelectronics and , 2012 ,
Abstract In this paper, we have developed a rigorous model for the quantum mechanical
source to drain electron/hole tunneling in sub 10nm nanometer scale metal-
oxidesemiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFETs). Inversion layer quantization, band- 

 Direct protein detection with a nano-interdigitated array gate MOSFET
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Direct protein detection with a nano-interdigitated array gate MOSFET  Xiaohui Tanga,*, Alain
M. Jonasb, Bernard Nystenb, Sophie Demoustier-Champagneb, Franoise Blondeaub,
Pierre-Paul Prévotc, Rémi Pampina, Edmond Godfroidc, Benjamin I ˜nigueze, 

 Performance and reliability characteristics of 1200 V, 100 A, 200 C half-bridge SiC MOSFET-JBS diode power modules
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JD Scofield, JN Merrett, J Richmond, A Agarwal , Conference on High , 2010 ,
Abstract A custom multi-chip power module packaging was designed to exploit the electrical
and thermal performance potential of silicon carbide MOSFETs and JBS diodes. The dual
thermo-mechanical package design was based on an aggressive 200oC ambient 

Study of Dry and Wet Oxide Etching for MOSFET-Based MEMS Devices
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V Sharma, VK Khanna, SN Karbelkar ,2011 ,Trans Tech Publ
Abstract. In the modern era, biomedical instruments using ion-sensitive field-effect transistor
(ISFET) are widely used. There are many applications like pH measurements that play a
major role in biomedical and environmental fields. ISFET devices are based on Metal 

 Mosfet Models, Quantum Mechanical Effects and Modeling Approaches: A Review
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A Chaudhry, JN Roy ,Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science, 2010
Abstract—Modeling is essential to simulate the operation of integrated circuit (IC) before its
fabrication. Seeing a large number of Metal-Oxide-Silicon Field-Effect-Transistor (MOSFET)
models available, it has become important to understand them and compare them for their 

 Device and circuit-level performance of carbon nanotube field-effect transistor with benchmarking against a nano-MOSFET
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MLP Tan, G Lentaris ,Nanoscale research , 2012 ,
Abstract The performance of a semiconducting carbon nanotube (CNT) is assessed and
tabulated for parameters against those of a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
(MOSFET). Both CNT and MOSFET models considered agree well with the trends in the 

 Impact of crosstalk into high resistivity silicon substrate on the RF performance of SOIMOSFET
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Abstract—Crosstalk propagation through silicon substrate is a serious limiting factor on the
performance of the RF devices and circuits. In this work, substrate crosstalk into high
resistivity silicon substrate is experimentally analyzed and the impact on the RF behavior 

 Voltage-mode all-pass filters using universal voltage conveyor and MOSFET-based electronic resistors
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Abstract. The paper presents two novel realizations of voltage-mode first-order all-pass
filters. Both circuits use single universal voltage conveyor (UVC), single capacitor, and two
grounded resistors. Using the two NMOS transistors-based realizations of the electronic 

 Temperature effects on Threshold Voltage and Mobility for Partially Depleted SOI MOSFET
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N Goel, A Tripathi ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT As the channel lengths of conventional planar metal oxide semiconductor field
effect transistor (MOSFET) shrink into the nano meter regime, performance of the devices
becomes degraded mainly because of short channel effects. The nano range silicon on 

Energy dependence corrections to MOSFET dosimetric sensitivity
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T Cheung, MJ Butson, PKN Yu ,Australasian PhysicalEngineering , 2009 ,Springer
Abstract Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET’s) are dosimeters
which are now frequently utilized in radiotherapy treatment applications. An improved
MOSFET, clinical semiconductor dosimetry system (CSDS) which utilizes improved 

 An approach based on particle swarm computation to study the nanoscale DG MOSFET-based circuits
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F Djeffal, T Bendib, R Benzid ,Turk. J. Electron. Eng. , 2010 ,
Abstract The analytical modeling of nanoscale Double-Gate MOSFETs (DG) requires
generally several necessary simplifying assumptions to lead to compact expressions of
current-voltage characteristics for nanoscale CMOS circuits design. Further, progress in 

 The dependence of saturation velocity on temperature, inversion charge, and electric field in a nanoscale MOSFET
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Abstract The intrinsic velocity is shown to be the ultimate limit to the saturation velocity in a
very high electric field. The unidirectional intrinsic velocity arises from the fact that randomly
oriented velocity vectors in zero electric field are streamlined and become unidirectional 

Evaluation of an implantable MOSFET dosimeter designed for use with hypofractionated external beam treatments and its applications for breast and prostate
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GP Beyer, SF Kry, E Espenhahn, C Rini, E Boyles ,Medical , 2011 ,
Purpose: An implantable metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors-based dosimeter
has recently been developed for the in vivo monitoring of hypofractionated radiotherapy.
This DVS-HFT dosimeter is designed for fraction sizes of 340–950 cGy and can also be 

 Guidelines for MOSFET device optimization accounting for L-dependent mobility degradation
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G Bidal, D Fleury, G Ghibaudo ,Proceedings of the , 2009 ,
Abstract This paper reports a new methodology to monitor L-dependent mobility degradation
based on empirical modeling of experimental results. This method allows benchmarking the
impact on mobility degradation of different technological modules, thus giving some 

 TCAD Modeling and Simulation of a Field Plated GaN MOSFET for High Voltage Applications
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Abstract We have modelled a normally-off GaN MOSFET that has enhanced device
characteristics over leading GaN HFET devices used in power electronics. The structures
and dimensions of the GaN-based device were all achieved through simulation 

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A Acharyya, D Chatterjee, A Mondal ,Journal of Electron , 2012
Abstract: An experimental study is carried out to investigate the effect of magnetic field on the
static current-voltage characteristics of n-channel enhancement-type MOSFET. It is observed
that, sufficient change in drain current in the linear region of ID versus VDS curves of the 

 Analytical model of quantum threshold voltage in short-channel nanowire MOSFET including band structure effects
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J Dura, S Martinie, D Munteanu , of NSTI-Nanotech , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT An analytical model for the threshold voltage in Gate-All-Around (GAA)
Nanowire MOSFET is derived in this paper. Nanowire architecture is aimed to strongly
scaled devices, leading to the emergence of phenomena such as quantum confinement, 

Dosimetric evaluation of the OneDose MOSFET for measuring kilovoltage imaging dose from image-guided radiotherapy procedures
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GX Ding, CW Coffey ,Medical physics, 2010 ,
[bold Purpose:] The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility of using a single-use
dosimeter, OneDose MOSFET designed for in vivo patient dosimetry, for measuring the
radiation dose from kilovoltage (kV) x rays resulting from image-guided procedures.[bold