optical communication 2019

Advancements in Optical Fibres Communication
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Presently the optical fibres are mainly used in the wide area networking (WAN). The major research issues in optical communication are the development of innovative techniques to avoid physical damages, design of the efficient communication techniques and challenges

Performance evaluation of optical attocells configuration in an indoor visible light communication
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Visible light communication VLC is deemed as futuristic technology applied for both illumination and data communication due to the low-cost energy consumption, long life expectancy, huge bandwidth, and high security compared to radio frequency RF. Uncovered

Towards a Modular, Low-Power, Low-Cost, and High-Speed Underwater Optical Wireless Communication Transmitter
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This thesis demonstrates an underwater optical wireless communication transmitter. Thetransmitter has been designed to make it easy to add on to any system, while having a minimalimpact on project power and cost budgets. The hardware designed for this thesis is

Reliability of Smart Grids Using Fibre Optical Communication
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the integration of smart grid technologies has advanced, especially in the area of a communication system which is critical for the successful operation. The application of smart grid reduce energy consumption and allowed an optimal operation. However, the advantage

Optical Signal Quality Optimization by Adopting Spectral Inversion at the Receiver of High-Speed Optical Communication System
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In this paper a new approach of improving received optical signal quality utilizing Spectral Inversion (SI) technique outside the transmission link is investigated in long-haul intensity and phase modulated transmission systems using channel data rate up to 100 Gb/s. The

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The performance of a single-mode optical fiber communication system is significantly affected by chromatic dispersion, which occurs because the index of the glass varies slightly depending on the wavelength of the light, and light from real optical transmitters has

Solid Core Photonic Crystal Fiber for Dispersion tailoring in Optical Tele Communication systems
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The studies have been carried out on the viability in realizing fully infiltrated solid core photonic crystal fiber based dispersion compensating fiber with suitable high index infiltrate and tapered solid core large mode area fiber for optical communication networks in

Co-centered and Co-directional Optical and Acoustic Beams with a Water-immersible MEMS Scanning Mirror for Underwater Ranging and Communication
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This paper reports the development of a compact optical -acoustic frontend module for underwater communication and ranging. The module is enabled by a new water-immersible MEMS scanning mirror (WIMSM). It is capable of transmitting, receiving and steering co