photonics 2019

Electrostatic Discharge for Nano Photonics
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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs in almost all aspects of our lives. Lightning is an example of ESD that typically occurs during thunderstorms. To prevent building structures from being damaged, lightning rods are often used to preferentially shunt the lightning strike

Controlling phonons and photons at the wavelength scale: integrated photonics meets integrated phononics: supplementary material
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We focus on cavity optomechanics in this section although much of it applies to electromechanics as well. The dynamics of an optomechanical system involves taking into account the interplay between the coupled acoustic and optical degrees of freedom in a

Sb2S3 phase change tuneable photonics
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A submitted manuscript is the version of the article upon submission and before peer- review. There can be important differences between the submitted version and the official published version of record. People interested in the research are advised to contact the

Biomimetic photonics
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The world is filled with nature-designed nanoscale materials for optical communications, sensing, thermoregulation, and camouflaging . After studying these natural wonders for centuries, humans have recently started replicating and improving them by using nano

Report on the International Conference on Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC 2018)
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The international conference Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC) 2018 is the successor of the well-known conference Photonics in Switching (PS) which has been successfully running since 2001 and hosted annually in turn by Europe, Japan and North

Integrated Optical Isolators and Circulators for Heterogeneous Silicon Photonics
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The invention of the transistor revolutionized the entire electronics industry and became the fundamental building block of integrated circuits (IC). Transistors are ubiquitous today and the underlying semiconductor industry has developed into a multi-hundred-billion-dollar

Microwave Photonics Processing, Sensing, and Measurements
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System Applications The operation of the EO sensor is analogous to that of the down-converter in the electronic mixer operation as shown in fig (a). Fig (b) shows the EO sensor attached to the optical fiber Measuring micro waves and millimeter waves with large instantaneous bandwidth

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Integration of quantum dots (QDs) with photonic waveguides and cavities would allow on- chip studies and applications of cavity quantum electrodynamics and the development of integrated photonic circuits for handling non-classical states of light. We develop such

1.25 (Communication) Development of a new platform for quantum photonics applications
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Very recently, the interest for quantum technologies by the scientific community and industry has strongly increased. Different types of implementations have been proposed as a practical implementation for a quantum bit. Our interest lies in using single photons and