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A novel self-tuning fractional order PID control based on optimal model reference adaptive system
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This paper presents a novel self-tuning fractional order PID (FOPID) control based on optimal Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC). The proposed control technique has subjected to a third order system case study (power system load frequency control). The Vibration in the wind turbine tower disturbs the reliability and increases the possibility of structural damage. Design and optimization of vibration controller are a key goal for wind turbine tower to achieve optimal performance. In this study, a proportional integral derivative

Optimization of PID Controller Based on Water Wave Optimization for an Automatic Voltage Regulator System
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In this paper, a water wave optimization (WWO) algorithm is applied to optimize the optimal Proportional Integral Derivate ( PID ) controller of an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system to obtain optimal controller parameters. The WWO algorithm with good global search

Development of an Adaptive PID Controller for a Nonlinear Process
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It is a crucial task to control the head of cone shaped tanks which is widely used in many industries like food manufacturing industries, petroleum industries and hydrometallurgical industries. The nonlinearity due to the tapered bottom area of the tank makes the level

PID Controller Tuning using Ant Colony Optimization for Induction Motor.
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This article aims to use the metaheuristic method for continuous variable problems often encountered in the engineering field and their applications. Especially, this approach is used in the electrical machine field for the resolution of proportional integral derivative ( PID )

Q-Learning Based Supervisory PID Controller for Damping Frequency Oscillations in a Hybrid Mini/Micro-Grid
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The purpose of this paper is to design a supplementary controller for traditional PID controller in order to damp the frequency oscillations in a micro-grid. Q-learning, which is used for supervise a classical PID controller in this paper, is a model free and a simple

Tuning PID Controllers for DC Motor by Using Microcomputer
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This paper presented a review study of tuning of Proportional Integral Derivative ( PID ) Controller for speed control of DC motor, several methods for tuning of controller parameters in PID controllers, some of these methods the Ziegler-Nichols methods are experimental

Pid Based Monitoring System With Home Automatic
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Abstract- There area unit totally different ways in wireless technology like Bluetooth, WIFI, and GSM. during this paper, new style and totally different home appliances area unit given. Bluetooth based mostly Home Automation System mistreatment Arduino UNO Microcontroller is style and

Modelling and design of PID controller for voltage control of AC hybrid micro-grid
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The growing demand for power that needs to be remotely transported creates a fast and effective solution of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) integration. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) can lessen the electrical and physical distance between load loss and

Optimal tuning pid controller of unstable fractional order system by desired transient characteristics using RIM
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In this paper, we propose the method of tuning a conventional PID controller for unstable transient characteristics. The results show that: 1) This is the novel practical method based on the desired settling time and overshoot percentage; 2) The results are close to the

Auto-tuning for cascade PID height position controller of rotorcraft
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In this article, we present a method for tuning controller parameters for cascade PID based on the step response performance characteristics of a closed loop system with application to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). With specifically designed system identification

Improvement of Ultra-local Model Control Using the Auto-tuning PID Control Applied to Redundant Manipulator Robot
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This article discusses the development of a new control strategy that merges an ultra-local model control with an auto-tuning PID control applied to a flexible mechanism with an endpoint load. This will help obtain a suitable control system to well manage the behavior of

Design of Self-tuning Fuzzy PID Controllers for Position Tracking Control of Autonomous Agricultural Tractor.
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As tractors have played an important role in improving agricultural productivity, enhancing the efficiency of tractor has become of interest in recent years. In this study, a design of self- tuning fuzzy PID tracking control for a tractor is proposed. The steering control is performed

Performance analysis of DC motor speed control by using Genetic Algorithm tuning PID and PID controller
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This paper presents a DC motor speed control using two different types of controller; conventional PID controller and Genetic Algorithm tuning PID . The main problem with the PID controller is that it will be unable to cope with process nonlinearities. Therefore, the

Integrated pid controller for altitude control of quadrotor system
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Quadcopter sometimes known as quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor. Quadrotor is an improved version of helicopter. Quadrotor also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with rotors. UAV has been popular lately as its fast-growing sector. Market had offered many

Comparison Study for the PID Parameters Selection Method
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Proportional-Integral-Derivative ( PID ) controller is the most popular and widely used controller in the industry. This is mainly because of its simplicity in the design process. However, there are three controller parameters need to be assigned in PID controller, often

A novel PID controller based solar panel tracking system
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In the world, the renewable energy creates the sustainable and clean energy for the new generation in the future life. This solar energy resource of these considered utilizing the electricity production. So presently, use of solar panel energy systems needs more

Real-time hardware-in-the-loop for a liquid slosh suppression system by implementing model-free PID controller
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The disordered behavior of liquid slosh in the container makes the conventional model- based control approaches complex and challenging to implement in practice. This paper presents the development of a real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) for a liquid slosh

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