photonics research papers-34

How to bring nanophotonics to application-silicon photonics packaging
  H Schroeder ,IEEE LEOS , 2008
Abstract: Fiber pigtailing and packaging of nanowaveguide circuits are key technologies to
realize nanophotonic applications. Technical problems start with a large mode mismatch of
nanowires and standard single-mode fibers, which requires innovative coupling structures 

A flexible microassembly system based on hybrid manipulation scheme for manufacturing photonicscomponents
  The International Journal of Advanced , 2006 ,Springer
Abstract In this paper, a flexible microassembly system based on hybrid manipulation
scheme is proposed to apply to the assembly of photonics components such as lensed
optical fiber ferrules and laser diode (LD) pumps. In order to achieve both high precision 

Natural photonics
P Vukusic ,Physics world, 2004 ,
Natural photonics–nature has been perfecting the design of optical systems for 500 million
years, but physicists are only just beginning to appreciate their complexity. The body of this
small Australian beetle, for example, appears metallic green at whichever angle it is 

Silicon Integrated Photonics
M Paniccia ,Intel Corporation, 2005 ,
Raman Effect or Raman Scattering: A phenomenon observed in the scattering of light as it
passes through a transparent medium; the light undergoes a change in frequency and
random alteration in phase due to a change in rotational or vibrational energy of the 

Review of applications of whispering-gallery mode resonators in photonics and nonlinear optics
AB Matsko, AA Savchenkov, D Strekalov ,IPN Progress , 2005 ,
We review recent advances in the application of dielectric whispering-gallery (WG)
resonators in optics and photonics, tracing the growth of the technology from the
experiments with freely flying spherical droplets of transparent liquids to integrated on- 

Conference 8436: Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications
S Roelandt, Y Meuret, G Craggs, G Verschaffelt  Photonics, 2012 ,
The introduction of lasers for projection applications is hampered by the emergence of
speckle. In order to evaluate the speckle distorted image quality, it is important to devise an
objective way to measure the amount of speckle. Mathematically, speckle can be 

Conference 8431: Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits
ETH Dütsch, G Roelkens  Photonics, 2012 ,
Nonlinear silicon photonics is a novel and very promising research field where a strong
research effort has been spent in the last decade worldwide. The demonstration of optical
devices like linear and nonlinear ultrafast electro-optical modulators, frequency converters 

Organic Photonics
E Lang, S Seidel, T Reusch, U Niedermeier  Photonics, 2012 ,
In the past few years solid state lighting has entered the lighting market with its energy
saving potentials and long operational lifetime. The new technology enables completely
new ways of illumination and new intelligent lighting systems. In this regard organic light 

 Photonics for Solar Energy Systems
S Schweizer, F Steudel  Photonics, 2012 ,
Up-conversion (UC) and down-conversion (DC) of sunlight are two possible routes for
improving energy harvesting over the whole solar spectrum and overcoming the Shockley-
Queisser limit for a singlejunction photovoltaic (PV) device. The effect of adding an DC 

A 40 Gbps CMOS photonics transceiver
C Gunn, A Narasimha, B Analui ,Proc. SPIE, Int. Soc. Opt , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT This paper will briefly outline the technology related to CMOS photonics, and
will then discuss systems design aspects and experimental results from the construction of a
4 wavelength WDM transceiver with each channel running at 10Gbps. Optics including 

Progress in ultrafast photonics
T Kamiya ,Jpn. J. Appl. Phys, 2005 ,
Recent progress in ultrafast photonics is reviewed with special emphasis on the research
and development activities in Japanese research institutions in the field of optical
communication and related measurement technologies. After summarizing the physical 

Applications of electro-optic polymers in photonics
M Ziari, Y Shi, H Fetterman, B Jailai ,Mater. Res. Soc. Symp , 1996 ,
Abstract This review gives a summary of our research in the applications of EO polymers for
very broad band infrared modulators, in solving some of the initial problems one faces in
integrating semiconductor electronics and EO polymers, and in the fabrication of low loss 

Electronics and photonics convergence on Si CMOS platform
K Wada ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2004 ,
ABSTRACT The present paper describes Si microphotonics and its current status of
electronics and photonics convergence on Si platform based on monolithic integration using
CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technologies. The Si CMOS platform 

Microresonators as promising building blocks for VLSI photonics
A Driessen, R Dekker, MBJ Diemeer ,Proceedings of SPIE— , 2005 ,
ABSTRACT In the last years much effort has been taken to arrive at optical integrated circuits
with high complexity and advanced functionality. For this aim high index contrast structures
are employed that allow for a large number of functional elements within a given chip area 

Developing Photonics Clusters
C Commonalities ,2007 ,
Starting from Porter’s understanding of industrial clusters, our notion of clusters builds on
insights from a structuration network perspective (eg Sydow et al. 1998; Sydow and
Windeler 1998, 2003; referring to Giddens 1984). This puts more emphasis not only on 

10Gb/s CMOS photonics technology
C Gunn ,Proc. SPIE, 2006 ,
ABSTRACT Freescale’s production 0.13 µm SOI process is used to fabricate all required
electrical and optical components for 10Gb interconnect up to 2000m using only 1.7 W. The
optical transceiver cores are monolithically fabricated with CMOS circuitry required for 

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