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the platform for InP-based photonics
XJM Leijtens ,Proc. of the 15th European Conference in , 2010 ,
Abstract—JePPIX is the European platform that offers access to Indium Phosphide based
technology for proof of concept, prototyping and large volume manufacturing. This is
enabled by using a generic integration technology.

Progress in manufactured silicon photonics
BT Smith, D Feng, H Lei, D Zheng, J Fong, P Zhou ,Proc. SPIE, 2007 ,
ABSTRACT While investment in sub-wavelength silicon photonics research has gained
popularity, Kotura has forged significant customer traction with first generation silicon-
photonics products by focusing on manufacturable designs and processes. This paper 

Increasing science literacy in optics and photonics through science centers, museums, and web-based exhibits
SM Pompea ,Proc. SPIE, 2002 ,
ABSTRACT Exhibits and programs at hands-on science centers, museums, and on the web
can be used to increase science literacy in optics and photonics. These informal science
education efforts play a profound role in increasing the public’s understanding of optics 

Polymers for photonics
DL Keyes, RR Lamonte, D McNally  Photonics Spectra, 2001 ,
O ptical polymers are clear plastics that provide excellent light transmission. In photonic
applications, they offer advantages over optical glass; they weigh less, and they can be
molded into spherical. aspheric and nonrotationally symmetric shapes. Many polymers 

Micromechanical photonics
H Ukita ,Optical Review, 1997 ,Springer
Micromechanical photonics is evolving in interdisciplinary research and engineering fields
to merge independently developed technologies based on optics, mechanics, electronics
and physical/chemical sciences. Manufacturing technologies such as semiconductor 

Recent development in silicon photonics: 2.5 Gb/s silicon optical modulator and silicon Raman laser
A Liu, L Liao, H Rong, R Jones ,Proc. of SPIE , 2005 ,
ABSTRACT Due to the mature silicon fabrication technology and vast existing
infrastructures, silicon photonics has a chance to offer low cost solutions to
telecommunications and data communications. It could also enable a chip-scale platform 

Simulation Results of Dynamically Reconfigurable Broadband Photonic Access Networks (BBPhotonics)
  EGC Pluk, EJ Klein, AMJ Koonen ,2nd IET International , 2006 ,
Abstract The Broadband Photonics Project develops reconfigurable access networks for
providing the user with congestion-free access to virtually unlimited bandwidth. Design as
well as simulation results of BB Photonics access network architecture with wavelength 

Multimode interference structures-new way of passive elements technology for photonics
The aim of this work is presentation of principles of-work and properties of multimode
interference (MMI) structures and their basic applications in optoelectronic circuits. We
discuss the principles of simple, mirrored and multiple images formation paying attention 

Hybrid silicon photonics for optical interconnects
MJR Heck, HW Chen ,IEEE Journal of , 2011 ,
Abstract—In this paper, we review the hybrid silicon photonic integration platform and its use
for optical links. In this platform, a III/V layer is bonded to a fully processed silicon-on-
insulator wafer. By changing the bandgap of the III/V quantum wells (QW), lowthreshold- 

Silicon Photonics
M Paniccia, M Morse ,Proc. 2006 IEEE MTT-S International , 2007 ,
Page 1. Silicon Photonics Opportunity, applicationsRecent Results Dr. Mario Paniccia Intel
Fellow Director, Photonics Technology Lab Intel Corporation Purdue University  Future work •
Summary Page 3. 3 Photonics Applications Enterprise Communication PC, Server 

Microwave photonics: opportunities for photonic integration
AJ Seeds, F Pozzi, CC Renaud, MJ Fice ,14th Eur. Conf. Integr. , 2008 ,
Abstract. This paper reviews the prospects and technologies for integration in microwave
photonic systems. An advanced application-photonic THz-generation is used to illustrate the
potential value of photonic integration. Integration technologies for this system based on 

Silicon Photonics
LC Kimerling, LD Negro, S Saini, Y Yi, D Ahn ,2006 ,
ABSTRACT The path for silicon materials development has been charted. By the year 2010
we will have fabricated integrated circuit chips contained IO transistor with 40A thick gate
oxides and ioooA minimum feature sizes running at 4GHz clock speeds. It is conceivable 

Gold damascene interconnect technology for millimeter-wave photonics on silicon
H Ishii, S Yagi, T Minotani, Y Royter, K Kudou ,Proc. SPIE, 2001 ,
ABSTRACT Thick-gold-multilevel damascene-interconnect technology makes it possible to
fabricate> 10-µm-feature ultrahighspeed devices on Si. Adding H2O2 to a conventional
KIO3-based slurry triples the removal rate of gold in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) 

Photonics and Nonlinear Optics with Sol-Gel Processed Inorganic Glass: Organic Polymer Composites
R Burzynski ,Sol-Gel Optics, 1994 ,Springer
Nonlinear optics is at the forefront of current research because of its vital role in optical
processing of information. A composite structure offers the opportunity to optimize each
necessary property independently to produce useful materials for photonics. This review 

Potential of micromachined photonics: miniaturization, scaling, and applications in continuously tunable vertical air-cavity filters
H Hillmer, J Daleiden, S Irmer, F Roemer ,Proceedings of , 2003 ,
ABSTRACT In technology and nature, tailored scaling represents a principle of success
which allows the effectiveness of physical effects to be enhanced. For our optical
microsystems, we state that appropriate miniaturization increases the mechanical stability 

CMOS Photonics Technology Enabling Optical Interconnects
C Gunn , IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2005 ,
Page 1. Luxtera, Inc. Approved for Public Release CMOS Photonics™ Technology Enabling
Optical Interconnects Cary Gunn  Luxtera, Inc. Approved for Public Release 11 CMOS Photonics:
Ready Now CMOS Photonics technology for 10G LAN/SAN has been demonstrated 

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