software testing research papers 2012

On the testing of user-configurable software systems using firewalls
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B Robinson, L White  Software Testing, Verification and , 2012 ,Wiley Online Library
Settings are defined as values that exist inside a configurable element and are visible and
changeable by the user. Changes to settings can be made when the system is offline or
online, depending on the system. Settings resemble and act as parameters or attributes to 

 Assessment of software testing and quality assurance in natural language processing applications and a linguistically inspired approach to improving it
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Abstract. Significant progress has been made in addressing the scientific challenges of
biomedical text mining. However, the transition from a demonstration of scientific progress to
the production of tools on which a broader community can rely requires that fundamental 

An Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Structural Software Testing
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Abstract Structural testing is most important and high demand testing technique for code-
based criteria in software testing. In structural testing, path testing technique is the most
useful technique. In path testing, generation of all independent paths (non redundant) is a 

Improvement of Key Problems of Software Testing in Quality Assurance
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N Iqbal, M Qureshi ,Arxiv preprint arXiv:1202.2506, 2012
Abstract: Quality assurance makes sure the project will be completed based on the
previously approved specifications, standards and functionality. It is required without defects
and possible problems. It monitors and tries to progress the development process from the 

Embedded Software Testing Methods
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J Lepistö ,2012 ,
This thesis was carried out at Efore Group Product Development department, Espoo. The
aim of the thesis was to develop and tailor embedded software testing process and meth-
ods and develop customised testing tool. Traditional software testing methods were 

 A Simple Complexity Measurement for Software Verification and Software Testing
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Abstract. In this paper, we used a simple metric (ie Lines of Code) to measure the complexity
involved in software verification and software testing. The goal is then, to argue for software
verification over software testing, and motivate a discussion of how to reduce the