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Survey of low-power testing of VLSI circuits
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ABSTRACT p The author reviews low-power testing techniques for VLSI circuits. He prefaces this with a discussion of power consumption that gives reasons for and consequences of increased power during test. The article ends with a discussion of the ABSTRACT In this paper we demonstrate that performing I/sub DDQ/testing against a single threshold current value does not make sense. In place of the single current threshold we propose the" current signature". A die's current signature takes into account the relative

Precision CMOS Receivers for VLSI testing applications
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Abstract Testing CMOS parts is becoming more difficult due to the proliferation of high-speed I/O circuits that operate at frequencies exceeding the performance capabilities of modern testers. The performance gap between high-speed chip I/O frequencies and tester Increased levels of chip integration combined with physical limitations of heat removal devices, cooling mechanisms and battery capacity, have established energy-efficiency as an important design objective in the implementation flow of modern electronic products. To Power supply current monitoring to detect CMOS IC defects during production testing quietly grew its roots in the mid-1970s. Both Sandia Labs and RCA in the United States and Philips Labs in the Netherlands practiced this procedure on their CMOS ICs. At that time, this

Tutorial: VLSI Testing 8c Validation Techniques
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Abstract. This paper presents an overview of a comprehensive collection of on-line testing techniques for VLSI. Such techniques are for instance: self-checking design, allowing high quality concurrent checking by means of hardware cost drastically lower than duplication;

Random testing of asynchronous VLSI circuits
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The work described in this thesis is an attempt to find possible ways to test asynchronous VLSI circuits using random (or, more accurately, pseudo-random) patterns. The main results

An integrated UNIX-based CAD system for the design and testing of custom VLSI chips
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This article describes a computer-aided design (CAD) system that is being used at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the design of custom and semicustom very large scale integrated (VLSI) chips. The system consists of a Digital Equipment Corporation VAX computer with Today, testing at Gbps rates is necessary to close the gap between traditional techniques (which rely extensively on ATE) and the technology improvements in ICs and their high clock rate. This requires radical changes in the organization of the test as well as innovative and ABSTRACT Implementing a feedback loop system for a mixed-signal VLSI test system by using an embedded digital signal processing (DSP) unit provides superior flexibility in device testing applications. This paper describes such a DSP feedback loop within the

A system for the functional testing and simulation of custom and semicustom VLSI chips
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This article describes a system for the functional testing and simulation of custom and semicustom very large scale integrated(VLSI) chips that are designed using the inte-grated UNIX-based computer-aided design (CAD) system. The testing and simulation _v_tem

Testing Interconnected VLSI Circuits in the Big Viterbi Decoder
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The beam pointing of the new DSS 13 beam-waveguide antenna at the Goldstone Venus site was calibrated during the postconstruction performance testing period from July 1990 through January 1991. The pointing calibrations were based on errors measured on radio ABSTRACT This paper presents a new approach which allows VLSI digital signal processors (DSP) to be totally tested concurrently within useful computation. This approach uses a software technique called Mutation resting which has been successfully applied to

Testing vlsi circuit using artificial immune system
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Abstract: A VLSI circuit test scheme taking inspiration from the Human Immune System is presented. Such a scheme is based on the Negative-Selection Mechanism which provides the human body with the capability to discriminate between the self (body's own cell) and

On testing VLSI chips for the big Viterbi decoder
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A general technique that can be used in testing(VLSI) chips for the Big Viterbi Decoder (BVD) system is described, i+ kwtkk. The test technique is divided into functional testing and fault-coverage testing. The purpose of functional testing is to verify

Implementation of neuromorphic systems: from discrete components to analog VLSI chips (testing and communication issues)
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Summary.-We review a series of implementations of electronic devices aiming at imitating to some extent structure and function of simple neural systems, with particular emphasis on communication issues. We first provide a short overview of general features of such

of Primitive Polynomial and Galois Field in Designing More Randomize PN Sequence Generators for Maximum Fault Coverage in Modern VLSI Testing
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Abstract:This paper deals with the vital role of primitive polynomials for designing PN sequence generators. The standard LFSR (linear feedback shift register) used for pattern generation may give repetitive patterns. Which are in certain cases is not efficient for

MATLAB Based Cost Modeling for VLSI Testing
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ABSTRACT The cost for testing integrated circuits and systems is growing rapidly as their complexity is increasing as per Moore's law. Cost modeling plays a very vital role in reducing test cost and time to market. It also gives estimate of overall testing. The

An Optimal Swarm Intelligence Approach For Test Sequence Restructuring To Conserve Power Usage In VLSI Testing
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Abstract: Energy dissipation during testing has been discovered to be more than during regular mode due to increased switching activity. Test Sequence restructuring approach helps mitigate this problem as it allows the decrease of switching action during testing.

Second Special Section of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT in the Area of VLSI Testing Future of Semiconductor
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MEASUREMENT in the area of VLSI testing, this Second Special Section as well contains a selection of papers from those who are established authorities in the area of fault-tolerance, reliability, and test generation of digital circuits including VLSI circuits, system-on-chip (

Design and Implementation of Neural Network Based circuits for VLSI testing
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Abstract: Artificial Neural Network (ANN) plays a vital role in biologically inspired microcircuits, which is also known as the new trend of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) involvement of silicon based neurons. This paper proposes a new design methodology in Highlights of Workshops 1 and 2. Challenges have been created by packaging technology for VLSIs. Highspeed ICs with their high pin count have necessitated greater emphasis on waveform control at IC inputs. Optical techniques to extract signals from digital devices (

Survey on Low Power VLSI Testing Techniques
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Abstract: Power dissipation has become a major design objective in many application areas, such as wireless communications and high performance computing, thus leading to the production of numerous low-power designs. At the same time, power dissipation is also

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Abstract–Currently produced digital systems are being of exceptionally high performance and demand testing of VLSI or VVLSI (Very-Very Large Scale Integration) circuit at rates of Gbps. In recent years, we are witnessing significantly fast growth of new techniques for

Reordering of test vector using artificial intelligence approach for power reduction duringVLSI testing
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Abstract:-Optimization of testing power is a major significant task to be carried out in digital circuit design. Low power VLSI circuits dissipate more power during testing when compared with that of normal operation. As the feature size is scaled down with process technology

Test Data Compression Architecture for Lowpower VLSI Testing
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Abstract: With the ever increasing integration capability of semiconductor technology, today's large integrated circuits requires an increasing amount of data for testing which increases test time and elevated requirements of tester memory. Larger test data sizes not only

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Abstract-Power dissipation during test is a significant problem as the size and complexity of systems-on-chip (SOCs) continue to grow. During scan shifting, more transitions occur in the flip-flops compared to what occurs during normal functional operation. This problem is

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Abstract. Excessive peak power dissipation during testing can result in reduced reliability and yield loss due to power and/or thermal constraint violation. In this paper we propose a novel peak power dissipation reduction method based on test vector ordering with vector

New methodology for low power and less test time in VLSI testing
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During my life at UT, I owe many things to people around me. I always wonder how I will pay for what I owe. First of all, I would like to appreciate God's will and plan on me. He has always guided me to the right direction and to the right place. Furthermore, I have always

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ABSTRACT During its Lifetime, a digital system is tested and diagnosed on numerous occasions. For the system to achieve its proposed mission with high availability, testing and diagnosis must be speedy and effective. The Efficiency of a Circuit Depends upon Part 2, Software and Hardware: Chapter 3, Ethernet Configurations and Variations; Chapter 4, Ethernet Hardware; Chapter 5, Ethernet Software and Process; Chapter 6, Planning an Ethernet Network; Chapter 7, Installing an Ethernet Network; Chapter 8,

Arbitrary Density Pattern (ADP) Based Reduction of Testing Time in Scan-BIST VLSI Circuits
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Patterns (ADP) in which the dynamic usage of the WRP and TDP under adaptive switching of clock is used. Weighted random patterns (WRP) and transition density patterns (TDP) can be efficiently used to decrease test length with increased fault coverage in scan-BIST

Overview of Testing Power Switches in VLSI Circuits
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Abstract:This paper presents a comparative discover of power switches. Power switches are increasingly becoming dominant leakage power reduction technique. Hence, fast and efficient DFT resolution for examination and diagnosis of power switches is far demanded

Effective Software-Based Self-Testing for CMOS VLSI Processors
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Abstract. Processor testing approaches based on the execution of self-test programs have been recently proposed as an effective alternative to classic external tester-based testing and pure hardware built-in self-test (BIST) approaches. Software-based self-testing is a

ECE 269: VLSI System Testing
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Select a project from the list below, or propose a new project. You must complete a project in order to receive a grade in this course. Projects may be proposed by individual students or by a team of two students.(The latter is recommended only for large programming or

The VLSI-PLM Board: Design, Construction, and Testing
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The VLSI-PLM Board: Design, Construction, and Testing Lau T. Nguyen, Linda G. Bushnell, and Computer Science Division, EECS University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 ABSTRACT We present the details of the design, simulation, construction, and testing of Traditionally LFSR based structures have been extensively used for VLSI design and testing. Since the late 80's, Cellular Automata (CA) have emerged as an alternative to LFSR because of the following inherent advantages:(i) CA has a simple, regular, modular, and

A Study on the Testing of VLSI Systems Using Reduced Power Consumption Methods
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Abstract-This paper deals with the low power methods available for the testing of VLSI Systems. The problems faced have been analyzed and the solutions available are discussed. Since extra power consumption can result in severe hazards, it becomes vital

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Abstract. With the decreasing feature size of today's nanoelectronic circuits, the susceptibility to transient failures increases. New robust and self-adaptive designs are developed, which can handle transient error to some extent, but at the same time make testing for permanent

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ABSTRACT Built in Self-Test (BIST) provides an attractive solution for testing embedded bocks and combinational circuits. It performs testing during normal operation of the circuit. There are several BIST schemes and the main parameters are the hardware overhead

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Abstract:Test power reduction done by Arbitrary Density Patterns (ADP) in which the effective usage of the WRP and TDP under adaptive control of clock is used. Weighted random patterns (WRP) and transition density patterns (TDP) can be effectively deployed

A Fast IDDX Monitoring Scheme for Testing Battery-Operated VLSI Circuits
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Abstract Design and realization of an on-chip scheme for testing of deep-submicron low- voltage circuits using supply current-IDDX monitoring is presented. The monitor is capable of detecting certain physical failures at significantly higher speeds than current sensors

Hybrid System Approach to On-Line Testing of Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits: A Case Study of DC-DC Buck Converters
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Abstract: This work is concerned with the development of a method for the design of Mixed Signal VLSI circuits with on line testing capability. A novel theory of Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems has been applied for the on-line detection of catastrophic

Combinational ATPG.
Current sensing based testing.
Classification of sequential ATPGmethods.
Fault collapsing and simulation Universal test sets.
Pseudo-exhaustive and iterative logic array testing.
Clocking schemes for delay fault testing.
Testability classifications for path delay faults.
Test generation and fault simulation for path and gate delay faults.
CMOS testing: Testing of static and dynamic circuits.
Fault diagnosis: Fault models for diagnosis, Cause-effect diagnosis, Effect-cause diagnosis.
Design for testability: Scan design, Partial scan, use of scan chains, boundary scan, DFT for other test objectives.
Built-in self-test: Estimation of test length, Test points to improve testability,
Analysis of aliasing in linear compression,
BIST methodologies, BIST for delay fault testing.


excessive current damage the IC

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