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Wireless sensor networks for in-home healthcare: Potential and challenges
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Roadmap: Next Generation Smart Homecare We propose a wireless sensor network
architecture for smart homecare that possesses the  with existing medical practices and technology,
Real-time, long-term, remote monitoring, ,Miniature, wearable sensors, and ,Assistance 

 Wireless structural sensors using reliable communication protocols for data acquisition and interrogation
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ABSTRACT A new design of a wireless sensing system intended for structural monitoring is
proposed. Key performance attributes of the wireless sensing unit include simultaneous
accommodation of multiple sensors, high-resolution analog-to-digital data conversion, 

 A localization system using wireless network sensors: a comparison of two techniques
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Abstract-Locating objects, such as keys, office equipment, people, or even an enemy
vehicle, is an application that has received a lot of attention over recent years. With the
emergence of wireless networks and mobile computing devices, providing location-aware 

 The design of a wireless sensing unit for structural health monitoring
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JP Lynch, KH Law, AS Kiremidjian ,Proceedings of the , 2001 ,eil.stanford.edu
 Due to the reducing price and rapid advancement of key technologies such as sensors,
microprocessors, wireless networks and integrated circuits, it is now possible to provide a low
cost alternative to the traditional wire-based monitoring systems by using a wireless monitoring 

Wireless sensor networks
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 Biology Goals 236 16.2.1 Wildlife Tracking and Habitat Research: Background 236 16.2.2 Habitat
Monitoring and Mobile Sensors 237 I  259 Kevin A. Delin (NASA jet Populsion Laboratories) 17.1
Introduction 259 17.2 The Sensor Web: A Different Type of Wireless Network 259 

 QoS support in wireless sensor networks: A survey
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D Chen, PK Varshney ,International Conference on Wireless , 2004 ,pdf.aminer.org
 collective QoS parameters. For instance, in an event-driven wireless sensor network
as shown in Fig. 2, the sensors residing within a certain radius of the event are
reporting the information about this event to the sink. In this 

 Ubiwise, a ubiquitous wireless infrastructure simulation environment
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JJ Barton, V Vijayaraghavan ,HP Labs, 2002 ,hpl.hp.com
 Some activities we discussed in the preceding section already have this quality. For example,
the addition of new sensors or wireless media materially improves the simulator for all other
researchers. Therefore we focus here on an overview of the client/server design. 

 Wearable sensors/systems and their impact on biomedical engineering
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P Bonato ,IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 2003
 Body area networks of wireless intelligent sensors are linked to a per- sonal server via a mobile
gateway, ie, a PDA-based device that allows easy access to standard wireless technology such
as Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b. With the proposed approach, several subjects can 

Relay sensor placement in wireless sensor networks
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Introduction Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are ad hoc multihop sys- tems
containing sensors connected by wireless links. The flourishing research on  a whole.
Wireless sensors are battery powered [10]. Either battery 

Negotiation-based protocols for disseminating information in wireless sensor networks
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Energy. Because wireless sensors have a limited supply of energy, energy-conserving
communication protocols and computation are essential. • Computation. Sensors have limited
computing power and therefore may not be able to run sophisticated network protocols. 

 On the use of wireless network technologies in healthcare environments
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N Chevrollier, N Golmie , on Applications and Services in Wireless , 2005 ,w3.antd.nist.gov
 In this section we focus on the scalability issues pertaining to the use of the Bluetooth and
the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless technologies for medical sensors. We compare the perfor- mance
obtained with each technology to support an ECG application. 

 Wireless sensor networks
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FL Lewis ,Smart Environments: Technologies, Protocols, and , 2004 ,
 Mesh nets can be good models for large-scale networks of wireless sensors that are distributed
over a geographic region, eg personnel or vehicle security surveillance systems.  2.3.1. IEEE 1451
and Smart Sensors Wireless sensor networks satisfy these requirements. 

An adaptive blind algorithm for energy balanced data propagation in wireless sensors networks
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P Leone, S Nikoletseas, J Rolim ,Distributed Computing in Sensor , 2005 ,Springer
In this paper, we consider the problem of energy balanced data propagation in wireless
sensor networks and we generalise previous works by allowing realistic energy assignment.
A new modelisation of the process of energy consumption as a random walk along with a 

 On the coverage and detectability of large-scale wireless sensor networks
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INTRODUCTION Advances in sensor and communication technologies have
made it possible to manufacture small sensors with sensing, processing, and
wireless communication capabilities in a cost- effective fashion. A 

 Applying intrusion detection systems to wireless sensor networks
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Wireless Sensor Networks Page 4. Applying Intrusion Detection Systems to Wireless Sensor
Networks Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) What? • Nodes: Constrained, Sensors, Wireless. •
Dense Network (100 ,more) • Nodes = WSN Applications • Healthcare • Environment 

 Emstar: An environment for developing wireless embedded systems software
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J Elson, S Bien, N Busek, V Bychkovskiy, A Cerpa ,2003
 However, the lack of raw data prevents the data reduction process itself from being evaluated.
Simulation is difficult to apply; the network’s phys- ical situatedness makes it sensitive to subtleties
of sensors and wireless communication channels that are difficult to model. 

Energy-quality tradeoffs for target tracking in wireless sensor networks
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2. GJ Pottie, WJ Kaiser, Wireless Integrated Network Sensors,
Communications of the ACM, vol. 43, no. 5, pp. 551–8, May 2000. Page 14.
Energy-Quality Tradeoffs for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks 45 
<  Advances in power sources for wireless sensor nodes
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This paper reviews the approaches to powering micro-sensor nodes. Key words –
wireless sensors, micro-power generator, power scavenging, MEMS I.
INTRODUCTION Increasing miniaturization and cost reduction of sensors