3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Long Term Evolution

Relaying operation in 3GPP LTE : challenges and solutions
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With the ever growing demand of data applications, traditional cellular networks face the challenges of providing enhanced system capacity, extended cell coverage, and improved minimum throughput in a cost-effective manner. Wireless relay stations, especially when

Downlink control channel design for 3GPP LTE
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With the emergence of packet-based wireless broadband systems, work has begun on long term evolution ( LTE ) of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access and Radio Access Network aimed for commercial deployment in 2010. Goals for the evolved system include support for

Technical overview of 3GPP LTE
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Page 1. Technical Overview of 3GPP LTE

A unified parallel radix-4 turbo decoder for mobile WiMAX and 3GPP – LTE
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This paper describes the energy-efficient implementation of a high performance parallel radix-4 turbo decoder, which is designed to support multiple fourth-generation (4G) wireless communication standards such as Mobile WiMAX and 3GPP – LTE . We propose a new

Observed time difference of arrival (OTDOA) positioning in 3GPP LTE
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5.1 Overview 15 5.2 Sequence Generation 6.1 Architecture Overview . .. 29 6.2 Signalling between Location Server and

Capacity and coverage analysis of a 3GPP – LTE multihop deployment scenario
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Broadband wireless access will be deployed in a cellular way with 3GPP – LTE . For the first rollout the main demand is a huge area coverage. With only few available base station sites that are connected to an access fiber, multihop (relaying) techniques can be used well

3gpp lte /sae: an overview
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3GPP LTE /SAE is a next generation radio access system that supports future end-user requirements. The fundamental aim of long-term evolution ( LTE ) is to improve the service provisioning and reduce user and operators cost, which will be fulfilled by improving data

On the analysis of packet scheduling in downlink 3GPP LTE system
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This paper investigates the performance of packet scheduling in downlink LTE (Long Term Evolution) systems using Round Robin strategy in time domain and time and frequency domain. Two types of non-real time services are considered in the analysis performed, with

A fair downlink scheduling algorithm for 3GPP LTE networks
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Long Term Evolution ( LTE ), the standard specified by 3GPP on the way towards the fourth generation mobile networks, is intended to deliver high speed data and multimedia services to next generation mobile users. The Radio Resource Management (RRM) plays a very

Radio Resource scheduling in 3GPP LTE : a review
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Generation Partnership Project ( 3GPP ) as a 3.9 G technology, represents a very promising answer to the ever rising bandwidth demand of mobile applications. To support vast range of multimedia and internet services at high data rates that too with increased spectral

An overview on interference management in 3GPP LTE -advanced heterogeneous networks
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The increasing demand for mobile data traffic brings new challenges on cellular networks in terms of network capacity and increased data throughput. In order to fulfill these demands, Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) has been considered as a promising solution. On the

LTE : MIMO techniques in 3gpp – LTE
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Analysis of positioning capabilities of 3GPP LTE
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ABSTRACT The performance of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) can be improved in certain environments (eg indoor or urban scenarios) by using additional complementary systems, such as the use of wireless communications signals. Indeed

Soft- LTE : A software radio implementation of 3GPP long term evolution based on sora platform
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This demo shows an implementation of 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) Uplink, using Sora high performance software radio platform . LTE is the state-of-the-art widearea wireless technology and employs many cutting-edge physical layer designs, including Turbo

Preliminary analysis of the positioning capabilities of the positioning reference signals of 3GPP LTE
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Navigation and communications capabilities become necessary in current wireless transmission systems. The new mobile terminals demand higher requirements to satisfy high- data rate services, as well as new location-based applications. On one side, GNSS systems

Quality of service in 3GPP R12 LTE -advanced
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As updates are made to existing third generation (3G) networks, and new commercial Long Term Evolution ( LTE ) networks are deployed worldwide, the demands of mobile data traffic continue to grow in magnitude and variety. Motivating this growth is the rise in penetration

Practical digital pre-distortion techniques for PA linearization in 3GPP LTE
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As the signal (such as 3GPP LTE ) bandwidth gets wider, power amplifiers begin to exhibit memory effects. Memoryless (LUT) pre-distortion can achieve only very limited linearization performance. Volterra series is a general nonlinear model with memory. It is unattractive for

Joint GNSS and 3GPP – LTE based positioning in outdoor-to-indoor environmentsperformance evaluation and verification
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Indoor positioning is an extremely challenging task for GNSS positioning. Thus, we propose to use terrestrial communications systems such as 3GPP – LTE as a complementary positioning system. We estimate the expected positioning performance of 3GPP – LTE indoor

LTE Rel-9 and LTE -advanced in 3GPP
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In 3GPP Rel-8 LTE /SAE core specification work has been completed. Under strict change control for the final stabilization. Discussions on LTE -Advanced has been started. Meanwhile, small improvements are being discussed for Rel-9 LTE /SAE, due to be finalized

Performance analysis of FLS, EXP, LOG AND M-LWDF packet scheduling algorithms in downlink 3GPP LTE system
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ABSTRACT Long-Term Evolution ( LTE ), an emerging and promising fourth generation mobile technology, is expected to offer ubiquitous broadband access to the mobile subscribers. In this paper, the performance of Frame Level Scheduler (FLS), Exponential

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M2M communications in 3GPP LTE/LTE-A networks: Architectures, service requirements, challenges, and applications
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Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is an emerging technology to provide ubiquitous connectivity among devices without human intervention. The cellular networks are considered a ready-to-use infrastructure to implement M2M communications. However, M2M communications over cellular pose significant challenges to cellular networks due to different data transactions, diverse applications, and a large number of connections. To support such a large number of devices, M2M system architecture should be extremely


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