AI Income, Employment, and Meaning
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Economists think that we know the answer, at least part of it. Most economists believe that automation promises a future of higher income that stems from the higher productivity that artificial intelligence will provide. In September 2017, the Chicago Booth IGM Forums

Public Policy in an AI Economy
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This conference has brought together a mix of technology and economics people to think broadly about the role of Artificial Intelligence in the economy and this short paper will present a few thoughts about the role of policy in a world where AI becomes ubiquitous

Designing Therapeutic Care Experiences with AI in Mind
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ABSTRACT Designing systems and services with AI functionality as part of a care experience presents a range of challenges and opportunities. Limitations with sparse or missing data can make algorithmic training difficult, while the opaqueness of some black box methods

Towards Provably Moral AI Agents in Bottom-up Learning Frameworks
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ABSTRACT We examine moral machine decision-making, inspired by a central question posed by Rossi regarding moral preferences: can AI systems based on statistical machine learning (which do not provide a natural way to explain or justify their decisions) be used for

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ABSTRACT The blockchain technology provides a digital trust mechanism for human beings which enhances the efficiency of value exchange and reduces costs, the genuinely credible and efficient Internet of Value is approaching. In recent years, many breakthroughs have

Introduction to the Minitrack on Frontiers in AI and Software Engineering
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ABSTRACT Welcome to FAISE18, the first HICCS minitrak on Frontiers in AI and Software Engineering. This minitrack welcomes papers not only on the application of AI techniques to SE problems but also the application of SE techniques to AI problems The motivation for the

Working with Beliefs: AI Transparency in the Enterprise
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ABSTRACT Enterprises are increasingly recognizing that they must integrate AI into all of their operational workflows to remain competitive. As enterprises consider competing AIs to support a particular business function, explainability is an advantage which gets a candidate

Sentient Ascend: AIBased Massively Multivariate Conversion Rate Optimization
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ABSTRACT Conversion rate optimization (CRO) means designing an ecommerce web interface so that as many users as possible take a desired action such as registering for an account, requesting a contact, or making a purchase. Such design is usually done by hand

Effect of acute episodes of sickle cell disease on the Personal and Family Life of Saudi children suffering from sickle cell disease, AIAhsa Region, 2011.
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A Al-Bakheet, A Jamil- Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin, 2019 T he symptoms of acute episodes of sickle cell disease (SCD) have a significant effect on childhood activities, schooling, dietary practices, in addition to the financial burden on the family. This study was conducted to assess the socio-clinical profile of Saudi children

How AI Wins Friends and Influences People in Repeated Games with Cheap Talk
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ABSTRACT Research has shown that a persons financial success is more dependent on the ability to deal with people than on professional knowledge. Sage advice, such asif you cant say something nice, dont say anything at alland principles articulated in Carnegies

An AI Planning Solution to Scenario Generation for Enterprise Risk Management
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ABSTRACT Scenario planning is a commonly used method by companies to develop their long- term plans. Scenario planning for risk management puts an added emphasis on identifying and managing emerging risk. While a variety of methods have been proposed for this

AI and Jobs: the role of demand
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ABSTRACT : In manufacturing, technology has sharply reduced jobs in recent decades. But before that, for over a century, employment grew, even in industries experiencing rapid technological change. What changed Demand was highly elastic at first and then became

SmartHS: An AI Platform for Improving Government Service Provision
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ABSTRACT Over the years, government service provision in China has been plagued by inefficiencies. Previous attempts to address this challenge following a toolbox e-government system model in China were not effective. In this paper, we report on a successful

AI Labor, Productivity, and the Need for Firm-Level Data
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There have recently been dramatic increases in the technical capabilities of artificial intelligence ( AI ) and robotics. 1 For example, in February 2016, Googles DeepMind used its AI to beat Korean Go master Lee Se-dol, 2 and in January 2017, an AI system called

HogRider: Champion Agent of Microsoft Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge
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ABSTRACT It has been an open challenge for self-interested agents to make optimal sequential decisions in complex multiagent systems, where agents might achieve higher utility via collaboration. The Microsoft Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge (MCAC), which is designed

Towards Composable Bias Rating of AI Services
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ABSTRACT A new wave of decision-support systems are being built today using AI services that draw insights from data (like text and video) and incorporate them in human-in-the-loop assistance. However, just as we expect humans to be ethical, the same expectation needs to The idea behind this first book stemmed from a combination of ideas about e-learning and personalisation together with adopted concepts from a research initiative about crowdsourcing. E-learning has long been a domain which attracted my attention as I

The effects of LSVT BIG home exercises and T ai Chi on balance and gait in an individual with parkinsons disease: A case study
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ABSTRACT Background: Parkinsons Disease can lead to deficits that impair quality of life. Common impairments include freezing of gait, balance deficits, and slowed gait speed. There has been limited research done involving the effects of the Lee Silverman Voice

Improving efficiency of school bus routing using AI based on bio-inspired computing: A Survey
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ABSTRACT -In the current work, bus routing problem has been addressed using ant colony and other optimization techniques. These techniques are good for theoretical applications and can be used for lesser number of bus stops. Though these techniques have good accuracy

AI Buzzwords Explained: Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
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The power network is the largest operating machine on earth, generating more than US $400 bn a year 1 keeping the lights on for our homes, offices, and factories. A significant concern in power networks is for the energy providers to be able to generate enough power

Machine learning 2.0 Engineering data driven AI products
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ABSTRACT ML 2.0: In this paper, we propose a paradigm shift from the current practice of creating machine learning models that requires months-long discovery, exploration and feasibility reportgeneration, followed by re-engineering for deployment, in favor of a rapid

AI conference reports
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Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 8-12, 2017 www. aamas2017. org AAMAS 2017 was a success overall, with a strong technical program and a healthy number of 410 attendees. The first two days of the conference were dedicated to workshops, tutorials and the doctoral consortium As the title on the front page would suggest, this is a book that basically deals with Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and its several applications. It does not simply tackle all the specific cases or sectors where AI can be used, but rather select a few verticals which are very representative

Embodiment, Anthropomorphism, and Intellectual Property Rights for AI Creations
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ABSTRACT Computational creativity is an emerging branch of artificial intelligence ( AI ) concerned with algorithms that can create novel and high-quality ideas or artifacts, either autonomously or semi-autonomously in collaboration with people. Quite simply, such

Coming to Terms with AIDriven Markets, Governance and Life
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In 2017, artificially intelligent ( AI ) technologies surged into the popular discourse for its advancementssuch as autonomous vehicles and predictive analyticsto critiques of potential biases, inequity and need for transparency. Growth in dataset sizes, increased

Deciphering Chinas AI Dream
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Marked by the State Councils release of a national strategy for AI development in July 2017, Chinas pursuit of AI has, arguably, beenthe storyof the past year. Deciphering this story requires an understanding of the messy combination of two

AI Meets Chemistry
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ABSTRACT We argue that chemistry should be the next grand challenge for Artificial Intelligence. The AI research community and humanity would benefit tremendously from focusing AI research on chemistry on a regular basis, as a benchmark as well as a real

Study of spin pumping and interfacial anti-damping in Ni81Fe19 (Py)/β-Ta, β-W, AI Cu heterostructures by ferromagnetic resonance
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ABSTRACT Utilization of pure spin current in spintronic devices is a major challenging task in the field of spintronics. The spin pumping mechanism provides the straight forward approach of using pure spin current to efficiently explore the utility of interfacial Rashba

Giving AI a Theory of Mind
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Theory of Mind In essence, Theory of Mind represents the capacity that neu- rotypical adult humans, and some other animals, have that allows them to develop accurate mental models of what oth- ers intend and believe at any given time (Premack and Woodruf 1978). Its possible

Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS
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Healthcare in the UK needs reform if it is to remain a high-quality national health service free at the point of care. 1 Funding growth has declined and is unlikely to meet increasing demand, 2 driven by an ageing population with multiple and chronic health conditions. 3

Unemployment in the AI Age
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Work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice, and needVoltaire said (Johnson Indvik, 2004). Work is essential to the meaning of human life. To many people today, work means having a job. However, artificial intelligence ( AI ) will soon be able to take over many

Explain to whom Putting the User in the Center of Explainable AI
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ABSTRACT . The ability to explain actions and decisions is often regarded as a basic ingredient of cognitive systems. But when researchers propose methods for making AI systems understandable, users are usually not involved or even mentioned. However, the purpose is

Regulating for normal AI accidentsOperational lessons for the responsible governance of AI deployment
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ABSTRACT New technologies, particularly those which are deployed rapidly across sectors, or which have to operate in competitive conditions, can disrupt previously stable technology governance regimes. This leads to a precarious need to balance caution against

AI Education: Adaptive Planning
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In this column, we focus on designing assignments and projects that make use of planning engines. Planning has been one of the pillars of artificial intelligence since the origin of the field, and the research community remains active, as evidenced by competitions such as the

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ABSTRACT Serum progesterone at the time of AI ovulation time and the subsequent pregnancy rate was investigated in 68 crossbred Jersey cows presented for AI (day 0). Ovarian ultrasonography was carried out, a) to record preovulatory follicle (POF) on day 0, b)

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ABSTRACT Based on behavioural signs of estrus and on rectal palpation of genitalia, sixty- eight crossbred Jersey cows were selected to study the influence of Body Condition Score (BCS) at the time of AI and duration of estrus on ovulation rate and fertility. Ovarian

An AI Race for Strategic Advantage: Rhetoric and Risks
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ABSTRACT The rhetoric of the race for strategic advantage is increasingly being used with regard to the development of artificial intelligence ( AI ), sometimes in a military context, but also more broadly. This rhetoric also reflects real shifts in strategy, as industry research

4.12 AI As Reflective Practice
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This group formed out of a common interest in exploring why the act of creating AI systems is personally satisfying. In doing so, we discussed meaning, subjectivity, and bias in AI systems, and the implementation and adoption of AI systems for artistic expression. A