Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Component

A GPU Accelerated High Performance Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Grid Computing Based Virtual Environmental Laboratory

G Francisco, M Raffaele, L Giuliano, I Florin :,2011 Numerical models play a main role in the earth sciences, filling in the gap between experimental and theoretical approach. Nowadays, the computational approach is widely recognized as the complement to the scientific analysis. Meanwhile, the huge amount of observed/modelled

request paper-Placement of Software as a Service Components in Cloud Computing Environment

Placement of software-as-a-service components in cloud computing environment
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Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm in which information technology resources are provided over the internet as a service to users. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is offered by cloud, which can be delivered in a composite form, consisting of a set of application and

Cloud Computing Component

The Effects of Cloud Computing on Vendors' Data Center Network Component Design
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Abstract The requirements of cloud computing are driving significant transformations in data center networking components and topologies. This approach is related to the theory of innovation in modular systems, to develop a data center network device decision process,

Role of Component Based Systems in Data Mining Cloud Computing
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ABSTRACT In this paper we proposed a Collaborative approach which tells how component based systems are used with data mining as well as cloud computing. Data Mining helps for extracting potentially useful information from the raw data. The function of association

Virtualization in Linux a Key Component for Cloud Computing
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ABSTRACT Cloud Computing and Virtualization are becoming very popular and many businesses are embracing this paradigm. Cloud computing enables on-demand access to network services as well as configuration of Computer Systems. Virtualization allows

Applying Service Component Architecture to Geographic Information System in Cloud Computing Infrastructure
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a service integration model of service component architecture (SCA) that follows Service Oriented Architecture principles applied in services within Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS integrates the different types of data to


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