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Cognitive Radio (CR) is an adaptive, intelligent radio and network technology that can automatically detect available channels in a wireless spectrum and change transmission parameters enabling more communications to run concurrently and also improve radio operating behavior.

The impact of information technologies is creating a new world yet not fully understood. The extent and speed of economic, life style and social changes already perceived in everyday life is hard to estimate without understanding the technological driving forces behind it. Thi sEnabling cognitive radio (CR) requires revisiting the traditional task of spectrum sensing with specific and demanding requirements in terms of detection performance, real-time processing, and robustness to noise. Unfortunately, conventional spectrum sensing methods
< br /> Practical Secrecy at the Physical Layer: Key Extraction Methods with Applications in Cognitive Radio
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The broadcast nature of wireless communication imposes the risk of information leakage to adversarial or unauthorized receivers. Therefore, information security between intended users remains a challenging issue. Currently, wireless security relies on cryptographicCognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access systems are effective ways of using radio spectrum which is a scarce source. Cognitive radio applications changed the paradigm for the wireless communications systems in the past decades. Besides that, different

Securing Cognitive Radio Vehicular Ad Hoc Network with Fog Node based Distributed Blockchain Cloud Architecture
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Cognitive radio , ad hoc networks applications are continuously increasing in wireless communication globally. In vehicles environment, cognitive radio technology with mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) enables vehicles to monitor the available channels and to

Performance Analysis of Dynamic Threshold Estimation Techniques Based on the One-Tier Cognitive Radio Network
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Abstract Cognitive Radios (CRs) use dynamic threshold estimation (DTE) techniques to better detect primary user signals under noise uncertainty regimes. However, DTE techniques have rarely been compared before, particularly under the one tier CR networkA cognitive radio (CR) system aims at an efficient utilization of the spectrum below 6 GHz suitable for mobile communications by enabling a secondary access to the licensed spectrum while ensuring a sufficient protection to the licensed users. Despite the fact that an

Design and analysis of routing protocol for cognitive radio ad hoc networks in heterogeneous environment
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Multi-hop routing protocol in cognitive radio mobile ad hoc networks (CRMANETs) is a critical issue. Furthermore, the routing metric used in multi-hop CRMANETs should re-flect the bands availability, the links quality, the PU activities and quality of service (QoS)Cognitive radio (CR) technology is a promising solution to the inevitable problem of spectrum scarcity and underutilization. Cognitive radios can perform spectrum sensing, dynamically identify unused spectrum, and opportunistically utilize those spectrum holes for

Towards cognitive radio -based eHealth systems
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In this paper, we investigate the use of cognitive radio systems in medical data transmission. Therefore, based on the state-of-the-art, we propose a complete cognitive radio communication architecture for eHealth systems. The goal is to point out significant technicalAs one of the critical techniques to support the multimedia services over mobile wireless networks, the statistical quality of service (QoS) technique has been proved to be effective in statistically guaranteeing delay-bounded video transmissions over the time-varying wireless

Effective Analysis on Matched Filter Technique in Cognitive Radio
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In cognitive radio networks, the spectrum sensing mechanism aims to sense the idle spectrum-channels in virtue to utilize the RF-spectrum more effectively. Distinct methodologies have playing vital role in sensing criteria, alike as matched filter, feature

Various Input Many Output Cooperative Announcement Technique Using for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network
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Spectrum sensing is an imperative dilemma in cognitive radio networks. Cooperation among the many secondary users is utilized to strengthen the performance of spectrum sensing. Cognitive radio is an intelligent wireless communication technology in order to increase the

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Due to underutilization of radio spectrum allocated to primary users and ever increasing demand of spectrum, Cognitive Radio has emerged as a well-known dynamic spectrum utilization technique. Spectrum sensing is an essential part of Cognitive radio which enable

Design and Experimentation of an Energy Detector for FM Radio Signals in Cognitive Radio
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The present work shows the design of an energy detector, which is intended to measure the energy contained in FM radio frequency signals in the city of Loja generating prior information for the possible action of a Cognitive Radio transmission system (RC) in that

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In this paper, a novel method to estimate the unsuccessful probability is proposed by combining the unnecessary probability and the blocking probability. The Unnecessary probability is the probability when the mobile node is unnecessarily handed over and the