core embedded systems

Hardware-dependent software synthesis for many-core embedded systems

FREE-DOWNLOAD [PDF] S Abdi, G Schirner, I Viskic, H Cho Proceedings of the , 2009

Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network based Multi- core Embedded System for Smart City
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Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks are used for immense applications and at the same time, present several challenges. In certain application scenarios like an army, supervision and traversing, and smart environments where hundreds or even thousands of sensor

Hardware-assisted energy consumption evaluation tool for multi- core embedded systems
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Energy consumption evaluation is a critical issue in the design phase of system -on-chips (SoCs) and embedded systems . However, conventional approaches suffer from difficulties in providing fast and accurate estimation and evaluation results, especially for complicated

Analysis of Low Power Multi- core Embedded Management for Energy Harvesting
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Abstract: This paper presents an Intelligent Power management system which primarily focuses on power harvesting and low power consumption management and controlling of multi- core embedded system . Now, such multi- core embedded systems range from portable

Isolating real-time from processor-intensive processes in embedded multi- core systems
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Multi- core embedded systems allow to isolate critical processes on a CPU, while management is provided by a single operating system . This provides an opportunity to address real-time and security issues. We try to determine if processes can be effectively

A safety concept for a wind power mixed-criticality embedded system based on multicore partitioning
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[27] CE Salloum, M. Elshuber, O. Hoftberger, H. Isakovic, and A. Wasicek, The ACROSS MPSoC- A New Generation of Multi- core Processors Designed for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems , in Digital System Design (DSD) 15th Euromicro Conference on, 201 pp

MicroBlaze tutorial creating a simple embedded system and adding custom peripherals using Xilinx EDK software tools
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The MicroBlaze core is organized as a Harvard architecture with separate bus interface units available in the EDK peripheral libraries and use it in your processor system Embedded Computing and Signal Processing Laboratory Illinois Institute of Technology http://ecasp.ece

Development of heterogeneous multi- core embedded platform for automotive applications
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Car electronics dominates the functionality of a modern automobile. To meet the requirements of low cost, high performance, compact size and versatile operation, multi- core system -on-chip (SoC) embedded systems play an important role for system architecture and

Introduction to embedded systems
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The SoC technique implements a total system on a chip by integrating different functionalities with a processor core on an integrated circuit. We will discuss about SoCs in a later chap¬ ter. The fourth generation embedded systems are making use of high performance real time

Embedded system web server
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The embedded system is based on the Microblaze soft- core processor implemented on a FPGA platform. The web server application runs on the uClinux operating system . I. INTRODUCTION Embedded systems are specialized computer systems designed and optimized to

A Dual- core Embedded System -on-Chip Architecture for Multimedia Signal Processing Applications.
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System -on-Chip for a wide range of application fields with particularly high processing demands, including general signal processing, video and audio processing, and a combination of these tasks. It integrates two processor cores and various interfaces onto a

A scheduling with DVS mechanism for embedded multicore real-time systems
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Portable embedded systems must have rather superior computing capability in order to meet real It is very important for the design of portable embedded system to enable Multi- core systems have gradually become mainstream products providing better throughput capacity than

A Power-Aware Multi-Level Cache Organization Effective for Multi- Core Embedded Systems .
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Recent system design trends suggest multicore architecture for all computing platforms including distributed and embedded systems running real-time applications. Multilevel caches in a multicore system pose serious challenges as cache requires huge amount of

Task Priority Optimization in Real-Time Multi- Core Embedded Systems
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The shift from single- core to multi- core processors in real-time embedded systems leads to communication based effects on timing such as inter- core communication delays and blocking times. Moreover, the complexity of the scheduling problem increases when multi

Bi-routing: a 3D bidirectional-channel routing algorithm for network-based many- core embedded systems
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Network-on-Chip (NoC) is an emerging technology designed for the communication of IPs in an embedded system . This paper proposes a 3D (Three-Dimensional) model for a Bi- directional NoC (BiNoC). This three-dimensional model inspires the development of a new

Performance Analysis of PV based Low Power Multi- Core Embedded Management using Wireless Communication System
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This paper proposed to improved Quality of Service and cost reduction are important issues affecting the telecommunication industry. Companies such as Airtel, Gio etc believe that the solar powered cellular base stations are capable of transforming the communication industry

Generalized Net Model of a Body Temperature Data Logger Embedded System
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The system is designed to collect data in relatively short intervals, for fairly long periods of time. The skin temperature measurements are performed using an infrared temperature sensor Keywords: Core body temperature, Generalized nets, Embedded system

Energy-budget-aware reliability management in multi- core embedded systems with hybrid energy source
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VLSI technology scaling has resulted in the integration of a larger number of cores in a single chip in successive technology nodes, offering a great potential to realize task-level redundancy for reliability enhancement in safety-critical applications. However, since battery

i- Core : A run-time adaptive processor for embedded multi- core systems
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We present the i- Core (Invasive Core ), an Application Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP) with a run-time adaptive instruction set. Its adaptivity is controlled by the runtime system with respect to application properties that vary during run-time. A reconfigurable

Memory isolation in many- core embedded systems
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The current approach to developing mixed-criticality systems is by partitioning the hardware resources (processors, memory and I/O devices) among the different applications. Partitions are isolated from each other both in the temporal and the spatial domain, so that low

Embedded System Architecture and Capabilities of the RHIC LLRF Platform
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field programmable gate array (FPGA) based platform has been developed for the RHIC Low Level RF system upgrade, and is now replacing our aging VME based systems . This new platform employs a sophisticated embedded architecture to implement its core functionality