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Today, higher education is under tremendous pressure to meet greater expectations, whether it be student numbers, educational quality, the needs of professionals, or economic development. Meanwhile, the resources available to higher education institutions are declining.

While the purpose of universities may have remained constant for centuries, the world around them is undergoing significant change. The main challenges and trends impacting higher education today are: massification, globalization and internationalization, distance education, digitalization, privatization, demand for better learning and student experience, the global flow of talent, ranking of research universities and the “world-class” phenomenon, quality assurance and university-industry collaboration.

Higher education management struggles with questions like: How to strengthen international cooperation by encouraging diversity and pursuing equity, relevance and quality? Some successful new models seem to emphasize the student experience, and a drive for innovation and entrepreneurship – one of the most recent examples being the Design Factory at Aalto University.

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by Bernd Remmele
Degrees for Open Learning?
by Claudio Dondi, Rosana Montes, Miguel Gea, Tania Salandin
Virtual Mobility: the value of inter-cultural exchange
by Jacqueline L. Cahill
Implementing online or hybrid courses in a traditional university
by Antonio Manuel Valente de Andrade, Sérgio André Teixeira Ferreira
Models and instruments for assessing Technology Enhanced Learning Environments in higher education
by Ilona Buchem, Henrike Hamelmann
Developing 21st century skills: Web 2.0 in higher education. A Case Study
by Imma Tubella Casadevall, Begoña Gros Salvat, Xavier Mas García, Clara Macau Nicolau
Flexible education: Analysing the changing demographic of online students at the UOC
by Ugur Demiray
Distance education and eLearning practices: In Turkey and Eastern countries
by Marina Tomàs , Mariana Fuentes, M.Dolors Bernabeu Tamayo
Change processes in the university: a diagnosis of institutional culture and social dynamics